Monday, December 19, 2011

Six More Days 'Til The Holly King

Well, actually since Yule is tomorrow, it's really one more day and yes I know I'm talking about Christmas in Pagan terms...shut up and roll with it. I absolutely forgot what the fuck I was originally going to blog about. I know it had to tie into holiday consumerism but, oh well. Instead since I have no true topic, I'm just going to list random thoughts that I've been pondering and have popped into my head. Hopefully you've been thinking of these as well so I'll feel like less of a freak.

What do blind people see?
Alright, I know what you're thinking, "Addy, that's so stupid, they're blind obviously they don't see anything." But how do you know? I know they can't see like we do, but do you think they see a color, or just blackness? They wouldn't be able to tell us because they can't see.

Think of what I'm asking this way. Say you were blind and all you saw was the color red. Obviously because you're blind, you're not seeing jack shit except for this color, but you don't know you're seeing the color red because you've never seen it in context. As in, this is an apple, it is red; this is a tree it is not...except when it's fall. So you're seeing a color you just don't know it and can't say, "yes I am definitely seeing a shit load of red." Instead you say, "I can't see I'm blind, duh."

Do you think having a regenerating mermaid as an owner is a cat's biggest fantasy?
I mean really, a big fish that will let you eat them with arms to give you pettings. Oh and there's always more fish because the tail regenerates itself. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Say you were in an anime and were fighting someone that used sound based attacks and powers. If they sounded like Cyndi Lauper, would you be more or less scared?
I honestly don't know my own answer to this one. I mean I love me some Lauper, but what if she was really into psychological torture and made you listen to an alternating set of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and She-Bop for like 5 hours.

Is anyone, other than I, really fucking jealous that Jenna Marbles came up with this shit first?

Also I now feel bad for saying Hon'. But in my defense I'm from Baltimore...if you're born here you kind of don't have a choice. Especially if you're from Hampden. I also think this would be a good formula for insults if you went to the negative side of the adjectives. Sweaty-pizza-unicorn sounds like something you'd call a greasy gay gym goer who was full of himself and possibly Italian.

Double wide trailers are like legos for rednecks.
No seriously. I just learned that you have to snap them together and then they just put siding around it. Although as dubious as that sounds, I'd still have to go with a double wide over a single trailer any day. I've been in single trailers before and almost all of them have a floor that is ready to meet the ground at some point.

When are they going to come out with a triple wide?
So if double wides are like the condos of the trailer park, then a triple wide would be like the fucking mansion, right? You'd be like Richie Rich if he were white trash. You could have two lawn sprinklers! Maybe your property would be so big you could talk your significant other into letting you own a riding mower. Albeit a smaller version of one. Shit would be crazy.

Joking aside, I honestly wouldn't mind this because I happen to like double wides.

Does anyone else have trouble getting their nail polish to stay?
I just painted my nails all cute and shit because I'm actually getting into the spirit of Yule/Christmas/Whatever stupid winter season you do or do not celebrate. Thought I'd be all fancy and doll them up a sparkly red with glittery green tips and a little Christmas tree I painted on the ring finger. I did this Saturday. It is now Monday and half the nails have chips and I'm going to have to do it all over again.

I even went the extra mile and used that diamond strength polish that is supposed to make your nails stronger as a top coat. Nothing. It doesn't matter what top coat I've used or not used. So what I'm asking is which one of you chicks out there that actually reads my blog has the magic top coat I haven't used yet? Are there any nail salon owners out there? Because if I get my nails professionally done, it doesn't happen. What the hell is that about?

Does anyone else get the incredible urge to not brush their teeth for a day and then lick Howie Mandel's face?
I have nothing against Mr.Mandel. He's the most awesome germaphobe I know of and brought me tons of joy in my childhood as the voice of Bobby from Bobby's World and as this dude from Little Monsters.

Little Monsters

I absolutely loved Maurice. I always thought that Fred Savage's character made the wrong choice. I would have stayed with my blue buddy....and found the underneath of David Bowie's bed while I was there.

