Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Epic Wish Day

I am contagiously giddy about tomorrow....or maybe I should say today, it is 2:32am at the time of writing after all. Yes, you read that correctly, I said giddy. Giddy like a sexually mature, yet shy, college student about to have tea with Mr.Darcy played by Alan Rickman. Mother fuckers I'm giddy!

Because tomorrow is Epic Wish Day. I even got my co workers talking about it (excitedly I might add) at work, because that's how much of a fucking child I am. I have already set my alarm to 11:00 am.

Wishes are funny to me sometimes. Everyone has their own way of wishing, some sort of little ritual we endow on something that is already a bit of a ritual. Depending on the reason for wishing I have a couple of ways to go about with the actual wish; but the most important part is to close your eyes. Like when 11:11 pops up, you must close your eyes and place your hands flat on the surface in front of you. If you can not do this, then balling them into fists and placing them in your lap is acceptable. Then you must wish for the whole minute and try your best to keep your eyes closed until 11:12.

I don't know why I do that. I have no logical or even illogical reason for balling up my fists or laying them flat in front of me. Sometimes I feel silly afterwards even if I'm alone, like someone is spying on me and saw. But it's just how I wish.

And because I would feel like a douche bag for not including this in the post, tomorrow is also Veterans Day, so take some time between 11:11 am and pm to go tell your veterans how much you appreciate them. Trust me you'll have time, it's like twelve hours between wishes.

I believe I'll be sending my Aunt a text in the military phonetic alphabet (and calling her, don't worry)....because I'm a dork.

Happy Epic Wish Day! And Veterans Day!

I don't usually ask questions to my readers, but I'm feeling curious, so how do you wish? Does it have to be some special way or is your wishing strategy more of a Wham!Bam!Thank you...birthday cake candle/specific time of day/night star type of thing? Also if you do the latter, shame on you people! Don't you know you need to lay your wishes down by the fire on a bear skin rug?

Oh! Before I leave this post, let me leave you with this e-card my friend sent me today. This is one of the myriad of reasons why I love her. Perverted, silly gal she is.

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  1. I do the 10:10 11:11 wishes or notions every time I notice them, plus shooting stars and daily, when remembered.

    Epic cheers ~~!


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