Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Bullshitty Post

I got to go camping with my Scouts this weekend so they could earn their Breathe Journey badges; or whatever the damn Journey books want to call them. I swear 90 percent of the people I was camping with were on their periods. But despite some drama and patience running thin, I still had a good time overall.

It just reminded me how much I would absolutely love to go camping with just my Jessie's and I though. There's so much stuff that we could get done in regards to their etsy shop and my stories/drawings/other creative projects. Especially if it was just us, relaxing and helping to keep each other focused. Plus I like the peace and calm of the woods.

We did tie dye at camp. Here's one of the Jessie's (Chicky) handkerchief that she dyed.

I didn't notice it until JessJess said something, but there's totally a Green Man pattern in the middle of it.

Mine didn't come out as colorful as I had hoped for it to.

Mainly because the girls were bogarting all the dye bottles. Lesson learned for next time, be more aggressive when asking for the blue dye. Or alternatively wait until they're all done and use the second set of dye that JessJess brought to camp. One of these days I want to have a major tie dying day with my Jessie's. I guess it's the hippy in me, I love that shit.

I also learned while at camp that no matter how young you are, once you pass the age of 23, people under the age of 17 regard you as 'old' no matter what. Then there's the little fact that I'm only 5 years away from being 30, 4 years come this December the 20th, and I really feel old.

I also drew two ATCs for a Marilyn Manson swap I was in a while back.

I don't mind this one, I actually quite like it. Except now that I'm really looking at it I kind of fucked up his lower lip. I'm still somewhat rusty with drawing. It's been a long while since I've drawn and even longer since I've tried to draw realistically. I'm much more used to cartooning.

This one I have some qualms with as well. I think I just should have taken a bit longer to do it than I originally did.

I sometimes get so annoyed with any of my creations, written or otherwise. I will look at them one moment and I absolutely love them...then I look at them another moment and I contemplate throwing them away, deleting them, burning them in a purifying fire, what have you. It keeps trading off and on like that and of course I am never satisfied with them. Something could have always been better. I guess in a way that is a good thing though.

I also get annoyed with the size limitations for ATCs. I find it hard to draw or paint or whatnot on small canvases.

Well then, I shall see you bitches after the holidays and will have a more awesome blog post, I promise.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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