Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fantastic Cemetery Photos

I had a cemetery photo exchange swap due for the website Swap Bot and thought I'd share some of the pictures I took of one of my favorite graveyards to go to.

I love cemeteries; they're always so peaceful and quiet...for obvious reasons. The perfect place to get away and read a book or go art long as you are respectful of the hallowed ground on which you step of course.

This is the inside of one of the mausoleums. I love the huge stained glass windows. It's also the perfect *sleeping place and the building that I accidentally set the alarms off in. A couple of years back I went to the graveyard for a picnic and it was kind of chilly outside. However I wasn't ready to go home, so I took my purse and book and went inside the mausoleum. I sat in the little circle area to the side, so I wouldn't bother anyone that happened to come in, and accidentally nodded off while reading (it was really warm!).

All of a sudden I hear this slow beeping sound and think, 'Oh crap! They're backing in the coffin! I'm going to interrupt a funeral, how do I get out of here?' Then I realized that trucks make that sound, not coffins. The staff didn't see me and were locking up for the night. Double crap! I race towards the entrance but by the time I reach it I hear the alarm set. I'm standing there watching the security guard walk away with my hand resting on the door. I tried knocking and calling for him but he didn't seem to hear me (or maybe he's used to unseen people calling and knocking?) so I had no choice but to open the door.

Did you know those alarms are really loud? He was very nice about it as I ran up to explain what happened and kind of showed me how to get in and out of the graveyard when no one was there "in case it ever happens again". I don't think he meant to show me how to break into the graveyard, but I use this knowledge for good and not evil, thus I am not traipsing around the cemetery at night. Although that does sound like fun!

I just had to take a picture of this tombstone, only because it's the only one I've seen that has a pentacle on it. Or what looks like a pentacle. Maybe they didn't mean for it to look like one and I am mistaken as to what it is. It makes me wonder who this woman was and what she was like. Was she pagan or some other religion? Was she nice? The marker next to her had an eagle type of design on it, it was somewhat hard to see because it was faded and worn away. I think she was married to a military man.

I once cast runes near here to see what I could find and came up with a lot of good things. I can't remember what they said, so I'd like to think she was a nice lady with a nice family. Also her site has a really calming type of presence.

But I could also be wrong.

Now this is just awesome. Once again, the more unique the tombstone is the more it makes me wonder just exactly who was this person I never knew. Was he just a big music or rock fanatic and couldn't play a note? Or was he the worlds greatest undiscovered talent? Or maybe he was discovered? Who knows.

I thought this was beautiful. The cemetery I was in didn't have much in way of statues or any really ornate markers. But the ones they do have I love.

You don't usually get to see color on tombstones. Such a pretty green.

I thought the simplicity in its statue and engraving was touching and beautiful. I always liked these kinds of tombstones.

As much as I like statues in graveyards the eyes of this one were kind of spooky. I like them better when they're closed. When they're not they have these weird little pits for pupils and it makes them look like they're watching your every move. This one's gaze made me slightly uneasy I must admit.

*I think it should be said I'm not advocating napping in mausoleums.


  1. I never saw some cool tombstones like that guitar one!
    Hello from Majki (swapbot)

  2. Love it~~! I've been to the John Wilkes Booth grave in Baltimore, Poe's and Joe Johnston's.

    I prefer old, spooky mausoleums to well-lit modern ones (same as churches, for that matter). Satues are cool, the more contemplative or eerie the better . . . funny about falling asleep~~!

  3. I've never been to a cemetary here before but looking at these headstones its so tempting to go and have a look at whats there looking at these.


  4. Hi, I'm Mrs T from swap bot. Very cool headstones! The one with the guitar is great! Would be interesting to find out more about that person, if he/she was a musician or ? I am following your blog...want to learn more about your

  5. Goodness me such a lot of comments ^_^ Hello everyone from swapbot! Thank you for commenting and/or following!

    Erik-Being a Baltimorean you'd think I would have been to Poe's already, but alas no I have not. I really should get on that. I've never been inside an old masoleum, the old ones I've seen never open when I try.

    Bubbles - You should go! They're nice to take walks in, no one bothers you :p lol

    Mrs.T- I've been thinking of going back to get the guitar ones name and dig around on google and see if anything comes up. That's not too stalkerish is it? Can you stalk a dead person?

  6. Hey, if you should go back and find out anything...let me I am curious..:)

  7. hiya, this is glendas from swapbot, your blog is awesome, have loved reading it,.thank you .love glenda. Ifor some reason i am having trouble with my google account and cant leave comments.,so this is why i am sending you this message so you know that i have read your blog.

  8. creative as tombs ^^

    Azed from swap-bot "blog swap"

  9. The mausoleum is probably luvly to nap in especially when light is filtering thru the windows. Glad the guard was understanding.

    JustIngrid - swapbot

  10. I love the tombstone with the guitar and notes. I think it's nice to have these customized tombstones. This way, when people die, they would still somehow have a connection with the things they loved while they were still around.

    1. I agree. I also love how it shows a bit of their personality; a bit of what made them them when they were still alive.


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