Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Guess I Also Support J.Crew

I was watching the Daily Show on Hulu today and I caught the headline about the whole J.Crew 'toemagedon' ad. I honestly think that the more Jon Stewart reports the news, the more our society's stupidity breaks his mind. I can only predict that in a couple of more years it will be less reporting the news and laughing at everyone else's idiocy and more of Jon sitting at his desk, shitting into his hand and plopping it onto his desk going, 'Here, here's your fucking news. Everyone....just go home.'

Painting a boy's toenails will no more 'turn' him gay or make him think he's a girl than letting a girl wear jeans instead of skirts or play baseball will turn her into a boy or a dyke (softball on the other hand...[on a serious note, is it just me or is that sentence oddly worded?]). Gender identity is nature, not nurture. The tragedy of David Reimer even lends credence to that claim. We are who we are in the end and nothing will change that.

You know, when he was still alive, my aunt used to paint the dog's nails red. Now I fear that in doing so, she confused him into thinking he was a human. That would explain why I caught him wiping after I let him out to pee that one time.

I would say more, but Jon stole all my jokes.


  1. I saw the story on CNN earlier and I was like WTH? That's just the kind of thing most moms do. Heck, I've seen children dressed up in horrible outfits. Ever seen a baby wig? Child abuse. haha

  2. Zombie-So do I. He is a Jewish Sex God...besides Adam Richman that is.

    TS-Oh I know. The media is acting like the woman dresses him up in frilly dresses at home with lipstick and stands him in front of a mirror screaming 'Look, this is you! This is who you are!'.

  3. How am I supposed to hear this or repost....when there is just random music playing and won't turn off?????

  4. Anon-If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is the music player which has an off option.

  5. Well some people are idiots, but honestly I think (or hope) things will progress. I mean there once WAS a time where little girls donning pants and playing baseball was a horrible shocking phenomenon, but now a woman can where pants, a dress, or a suit and no one would think twice. Short hair or long, makeup or not, and most people won't think twice.

    But people are firm about how little boys should be. Little boys have always been tough, and strong. And pink or frills don't fit into that mind frame. But you know what, just because a boy likes pink doesn't mean he is some sort of 'wussy cross dressing evil gay'. So what. He likes pink. I know straight men who like the color, and I know women who don't like it as well.

    But yea, one by one people will realize that a little boy with pink nails or playing with a barbie is just like a little girl climbing a tree and playing with tanks. It just is. It has no indication of the degradation of society(as someone said where I read) or that your child is gay or transgender, because even if they are gay, or transgendered, they just might prefer purple ;)

    And yes, the news is a steaming pile of craps. Some networks are worse then others. But they all are made off fluff, money, smoke, and lies.

    I mean if there is anything with children that indicates a degradation of society, is that there has been five, countem FIVE seasons of toddlers and tiaras. ><

    I think I got ranty on your blog... o0

  6. Val-I love you!! And now you have that Girl Scout song stuck in my head XD (Can a woman build a fire? yes she can, yes she can!) And I completely agree with you.

  7. Wicked -- and right on, point-by-point!

    That's also funny about your aunt . . .


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