Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Loot

The bed would have to wait to be made. Likewise, the unkempt room would have to wait its turn to be cleaned and finished. Right now, the girl was standing in the middle of the chaotic living space playing the air guitar. Her long, red curls whipped back and forth as she shook her head in a frenzy, no doubt pretending she was the lead singer of the band she was listening to.

There were exactly two seconds in between the transition of songs in which she had time to speculate whether or not she should take out her ear buds and get back to work. This was the hazard of listening to music while you cleaned. The next song started up and the air guitar soon gave way to untamed dancing. The energy of the dance and the music overtook her. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets, their lids halfway closed. Her hands flew up to the ceiling as she danced and softly came back down. Fingers that ran through sweaty hair came to rest on gyrating hips. Only exhaustion was going to end this trance-like state she was in. Here, alone in her room at one am, was the closest she had felt to God in a long time. Truth was in the music, life was in the dance.

So I almost threw my back out the day before Christmas Eve, actually the more I think about it it's probably more of a pulled muscle, dancing in my room. I blame Pandora, it picks all the good songs. It was to the point where I could hardly bend over and had to actually brace myself against whatever chair I was sitting in to stand. The next day it was feeling better. So what was my first move to do while getting ready for the Christmas party my parents were throwing? If your first guess was dance around like a lunatic much like I did the day before, then at this point you're a lot smarter than I am.

So now my back is still really sore. I can bend and walk and such, but I hurt and obviously have to refrain from thrashing and headbanging to music and take it easy...which sucks.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, or whatever since the holidays are still going on, and got lots of awesome things and spent time with their families. I mainly got money (not complaining), so my actual gifts were few but kickass. My mom got me this gift box since I have a hard on for hot sauce.

Then my friend gave me this beautiful new pack of oracle cards since I've recently refound my faith. What's more is she got the artist, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, to sign both the box and the booklet that comes with them.

I love this woman's drawings so much. They're so beautiful and cute while being dark and sometimes creepy, all at the same time. The cards in question are no exception. I've gone through them at least twice now just to look at them.

I think this one with the red mermaid is my favorite though.

My sister said that this fairy reminded her of me.

Let's hope she meant because of the red hair and the 'Be your true self!' part. I'm not that grumpy. Just sometimes melancholic and apathetic.

And because it wouldn't be Christmas, or really any present giving scenario with my siblings, without a somewhat weird gift from me, I got all of them this thing called Squishy Baff that turns your bath water into gel. One of them didn't want it (I think he thinks he's too old.), but the other two wasted no time in getting into bathing suits later that night and combining all their packets in the tub.

They were like two year olds with it, it was hilarious. I wound up giving them my packet of Squishy Baff as well. We thought that one packet would be OK for this little bit of water in the bath but it took four. To be honest it probably could have used another packet or two more as well. It was like watery Jell-O in a way. It also kind of reminded us of the inside of a baby diaper.

I thought it would be one solidified thing of gel, but it's more like little gel granules. I told them next time we need to get a baby pool and then buy a bunch of Squishy Baff. Now that would be cool, and probably a lot more comfortable than having the 12 and the 17 year old sitting in a small bath together.

So what did everyone else get?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting Funds

I was going to open this post talking about how I'm so fucking disappointed in almost everyone. How sick it is that no less than a couple of hours after 26 people, mostly children, were massacred the media frenzy turned their tragedy into a three ring circus complete with finger pointing at pop songs and violent video games, per usual. I'm just surprised that at this point, if it hasn't already happened that is,  we're not bringing Marilyn Manson into the mix again like we did with Columbine. But, give it time I guess.

I was going to try writing about how I am pro-gun rights, yet I understand that the gun legislation we have now is quite flawed, and we do need better gun control. How I believe that what we should also really be focusing on is how we treat and care for the mentally ill in this country. I wanted to tell you that these are all things we need to discuss very badly before something else like this happens again.  The way that we are going about it now, the shit storm that is brewing, will do nothing. Unless we actually do something, and stop all the blaming, all we're doing is biding our time until it happens again.

I tried really hard to come up with a good post, but everything just fell short. I felt like all I would be doing with those paragraphs would be either preaching to the choir, or adding my voice to the noise that it would surely be drowned in. I also realized that by doing that I would have went against my own belief that people should come together and help one another after things like this happen. Instead of the finger pointing and stupid twitter arguments with everyone @'ing the NRA and hashtagging #MoronicHicks after every anti-gun post, we should remember that there are actual families and actual people in the middle of all of this who lost a brother, or a sister, or an aunt, or a child. They too are getting lost in the noise.

