Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fright Night Remake

I was kicked off the TV earlier this evening because my stepfather needed his half hour of TV time since he had watched none all day (You interrupted my enjoyment of a Bronx Tale for that? You sick son of a bitch, wait until I tell Sonny.).

Trying to find movies online to watch that I had to neither download something for or sign up for, I came across this trailer.

It's scheduled to come out August of this year. Normally I don't do movie reviews. I feel weird because a blogger friend of mine does them, so I leave them to the discerning critiquing of The Non-Review. But I'm a huge fan of the old Fright Nights. Every single, shitty, campy one of them; So of course I rolled my eyes at this one. I mean, another remake, really Hollywood?

But as I watched the trailer my disgust seemed to ebb away more and more. Sure it is a remake, but it seems nothing like the first one. The only thing that it looks like they're re-using are the characters and the scenario of young high schooler notices something strange in his neighborhood (but there's no one to call! Oh noooo!), cue vamps.

It's almost like a fanfiction that asks the question what if the vampire was even more homicidal than usual? And what if he decided to go even more on the offensive than in the first one? Also McLovin and car chases!

I thought I'd hate this, but I'm actually looking forward to it.


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