Monday, October 3, 2011

Short Story: It Passed Us

I have decided that all of October posts will be dedicated to all things spooky. Short stories, personal accounts, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So without further ado, here is a short story I've been working on, I hope you like it. As always, constructive criticism is always welcome. I edited it as much as I could, so if I made any mistakes I'm sorry, I'm still rusty at writing.

It Passed Us

Rebecca and Claire huddled outside of the old house. The chilly November air cut through their light hoodies as they waited for Anna. As they stood in front of the boarded up house, both had the distinct feeling they were being watched.

"Where the hell is she?" muttered Rebecca, "It's fucking freezing out here and it's creepy to boot."
Claire looked around nervously, "Maybe she's left us out here on purpose to play a trick on us. You are pretty mean to her in school."
Rebecca pulled a face and rolled her eyes, "Well if the wannabe witch wasn't so weird! She thinks she's so spooky and can talk to spirits, I bet you this house isn't even haunted."

"Oh the house is definitely haunted alright. But if you're so sure it's not, perhaps we should just part ways and go home then, huh?" Anna said as she silently walked up to them. Her black hair was wet and plaited and she smelled like rosemary. She carried a bulky, black messenger bag. Her eyes roamed over the two standing on the porch of the boarded up house. "I see neither of you thought to bring the things I told you to bring." She stepped closer to them and sniffed the air around them. "And you didn't take your cleansing baths either."

"Josanna it's cold out, I'm not gong to come out here with wet hair and get sick!" Rebecca exclaimed.

"My name is Anna! And there are worst things that could happen tonight, than 'getting sick'." She frowned at them and set her bag down on the dusty porch swing. "Lucky for you I brought what you didn't. I knew you wouldn't hold up your end even if it's for your own safety." She dug out two white satchels that smelled like garlic and something that smelled similar to mint. She handed them over to each of the girls and took out a third and tied it to one of her pants' belt loops. "Whatever you do, when we get in this house, do not lose or let those things leave your possession. They will protect you from what is in the house."

"And what exactly is in the house? And why couldn't we do this in the daytime?" Claire shivered, clutching her satchel to her chest.

"Because despite what Paranormal Activity and certain recent ghost hunters on TV will try and tell you, three am is not the 'witching hour'. The real witching hour is midnight when you straddle the time between morning and night. It is when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest and it is the time when it's easiest to contact the things from beyond. Besides, I've never felt anything around here in the day, only at night. It's like the daylight drives it away." Anna replied lamely as she dug out two flashlights. Rebecca just rolled her eyes again.
"Can we get this thing moving?" She asked.
Anna checked her watch. "We have twenty minutes. Let me lead you to the entrance and give you some back story...and some ground rules. Here, you two have to share a flashlight. I only had two at the house."

The trio crept to the backyard and down the steps that led to the basement door. There were boards laying on the ground. "My brother and I were here previously. There's no other way to get in through the house."
Claire's mouth fell open. "We have to go in through the basement!" She squealed.
Anna looked at her and pointed her flashlight up under her chin. "There's no other way to get in through the house." she repeated emphasising each word.
Claire blushed and rubbed the back of her neck.

"I know everyone knows that a family was murdered here. But what they don't know was how it happened." Anna began.
"Actually we do." Rebecca interrupted. "Some dude went nutso and killed his family in cold blood with a kitchen knife. Cops show up and shoot him. Case closed."
Anna tilted her head and held up her hand waving it from side to side. "Sort of. You got the major parts correct, but what you don't know is that the husband was very into demonology. He thought he could conjure up a demon to do his bidding. Sicko used his family as the sacrifice, neighbors heard the screams and then that's when the cops came into the story.
Tonight we will conjure up the ghosts of the past to see what we can see, but we need to be careful. So here it goes. Don't lose the satchels, stay with me, do as I say when I say it and we'll be safe."

She opened the door and look back at them. "Alright kiddies, keep your legs and arms inside the ride at all times and let's go."

They filed in and Anna gave Claire her flashlight to hold as she set to work rolling up the area rug on the basement floor. Claire looked around and her lower lip quivered a bit. Without looking back Anna sighed and said, "Don't worry we won't stay in the basement for long, now hand me my bag." Anna took out a piece of sidewalk chalk and drew a giant pentagram on the basement tile. She dug through the bag again and took out five candles and laid and lit them at each point. She turned to look at the girls. Claire looked like she was about to cry and even Rebecca looked nervous. She stood still, taking glances around her to make sure they were alone.

Anna stood and brushed the chalk off her hands. She took out a small vial and anointed her head with it while murmuring then went over to the other girls and did the same to them.
"What are you doing?" Claire whispered as Rebecca raised an eye.
"Shhh." Anna murmured. She put the vial in her pocket and motioned for them to follow her into the circle. "Don't leave and don't break hands no matter what happens."

The girls all held hands, Anna cleared her throat and said in a loud, clear voice, "In the name of earth, fire, wind and water and The All; bless and consecrate this circle and the ground we stand on. May no evil be able to traverse this circle, may nothing harm or touch us. So mote it be."
As she began the second part they all gasped and looked back as the basement door slammed open and slammed shut. Claire began to whimper and cry quietly while Rebecca tried to loosen her grip.
"M-maybe we shouldn't be here, I think we should go home." Rebecca muttered.
"No!" Anna said firmly, tightening her grip. "The ritual is already begun and the spirits know we're here. We need to go on. Besides I have everything under control, and may I remind you it was you who wanted to do this in the first place."

