Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chocomize Your Own Candy Bar

Let me just say that I love 'make your own' websites. Like Mix My Granola, where you can choose from an awesome variety of yummy ingredients and ...well, make your own granola. Exactly what it says on the tin.

So I got all happy when I found this website that lets you play Willy Wonka with chocolate bars. Chocomize (love that that's a word by the way.) lets you choose from three chocolate bases (dark, milk or white) and up to five ingredients to customize your own candy bar.

The base price starts off at 3.95 for the 3.5 oz. bar itself. Each ingredient costs anywhere from .65 cents to $1.60. Unless you opt for 23 karat gold flakes on your bar, that's $3.25. The gold flakes aren't the only unconventional topping they have. There's also bacon (vegetarian and real), crystallized rose and violet petals, lavender and oregano just to name a few.

Unless you choose few ingredients, or the cheapest, the end result does tend to be a little pricey, but then again this isn't just some chocolate bar that's been sitting on the shelf of a K-Mart checkout line. It is Belgium chocolate and they are made to order, shipped with an ice pack to help make sure it doesn't melt. Also there is a flat rate 6.95 shipping and handling fee for anywhere in the U.S. and a 10.50 fee for the Canadians.

The selection under favorites do have cheaper options; like some of the 'pre-made' bars, or really I should say, popular flavors. They also have a 2 oz. cube of hot chocolate on a stick that comes in a hazelnut, vanilla or nutty amaretto flavor and costs 2.95 per cube.

It is a very neat website and I do love the novelty of being able to customize my own stuff. I also like the fact that a portion of your purchase goes to your choice of three charities they sponsor. The charities they have to chose from are Doctors Without Borders, a "medical humanitarian organization that assists people in need in almost 70 different countries whose survival is threatened by neglect, catastrophe or violence."; Team Fox, The Micheal J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's research; and A Drink For Tomorrow, an organization that helps provide clean drinking water for developing nations that don't have any and spreads awareness of the fact that these people have no clean water (hope all those commas and semi colons were correct or that is one huge run on sentence.).

Now if you'll excuse me, my work wife has had a craptastic month and I think I found a way to make it a little better.

Edit: The chocolate I bought for my work wife came today. Quite a quick turn around, but then again I do live close to where they ship out of (New Jersey). It is shipped in a thermal insulated type of sealed bag with an ice pack to keep everything nice and cool. They also threw in a free little four square of dark chocolate with coconut and junior mints in it. Cute little freebie, my sister loved it.

Just thought I'd update this as extra commentary. Nothing melted and it is in the middle of summer, quick ship and freebie chocolate.

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  1. This is a swell concept in action ~~! Places like this involving yogurt and add-ons seem to be popping up about the same time. I'm digging these things ~~ "Erik's Choice"


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