Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rake Road

There is a road that my friends have dubbed 'Ghost Road' about a ten minute drive from where I live. There have been some creepy experiences there and some sightings. I tend to call it Rake Road (after the *Rake **creepy pasta) because of one of my experiences.

I like to take fuck it drives and usually at night since I don't sleep until late. This was when I first got my car and was exploring places. I was driving up and down North Point Road and decided to take a left on one of the roads where the new developments were. I was alone the first time and had driven all the way down, through the wooded part to the dead end. I turned around to go back and was just smoking a cigarette when I saw it and hit the brakes. Not because I was about to hit it, I just didn't want my car to go near it.

About fifteen feet in front of me there was this all white thing. At first I thought it was a deer but it was too disproportionate to be one. It ran across from where the developments were to the other side of the road and stopped to take a quick look towards my car before disappearing into the bushes. It looked almost like a dog and was very, very skinny; but it ran like a hunched over person. When it looked my way I just remember big, bright white eyes. It also kind of looked like it had scraggly, thin hair hanging from its head.

I flicked my cigarette away and quickly lit up another one as I rolled up all my windows as fast as the automatic button would allow. Then I made sure all my doors were locked. I drove somewhat slow at first because I was going to see if it was still somewhere near the side of the road but then thought; 'Fuck that, it looks like the Rake! And even if it's not, it could be rabid and aggressive!' So I went straight home to bed and made sure the doors and windows were locked. Yeah, I'm a chicken.

Another time I was taking my sister down there to look at Christmas lights because the people that live there like to decorate and go all out. We decided to go all the way down through the woods to get to the dead end to see if they had anything worth looking at. As we're about to exit the development I tell her to roll up her windows and make sure the doors are locked. She asks why and I told her I'd tell her about the 'dog' I saw on the way back home. As we're driving towards the wooded section she screams. I didn't see anything weird so of course I'm like 'What the hell is wrong with you?' She said she saw a little girl, she looked about ten years old, in a white nightgown by the side of the road and it freaked her out. I look in my rear view mirror and can't see anything. My sister is freaking out and wants to go back home but we're already halfway through the woods and I can't turn around on that road. We get to the dead end and I turn around, as we get to the place where she thinks she saw the girl we drive slowly looking for anyone. No one was there but a little tree. I teased her that the tree was probably her 'ghost'.

A couple of months later I'm hanging out with my friend and two of his friends and they tell me about Ghost Road. I ask where it is and they say it's on North point where the new developments are. I didn't want to try and give them anything to go on so I ask them to tell me the story behind it and why it's dubbed that.

They tell me that there have been sightings there of a little girl that was kidnapped and killed...I don't know how many years back. I ask them what she was wearing. They told me a white nightgown, and when I asked them how old she was supposed to be, they said around eight years old.

We tried to go there that night to take pictures after I fessed up about my sister's sighting, but found nothing. I've wanted to go back, but my car window doesn't shut (Again! Although this time it's a different one.), and I'll be damned if I'm going down there with a window that can't close.

*The Rake concept art

**The Rake creepy pasta


  1. :o Get that window fixed and take some pictures :> Sad to hear about the girl, though :( Maybe if you like face your fears or something then maybe she could move on. Or consume your soul I dunno anything about ghosts.


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