But whenever I see a picture of him, or see him on TV, I kind of want someone to go up to him and pretend to sneeze into their hands and then force him to shake their hand. I have no clue why. Maybe it's the asshole in me, I just would love to see him freak out. It's like if I meet someone that has a thing about everything being nice and straight, I always want to take one of their meticulously lined up things and slant it when they're not looking. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Alright my shiny-twizzler-puppies! I'll see you bitches later. Also sorry if my paragraphs are two tones, my computer is being stupid in conjunction with Blogger and it looks like some paragraphs are black and other's are grey in the preview section.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art Cars And Moral High Grounds

I went to Trader Joe's this afternoon. I have really got to remember to stop going places on Fridays...and during Christmas shopping days. It took me almost an hour to find a spot to park, mainly because I'm a pussy about taking parking spots. "Hey! I've been waiting here for that spot and you're just going to take it!...Oh then...OK..."

Finally got my jar of coconut oil. I cannot wait to use it. Mainly because my 10 dollar hair pomade has been used up and this is way cheaper and much nicer smelling. Yes, you read that right, I shall not be cooking with this...well maybe I will actually...but for all the curly headed peeps out there, coconut oil is so good for keeping down frizz and making hair manageable and soft. I've always wanted to try it and then forgot about it until my friend JessJess bought it for the same reason.

I also learned how Brussels sprouts grow today.

The general consensus among my siblings is that is looks like a bunch of weird grapes.

On my way out I saw my first art car. It was parked next to me and at first I thought that someone had just gotten their car trashed by assholes with spray paint. Then I noticed it was the whole car and deliberate.

And the side view:

I actually think it looks pretty neat. I wish I could have met the car's owner to find out if it was for some sort of college project or what.

A couple of days ago I tweeted that I accidentally went full retard on someone. They wrote a post about how you can't be moral and be against gay marriage at the same time. For some reason I felt the need to ask this person out of "internet courtesy" to put it on my blog and offered to link to them if they had a site and wanted me to. Then I woke up the next day and realized why I should probably start going to bed sometime before 4am. But at least my idiocy was polite...I was a gentleman's retard if you will.

He titled it:
No, I'm Sorry, You Don't Get To Take A Stance Against Gay Rights And Consider Yourself A Good Person.

"There are so many people out there who "Voted yes on 8" or "Believe in the Sanctity of Marriage" but are otherwise considered "moral" people. They are kind, they help others, They are good to their friends and family, but they believe that gays shouldn't have equal rights. We see this so commonly in neighbors, friends, and co-workers, and I've heard it all, from "Oh but he's a great guy," to, "No, it's just the way she was raised."

I couldn't GIVE A FUCK.

For those of us on the correct side of this fence, fair and equal rights for gays is something that is SO OBVIOUSLY the right thing to do, it's difficult for us to even comprehend the layers of bigotry that are required to demean and insult a fellow moral human being so completely and thoroughly. It's something that I find difficult to put into words, but as a straight male quite heavily surrounded in the gay community, it is one of the issues I am most passionate about. By saying you are against gay marriage, you are saying that you think your stupid title will somehow mean more if you tell others they don't have the right to have it. If I want a fucking pizza, and I don't want pepperoni, I order a pizza without pepperoni, but I don't try to BAN pepperoni because it's "not my thing."

This is something that I think people hear about and if the rest of some one's moral character checks out, their willing to sweep the "anti-gay" thing under the rug. Well enough is enough. When you are voting no on gay rights you are sending a message of hatred that says the person that this person loves is wrong, incorrect, unnatural. YOU are the reason so many teens contemplate suicide, and YOU are taking part in the ignorant social devolution of mankind. I don't care who you are and I don't care about your reasons for your stance, it's wrong, it's obviously insulting and inhuman, and you should be ashamed to think that you can live your life knowing your condemning a lifestyle that you couldn't even begin to understand.

