Friday, April 8, 2011

I Support Local Creepers

I found a new band and had my life flash before my eyes last night.

I got off of work at midnight and went to fill up my tank before going home. It was late and I was being a lazy fuck so I decided to pay with my card at the pump instead of walking the ...ten feet to the Royal Farms. I hardly get my gas cap off and my card out of my wallet when this guy appears out of nowhere from the front of my car. At first I thought he was kind of cute, but he had a really creepy smile that made him look like I was about to be drug into an alleyway and have my eyeballs skull fucked out of my head.

He starts coming closer and asks me if I listen to music. I say yeah and then he reaches into his pocket. Now I'm for certain I'm going to be robbed because this is all too creepy. I'm thinking about how my friend Jess Jess keeps telling me that the inner harbor is actually safer than the suburbs and how she's going to be proven right. Every Jackie Chan movie I have ever watched flashes through my head as I review exactly how I should back flip off the gas pump to get behind this man and choke slam him onto the hood of my car.

As I wonder whether I could indeed take a spray of mace to my face or a stabbing and still be able to kick some ass, he pulls out a CD. Turns out he's with a local band, called Chain Denial, they're selling their CD's for 1-2 dollars, whatever you feel like giving basically; do I want to buy one and give them a listen.

Whatever keeps my eyeballs in my head.

I buy a CD, he tells me about a gig they're doing in a week or so and tells me I should come, so I said I'd try.

Now I haven't been able to listen to the actual CD yet, but I found their channel on youtube. I didn't quite know what to expect, the guy told me they're bringing back actual rock music to the local band scene. Seems they're not huge fans of screamo (but they're so pretty and the men wear makeup!). They only have three videos up right now. And they're not really videos, just a picture of the band and the audio. Their music is straight up, really good. I don't know who I can compare them to, but I really like their songs and they have a good sound. They almost remind me of the rock sound from late 80's to early 90's era.

When you play the video, the first pic that pops up, on the far left of the screen is the creeper that almost got a *key punch to the face. He is their drummer and one of the singers and the man to the right and in the back of him is the bass player. He was also there, but wisely standing at the actual Royal Farms. I guess to go get help in case the creepy drummer accidentally scared a gas pumping chick and she decided to 'take back the night' all over his face.

I'm not sure how long the band has been together but I hope they stick around and make it big. I love local bands, but I seem to have the bad luck of liking the ones that fall apart early on in their careers. Like SWATH, Bleed the Dream and Mr.Black Hat. Awesome bands with really great sounds, I start to listen to them....and they fall apart in a year or two. I've started noticing that as much as I love the local talent and want more of it, that that's what sometimes sucks about it. Or it could possibly be me. Maybe I'm bad luck and should publicly hide my new found joy of Chain Denial's music for their sake.

So in closing, here is their facebook page:
Chain Denial's FB Page

They have a player on their page so you can hear more of their songs. I am loving 'Little, Dirty, Girl' right now. Like them, support a cool Baltimore band and tell their drummer he needs to tone down his creeper tendencies.

*For anyone wondering what a 'key punch' is, it's when you ball your keys in your fist so they're poking out through the fingers. I didn't know if that was self explanatory enough hence the asterisk...yeah...


  1. Its always a good night when your eyeballs stay inside your head! lol.

  2. I'll definitely check these out when I get home later... Glad you didn't get raped in that alley ;)... Is it sad that I'm all giddy that Regina Spektor's 'Hotel Song' just came on your site??

  3. Poor guy, some people just can't help looking creepy, even while just trying to promote their band.

  4. Noog-Not sad, Regina is a genius, I love that woman!

    Sophia-I know, lol. He was really nice too. Just gave off an I'm going to rob you vibe at first though.

  5. people say that i look creepy, cant help it that i like to wear nothing under need my long raincoat

  6. Hey, thats awesome that you wrote about Chain Denial on your Blog, I am actually the manager of that band!!! and the drummer has toned down a bit, lol... if you get the chance, i invite you to check out the website with some new music/recordings!!! they have some really awesome stuff in the works!!! keep an eye out!!! the website is
    thank you!!!


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