Friday, October 7, 2011

Return To Jericho Bridge

I know I blogged a bit about what happened when me and my friends, TJ and Mr.C went to the Jericho Covered Bridge. I never blogged about the second time we went. Believing the story is up to you but it is really creepy so, here it goes, enjoy.

I'm working late one night and it's slow. I'm just waiting for the clock to hit midnight so I can get the fuck out of there when Mr.C calls on TJ's phone. It's them and two of their friends and they want to know if I want to go ghost hunting with them. At first I told them no. It's late and I'm tired. Mr.C tells me they're going to *Jericho Covered Bridge again to see if they can get any of the spirits to come out and see if anything more happened. They're especially excited because we'll be going after 'The Lady' crosses the bridge, which according to them and people I've heard this story from, is when stuff really starts happening at the bridge.

I oblige but tell them I'm bringing my car this time since my car is the one with all of the protections on it. My shift ends and I go to my car and they're already waiting for me in the parking lot sans one friend who had to go home. I follow them to the their house and we park TJ's car and everyone piles into mine. I'm kind of tired and for once TJ is awake so I let him drive.

Automatically I know that this night might not go as well as planned. For starters, Mr.C has taken to adopting one of his roommates nieces as his drag daughter, which isn't part of the problem. She is, however, interested in learning about Paganism/Wicca and a couple of times I had to stop and correct him on some things he was teaching her. Then he tells me that he brought incense to light on the bridge. One incense is for protection and another one is for calling spirits. Right off the bat he gets them mixed up...twice. He is the world's blondest black boy I swear.

We arrive at the bridge and drive right through and park a ways up. Everyone piles out of the car. Mr.C and his drag daughter go over to the bridge with me and TJ in tow. Mr.C wants to try and contact whatever is there before we drive through with the car. No problem. The thing with this bridge, besides it being a crybaby bridge of legend, and the rumors that if you drive through it at night you can see people hanging from its rafters; there is a rumor that there is also an evil presence. Some people have called it a demon, some just say it's some sort of bad spirit that lives under the bridge and won't let the other good spirits leave. Mr.C gets it in his head that he's going to, for whatever reason, try and exorcise this presence or contact it in some way with intent for it to leave. Me and TJ just exchange 'Oh great' glances.

He lights the incense for calling spirits and starts talking to it. I forget at this point what exactly was said, but it was your usual fair of 'Is anyone there.', 'Don't be afraid to make contact.' sort of stuff. I start to feel uneasy, so does he. TJ starts having a sort of weird asthma attack and can't breathe well and we all start hearing splashing sounds coming from under the previously quiet bridge. They sound like someone is either walking through the water towards the embankment, or like someone is throwing stones into the water. We book ass for the car.

Once in the car TJ is breathing a bit better and we're all watching the bridge to see if anything or one is out there while TJ turns the car around. We all decide to go through the bridge and stop in the center one last time before we leave to try and contact anything again from the safety of the car. We roll down the windows and try again to make contact but no thing's happening. It is around this time that Mr.C starts to get impatient, he lights his last incense stick and starts to taunt the spirits, especially the bad one we were warned about in particular. Then he gets kind of quiet and smells the incense that's burning a bit.

If you guessed that his next comment was to tell me that he's mixed up his incense again and is burning the one to call spirits and welcome them in the car that used to have protections on it, then win ten free internets. I start freaking out a bit and he tells me to calm down and whatever is on my car should be enough to keep anything out.

I not so politely remind him that what is on my car is a simple protection spell, aimed more for psychic protection yes, but nothing more. Also that he is burning something that invites the things we're protected against inside. Ignoring my comment he continues to taunt the spirits telling them they're just to chicken to show themselves because they'd 'get their ass kicked by a Pagan'. TJ is laughing and eager to get in on this. He tells them if they're even there to give him a sign. Then he shouts he'll make it easy for them and puts the car into neutral and says, 'Push the car'.