Homophobia and I have a zero tolerance policy, due partially to the fact that I went through a youth of minor religious homophobia. I never gay bashed or thought gays shouldn't have equal rights, but I did think the practice was wrong. It is to this day one of the periods of my life I'm most ashamed of. To imagine that I thought my fellow person was lesser because of who they love is horrible.

It's time we stopped giving this issue a free pass and call it what it is, pure, inane, childish, ignorant bigotry. Sorry if this came off as strong, but as a passionate person living in a conservative town, (When I'm at home. When I'm at college I live in Mt. Vernon, a gay district, and it's simply lovely) It's something that has really got to me. I don't give a fuck about your convictions, your excuses, or your misinformed defenses, you are being ignorant and insulting, and should feel ashamed of yourself."

Even though I personally do not fully agree with his opinion, I love this post for the questions and potential discussions that it brings up. Can you be against gay rights, which is a civil rights issue, and still consider yourself a good or moral person?

I actually think you can. Not all people who are against giving gays the right to marry hate gays, or have a problem with them. To some of them it goes against their religious beliefs. Case in point, I have a family member on the step side. All of these people are Catholics and said family member doesn't believe in gay marriage. Actually I don't believe a lot of people on the step side believe in gay marriage. She is a wonderful person in all other aspects. Great mother, friendly, she doesn't bash gays or anything like that; she just doesn't believe they should be able to get married.

I think it is too easy to try and villianize the people that are against us and cry homophobia at every turn where, in some cases, I believe it just doesn't apply. Even though it constantly boggles my mind and makes no sense to be against something that so obviously should be available, it doesn't automatically make you a bad person in my eyes.

Uneducated, maybe. More than a little fucking stupid, yes. A hypocrite if you think blacks or any other minority should have equal rights except for queers, definitely. But a bad person? Perhaps not.

I think this post also brings up to question, can any of us claim the moral high ground ever?

When I wrote a reply stating that while I understood the poster's anger, I thought he was looking at things too simply. Life is not so black and white, instead it is very, very nauseatingly shitty shades of grey. Of course I was mainly lambasted for this opinion. One person told me that it was black and white and not a grey area like abortion.

But is it? There is no doubt in my mind that someone who is vehemently against abortion could write a similar post ("No! You can not kill babies and still think of yourself as a good or moral person!"). To some pro-lifers it is very black and white and there are no grey areas. So too could someone that is vegan claim the same about someone that does eat meat. There are too many variations of this based on our belief systems and opinions on certain subjects and I'm not going to delve into all of them; but you get my point.

So what do you think? Can you be against marriage equality and still be considered a good person?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Signing Away Your Rights At The Dental Office

I was looking around on the internet when this article caught my eye.

Patient Sues Dentist Who Threatened Legal Action Over Yelp Reviews

Firstly, I didn't even know that medical practitioners could ask you to sign such a waiver. This will make me look twice before I sign things. Secondly, I do have to ask what the man was thinking blasting her on Yelp after signing that waiver. Did he forget what he signed?

Do not get me wrong, I am not lambasting Mr.Lee and applauding Dr.Makhnevich. Nor is it the other way around. I do not agree you should have to sign contracts like these to be able to receive medical care....nor do I agree they should exist either. If you are a shitty or shady doctor, then people definitely have the right to know how crappy you are.

But is it right to willingly and knowingly sign away your right (or at least part of it) to freedom of speech, and then sue the practitioner because they are violating your freedom of speech that you gave up to begin with? I guess hindsight will always be 20/20 in the end. How funny that sometimes we don't know what exactly we are giving up until it's gone.

If it was me, I never would have signed the paper to begin with. There are plenty of other dentists that could use my money; many of whom don't seem so shady (I would consider that a red flag if they don't want you to talk about it afterwards. How bad are you? What are you trying to hide?). Maybe after more of her patients did that, then Dr.Makhnevich would have changed her tune, and stopped using those waivers.

Be careful what those doctors have you sign people.

PS: Is it just me, or is it weird that some of the articles online are focusing on her singing career? Anything for a song based play of words or pun, huh writers?

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