So here are a bunch of links to funds for the families who have to pay funeral bills. There are also scholarship funds you can donate to that are being set up for when the surviving children who attend Sandy Hook are older. There are also donation drives that are collecting comfort items like teddy bears and supplies to make blankets out of that will be given to these families. I urge everyone that reads this post to pick one, any one, or help get the word out about some of these funds and drives.

New York Times list of funds

Cafe Mom also has a list of funds

At the time of this posting there is still 11 days left to give to this funeral fund

And here is a blanket drive that is being sent around twitter

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everything Will Be Fine My Friend

I'm in my car listening to you tell me it's ok, that you didn't mind,  as I apologize for all our serious conversations. You have such a calming cadence when you talk. Even now I don't think you realize just how much you've helped me over the past two weeks. You were the signs of the coming spring in my prolonged winter of discontent. Perhaps this time the sun will actually come and stay.

I'm in my car driving you 'home'. I'm sad, but all that comes out is laughter and smiles. I should be telling you how much I'll miss you, but right now we're just making the same types of jokes as we always do. I can't tell if we're delaying anything.

I'm in my car in front of your sister's apartment hugging you and it may be going on for too long, but neither of us are letting go. I kiss the top of your head, your hair brushes against my lips. I always envied its silkiness when we were kids. I promise I'll come and visit you, but for now I'll just hug you and lay my cheek against your head. 

I'm in my car stalling, watching you enter the complex as I flip through my mp3 player. I should be playing something melancholic yet calming. It would fit so well with the situation. Instead I'm driving out of the parking lot, laughing, and blasting 'Tootsee Roll' by 69 Boyz at 7am.

Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz on Grooveshark

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost Halloween Post: Top 5 Things That Creep Me Out

For Halloween I decided to do one of those list posts and make a list of the top five things that used to creep me out/unnerve me, both as a child and an adult. Obviously I didn't get to post it on Halloween. I had forgotten to post for a couple of days, then kept winding up in places where I had no internet connection or was not able to get to a working computer. So here we are, the lost Halloween post.


I used to love Operation when I was a kid. Even now it's still pretty cool and you can turn it into an awesome drinking game. However, there are certain implications this game presents to over analyzers like me that make it decidedly creepy. First off, what kind of hospital is this that the patient is awake throughout the entire procedure? And not only that, but he yelps every time you make a wrong move. If you have to remind your doctor on the correct procedures of taking out your spleen, you might want to make sure they remembered to wash their hands before they do so, because they probably didn't.

Secondly, only one instance in this entire game has you actually fixing something. The entire game is devoted to taking things out. Not just any things mind you. You're not taking out a shard of glass, or a splinter from your patient. No! You're taking out objects that are supposed to be representing his organs. Even when the organ needed fixing such as the wrenched ankle, or the broken heart, did you fix it? Hell no! You just took that shit out and moved on to the next thing.

What kind of weird shit is that? It's like Milton Bradley was trying to turn us all into a bunch of tiny, incompetent doctors who harvested organs on the side. In fact, I kind of think that was the whole object of the game. You were an organ harvester in a rush which is why you couldn't knock your patient out in time. Oh sure, you tried to put him to sleep since an alive patient would just complicate things; but you couldn't wait for him to fully go under. Explains why Cavity Sam (Who the fuck names their patient that? Only a doctor who sees humans as something to be dissected and harvested like fruit for money names people that.) can't say anything except a poor excuse for a yell of pain every now and then while he looks on in abject horror as you slice his ass open. The only reason for the Ankle Bone Connected To The Knee Bone part is to act as a cover just in case one of the other doctors see what you're doing and doesn't get suspicious.


Let me be more specific. I hate the woods at night. I've hated them as a kid even before the Slenderman came into play and I hate them now. I always feel like something is watching me, just waiting for me to be alone. Even now when I'm driving at night I have to have the windows up and the doors locked if I'm driving through or past woods. Even if there are other people in the car I still have to have the windows up, it's not an alone thing.

For some reason I keep getting this paranoid feeling that something is just out of sight in the treeline keeping pace with the car and watching me, waiting for my window to roll down just enough, or waiting for my car to stop, or stall; and when it does it's going to grab me or rush the car.

