Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Spent the weekend with my friends Jess Jess and Chicky. I'm bored and just thought I'd share some highlights from my weekend.

*I'm helping Chicky study for her MCAT by letting her teach me all the awesome super smart person things she's learned and studied about*
Chicky: Alright, we'll start with the periodic table, you know what that is right?
Me: Yeah, it's a chart that you use to keep track of your cycle.
C: ......uhhhhhhhhhh
M: Sike, I'm just joking it's a chart of the elements
*Chicky actually breathes deeply like I almost gave her a heart attack*

My friends know that I joke all the time, but I also am really ditzy as well...sometimes I think I worry them even after I tell them I'm only joking.

*Driving to Girl Scout Council to buy badges for the kids*
Jess Jess: Did you know that KFC is changing their name? They're going with just the acronym KFC because Kentucky Fried Chicken has the word fried in it and it sounds unhealthy.
Me: But that doesn't take the fact that their food is unhealthy away. All they're doing is changing it to KFC....which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken! It's not even a real name change!
JJ: I know.
M: That's like me eating a cheeseburger and calling it a banana!
JJ: I know.
M: Oh Gods! This is the world I fucking live in Jess! This is the world I fucking live in!........I'm going to start calling cheeseburgers bananas.

Seriously, there is no reason for this fucking stupidity. However Snopes says this isn't true. At least not for the reasons I ranted about.

*Coming back from Council going down I695, some douche bag is weaving into other lanes and dangerously swerving all over the road*
Me: That's ridiculous. You can call the police for this to report his tag numbers can't you?
Jess Jess: Yeah.
Chicky: Is he really driving that bad?

By the by, as I'm calling the police and being transferred to different people there is a cop driving behind the man in one of the other lanes. Now if I could see him from where I was driving I know the cop could as well. The cop drove past and did nothing. It wasn't just a little swerving, it was obvious he was most likely drunk. Thank you Maryland police officers for showing me why I shouldn't have much faith in you.


  1. My weekend included seeing Weird Al in concert...

  2. That's funny stuff~~ except for the cops (who are rarely funny in that Reno 911 kind of way.)

    But now I'm *more* confused on Kentucky/KFC -- even the Snopes article seems like a big joke about Kentucky. Aye carumba~~!

  3. omg i remember that day! i could go for a good banana...


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