Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Things You Find In A Girl Scout Room

One of the other leaders and I were cleaning out our scout's cubbies and I found this home made magazine. It's quite odd.

Could be you, could be someone else, who the hell knows.

Take the blouse off of Marmaduke and no one gets hurt.

There is no such thing as cleaning, just fuck white shoes, seriously.

In what world does a ranch made out of bacon and hash browns qualify as a famous painting? (Especially when it's clearly a genius one.)

Damn that little beagle and his 1950's morals, encouraging those children to exercise and eat bowls of salad. Can't he see he's a bad influence?!

I thought my circulatory system kept my blood running. Also is it just me or is the right side of the page dripping with sarcasm?

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