We all sit silently for a bit and finally Mr.C gives up and tells TJ we should go home. Before TJ can put the car into drive, Mr.C and his drag daughter start to freak out a bit and are telling us to look in the rear view mirror. We look in it and there is this hulking dark shape at the end of the bridge. We all look out the back window and nothing is there, back to the mirror and it's there. Then it disappears and the car lurches forward. I look down at TJ's feet and they are on the floor of the car...and the bridge is level ground. I start yelling for TJ to go as fast as he can and tell everyone to imagine the car surrounded by white light, all negative energy being thrown off as we drive away.

We get to their house and they talk me into staying the night as it's really late and we all want to talk about what happened. Mr.C's drag daughter goes up to bed after a couple of card games and us three go downstairs into the basement where their room is. We joke around for a bit and I make fun of Mr.C and call him 'My little ward breaker', then we decide it's time to go to bed. Mr.C doesn't really feel good and we're all dead ass tired.

I'm sleeping on the outer edge of the bed, Mr.C is by the wall and TJ is in the middle. I can't get to sleep at all. It feels like I have come down with a sudden head cold and I can't breathe. Also I feel like there is something pacing behind me, back and forth. I'm too afraid to look behind me. Then I feel whatever presence is behind me stop and it feels like something is reaching over me towards TJ and Mr.C. It only gets halfway before it pulls back. I lay there in bed simultaneously trying not to make a sound and lay as still as possible. Then I feel as if someone has taken their finger and run it down my back. The only way I can describe the feeling is as disgusting. Like something bad was trying to touch your very essence.

I need very badly to get up to blow my nose so I can actually breathe but I'm too scared to. I lay there for another minute or two until their dog decides to jump on me on the bed, trying to get me to play in the middle of the night. With the dog there I get the courage to turn around and nothing is there. I quickly get up and go to the bathroom to blow my nose. Despite a lingering bad feeling nothing else happens and I take turns laying down for about a couple of minutes at a time and getting up to blow my nose again and again. I think I actually got about three hours of sleep.

When they get up I tell them what happened and they all agree it was very weird that it tried to reach across me but stopped. Then it hit me. I'm the only one with a pentacle tattoo on, which happened to be near where it was reaching at. I even did some of the tattoo myself and when I was getting it meditated a bit on it being a permanent protection symbol, as well as a symbol of faith. I also was wearing an amulet that I had blessed for protection previously. None of them were.

Later on for about a month they had all sorts of bad luck until they were able to rid themselves of whatever had attached itself to them.

I haven't been to the bridge since. I also haven't done any sort of protective spells on my car either so we haven't been ghost hunting for a while. I still refer to Mr.C as the 'ward breaker'.

*The link for the bridge on the first post is bad for some reason, so here's a new one. Besides being a 'haunted' bridge it's also rife with history. Jerusalem Mill.

** 'The Lady' is a female ghost that supposedly walks across the bridge at midnight. She carries a basket and people say she looks like she's dropping something on the ground as she walks. Apparently nothing ever happens from the time that she appears until fifteen minutes after. I asked one of my friends about it and he thinks she's some sort of dead witch and is dropping protective herbs on the ground. We all thought the fifteen minute time frame was a little weird until and then we realized that that's more then enough time for a couple of travelers to ride or walk over the bridge. Also from what I hear a lot of the stuff happens after midnight, so she might be some sort of warning that crazy shit is about to happen and you need to get your ass over that bridge and go home.


  1. Sounds like a fun time, except for the evil things follow you around for a month.

  2. Intriguing, certainly. Why does this conjure up another memory? I like the idea of the energies "attaching" -- even if it's creepy.

    Up in New Hampshire at a friend's on a visit, the father of the house (Luke) was into necromancy, summoning evil spirits to do his bidding. He was also a mad scientist for Westinghouse/GE, but after many years of bad deeds, he was riding a bike after dark when "a deer" lunged out of a patch of woods -- and killed him instantly.

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