She straightened her back and looked up at the ceiling, closing her eyes. Rebecca and Claire shared nervous glances. Anna began again, "Mother Hecate. Queen of magic and the dead, raise the spirits murdered here. Give us a glimpse into what happened that fateful night. Open the eyes of the dead and give them their voice. Show us your power!"
They stood in silence listening to the howling of the neighborhood dogs outside. Claire looked like she was about to run. Both girls stood in a slightly stooped position. Their eyes and mouths wide open, looking around wildly.
"What do we do now?" Rebecca whispered.
"Now we walk, try to talk to spirits. Take pictures with our camera phones, that sort of thing." Anna said smiling. She picked up her flashlight and held onto Rebecca's hand leading them to the edge of the circle. "The circle is open but always unbroken."

The group sneaked through the basement and up the stairs and found themselves in the living room's stairwell facing the upstairs. Claire broke loose from Rebecca's hold and wiped her sweaty hand on her jeans.
Anna looked around for a bit, "Let's start on the first floor."

Claire clutched her abdomen with both hands. "Guys, I'm going to go upstairs real quick, I need to see if there's a bathroom in this place." Rebecca and Anna didn't seem to hear her as they giggled and took pictures of the room. She slowly and carefully walked up the stairs using her cellphone for light. She opened both of the doors she found to be greeted with bedrooms on either side of the hallway. As she shined her light downwards the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She saw scratches in the wooden floor along with what looked like a woman's nail, panted a sparkly green, deeply embedded in the floor. They traveled from the right bedroom to the stairs she had just come up. She looked up and saw a door at the end of the hallway and quickly walked to it and opened it to find a bathroom. Claire stepped inside and breathed an uneasy sigh. She immediately pulled down her pants and set her things on the ledge of the bathtub.

Back downstairs Anna had been trying to contact the spirits of the house. She turned her voice recorder on her phone on, calling hello and asking for names and if anyone was in the room with her. Rebecca stood next to Anna, bored and with her arms crossed. Nothing had happened after the door had slammed in the basement and she was beginning to wonder if Anna had staged that. She checked the time; her clock said half past one. She rolled her eyes and turned to talk to Claire and stopped when she noticed she wasn't there.

"Anna! Claire's not with us!" She exclaimed shrilly. Almost as if on cue Claire's high pitched scream pierced the air. They heard more shouts and deep sobs and hugged each other as they stared at the stairs wide eyed, backing up slowly, further into the living room. Rebecca covered her mouth with her hand, almost suffocated on the garlic-mint smell coming from the bag she held as she tried not to make a sound. There was another high pitched scream and then a gurgling sound followed by what sounded like a door falling to the floor. The girls retreated further back, entering the dining area. As the sound of a body being dragged along the floor towards the steps began, Anna spied a pantry closet. She tried to usher Rebecca in.
"We need to get out of here." She whimpered looking toward the basement door.
"There's no time, now get in!" Anna whispered and shoved her inside.

The door was made up of slots of wood. Anna tried to close them but couldn't. A loud whining gasp left Rebecca as they heard footsteps followed by dull thumps coming slowly down the step.
"Give me your bag!" Anna whispered. Rebecca handed it over to her and she opened both of their bags and emptied the contents in a line along the bottom of the pantry door. She saved a bit of the contents of her own bag and emptied her vial of oil she had brought into it and rubbed the now soaking bag along the door frame.

The dragging sounds got closer and the smell of something long dead and rotten hit their noses. Anna's heart felt like it was about to escape her chest as she hugged Rebecca close to her and clamped a free hand over her mouth. She closed her eyes and bent her head out of fear, biting Rebecca's shoulder to keep herself from screaming out loud.

Rebecca however could not close her eyes and stood there paralyzed in fear. Eyes wide open, the footsteps stopped in front of the pantry and she saw what had been walking about. If she had to guess a sex she would have guessed male. Its body was dark, a slimy black and was lean and muscular. It looked like it had tumors all over its body. Its hands were twitching in an unnatural way as it looked up at the ceiling and smiled a large, gaping smile. She looked down and confirmed what it had been dragging. Held in its right hand was Claire's foot. Her eyes traveled along the obviously broken leg to the limp body attached to it. Claire was covered in blood.

Rebecca tried to stifle a sob and Anna clutched her hand over her mouth tighter. Rebecca trembled in the darkness and felt herself piss her pants as the creature turned its head towards them. It had no teeth save for three very long fangs. A sight like that would have normally made her laugh if it wasn't so terrifying. It ran its bloodied tongue over them, staining them red and slowly brought its finger up to its lips to motion her to be quiet. It slowly set down Claire's leg and quietly walked away into the direction of the kitchen.

Eyes still closed Anna leaned into her ear and whispered, "It just passed us."
Rebecca closed her eyes, sending a cascade of tears down Anna's hand as she mumbled in it, "I know."
With trembling fingers she checked the time and thought, four more hours until sunrise.

As the soft sounds of footsteps came closer and the smell of rot became stronger, both girls hugged each other and sank to the back of the pantry. Trying hard not to open their eyes and stay quiet, each prayed that what Anna had done to the door with the bags would hold. Each held the other's hand, the last bag, dripping with oil, nestled between their palms as they waited for the sun to rise.


  1. Smashing! My favorite line: "Her black hair was wet and plaited and she smelled like rosemary." Three cheers &
    Happy Hallowe'en ~~!

  2. Thank you! ^_^ Happy Samhain to you as well mein fruende.


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