The Bad Guy From Little Monsters

I absolutely loved Little Monsters as a kid and I still do. It's silly and stupid. However I always felt that the battle the kids engage in against the Boss of the monsters (is that what he was?) was actually really creepy.

The entire tone of the movie changes when they meet the boss guy. All of the monsters up until this point haven't really looked scary or been horrible. I mean, yeah, they scare kids but they're not really good at it if you think about it. They're just goofy looking and, as is shown in the movie, only a literal baby or children younger than 10 is scared of them. They're not really dangerous, they just play stupid pranks on unsuspecting children. That is, until we meet the fuckwad above.

All of the monsters are scared of him. When the children go to meet him the place is deserted. Nobody except for Maurice even shows up to help them. When Brian goes to get Eric they find him tied up with fuckwad throwing darts at his face. That's only after he tries to get them to join him. He acts nice and sweet. He even looks human, but that's not his real face...literally. The camera pans back to show a seam where his skin doesn't meet showing his brain. He is the wolf in sheep's clothing. When he's talking to the kids some stuffed animal with a screwdriver strapped to it tries to drill a hole in Brian's foot when he's not looking. This dude is fucked up and crazy. Unlike the other monsters, he will actually hurt you. Even the monsters he sends after the kids are dangerous looking. No cute spiral horns or absurdly long Big Bird legs. No pretty 80's hair or fluffy fur. What do we get? Skeletal faces and sharp ass teeth with claws.

Those Damn Pictures From Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


 I loved to read as a kid. I also loved spooky shit so my dad bought me all of these books. They were fucking awesome. I'm actually kind of upset and it ended at three and the author never made more. Those pictures however. To me they made the book scarier. All of them looked diseased with Stephen Gammell's weird spiral tumors that he sometimes drew on them. Or they would taper off into strands that would connect the to other things in the picture. It's like they were growing and taking over.

 Case in fucking point. First off, how the hell do you mistake that thing for a dog? Secondly, what is wrong with it? Don't you fucking tell me rabies. That damn thing has twelve toes and is stranding and spiral tumoring all over the place.

I could never look at them for more than a few moments. Especially the pictures of people's (or creature's as the case may be) faces. All of them looked like they were looking at you, even when they weren't. As a kid I would cover them with my hand. I read the books so much that I knew if there was one of those facial abominations on the other side and would preemptively cover the picture as I turned the page. After a while I had to have part of my shirt or jacket over my hand when I covered the pictures up because I didn't want to actually touch them. It was as if I was afraid that the picture would come to life and bite me, or get me, through the page.

Even with my dislike of the pictures though, I do have to admit I would hate to get rid of them. It just wouldn't be the same book.

The Dark

I am such a child. Yes I am afraid of the dark, more so if I'm alone in the dark.

While I have gained some appreciation for it, and I love night time much more than day time, even now at 26 years of age I am afraid of the dark. As a child I had monsters under the bed and in the closet in droves. Now that I'm older they've mostly gone away. The fear of the dark is largely situational now and still creeps me out. I would rather sleep with some sort of night light, or some illuminate object like those star stickers for ceilings, than in complete darkness. Especially if I'm someplace I don't know like a hotel room or a new house.

In my house I'm unafraid of the dark. I explain to my little brother that the basement is nothing to be afraid of. I think nothing of it now to trounce down the steps without the lights on into the back of the basement to fiddle with a lone string to turn on the light. But through my bravado I know that if you take me out of the safety of the known house and plunked me down in someone else's house I would be turning on every light I came across all the way to the back of the basement.

The dark can hide you, yes. But what is hiding besides you in the dark? I think that's the main thought that's always creeped me out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween And Happy Election Day

Despite Hurricane Sandy, vacation was actually kind of relaxing. Now I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really hope everyone that reads this (and those that don't) fared well in the hurricane. For those that didn't my thoughts are with you and your families. I encourage all my readers to please text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate 10 dollars, or donate by visiting their website. They also have a link for people that still need help that tells them where to go to find assistance and a directory for helping find loved ones. Here is the link for FEMA assistance for people that still don't have it or need to apply for it. I know this is coming late, but better late than never and there are still people that need help.

I had a falling out with my cousin years back. I was a teenager who was reclusive and didn't know how to communicate (kind of like now but I've gotten better in some ways), who made silly but probably hurtful insider jokes in her diary and just really wanted to go home for reasons I couldn't pinpoint. I just knew there was something off and I needed to be home. She was eccentric and a bit crazy, probably didn't have much experience in dealing with teenagers like me. Add in circular questioning and a tendency to snoop, and you have "disaster". But now this stupid hurricane has been making me think about trying to contact her.

Nothing like a disaster to bring people together, right?

My cousin lives in Long Island. Somehow between working a bunch of hours and, I can only assume, coming home to crash in her bed, she missed that little bit about the impending storm. She lives two blocks from the beach. We're told that the boardwalk was swept away six blocks. The flood waters came crashing in through her front and back doors. There was nowhere for her to go and she tried to get on top of her bed to escape it. Her mattress was soaked. When all was said and done the water in her house was waist deep. My cousin's car was moved by the water all the way down the street and is water damaged to the point of being undrivable. She was lucky with her purse. The water took it away out the door, but it got swept back in.

Now she hopefully has her credit cards and she has 40 dollars cash. My grandma keeps telling her to see a doctor because she cut herself walking barefoot in her house in the dirty flood water. She's lost pretty much everything. Thankfully she has friends who've been letting her stay with them, she's also been sleeping in her office at work. Her boss has told her to take a week off of work and stay with her cousin (my grandma). I hope she takes his advice. She has diabetes. Hearing about how her blood sugar has been high as hell because of the stress is worrying. I also think I might visit her if she visits grandma. I'm glad she's safe and alive...I feel the need to tell her so.

My family was lucky. Of course, everyone in Maryland is pretty much lucky when it comes to these storms. Even those that aren't lucky are lucky compared to the people in states like New York. The worst thing I had to deal with was a bunch of unprepared, annoying family members.

So onto less depressing things. Happy Belated Halloween/Saimhain everyone! I have also just heard from my sister, unless we are mistaken, that question 6 has passed in Maryland! Fuck yeah queer rights!

And, just to brighten every one's day a little more, I bring to you Mr.Turtle:

I'm very sorry for the sound. There is none. I dropped my phone in water at a camping trip with my Scouts. Ever since then this phone has never recorded another sound. After participating in a booth sale my sister and I went to go vote. She's too young to vote, but I did. On our way out we noticed that the visitor's lobby of the school had two aquariums, with a turtle in the bottom one. Mr.Turtle kept following my sister's finger and, when he got too close to the glass, waved his little turtle...paws (is that what they're called?)at her. It looked like he was trying to give her a high five.

Tomorrow I shall hopefully get to post the lost Halloween post that I was unable to post.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I don't know where any of my readers are located, but people are starting to flip their shit in Dundalk over this dumb ass storm. My friend's son told me that Maryland had declared a state of emergency. I had a caller call an hvac company last night around 1am wanting to know if they had back up generators to sell so she could run her refrigerator in case the storm blew the power out. Fucking 1am and you are worrying about this now? You are out of your goddamned mind.

My step dad told me it was going to cause flooding and 'rip up houses.' I'm not sure about the 'ripping up houses' part since all Maryland has ever gotten (that I'm aware of) is bad tropical storms that cause bad flooding (I'm looking at you Miller's Island. Start getting your jet skis ready to reach the main road.). But then again the winds are supposed to be 75 miles per hour and it is still hurricane status.

A lot of people have told me to be careful about my vacation in Salem. The storm is supposed to hit about the time I have to leave since I'm leaving right after work. At first I wasn't giving any fucks about it and was determined to go to Salem, now I'm not so sure. The way I see it, I'll play it by ear. Either way, all I know is I have off work from Monday the 29th until the 7th of November. I plan on keeping it that way. I have worked way too hard and saved up way too much money to get called into work. To be quite honest, I've already checked out mentally at this point. Worse comes to worse, I'll go to my friend's house and have a staycation there away from my home. The hotel I'm booked at says I have until tomorrow at 4pm to cancel my reservation without consequence. After that they'll charge me for one day. That's not too bad. I'll be getting most of my money back sans 80 dollars.

It really figures though. The one time I decide to go on a legit, grown up, by myself, out of state vacation, on my favorite holiday no less, and this shit happens. I'm tempted to drive to Salem no matter what. Even if it means sitting in a dark hotel room that has had its power shut off by the storm and its streets flooded. All just to tell Mother Nature she can kiss my ass.

I'm really, really hoping that Sandy pulls some sort of crazy 180 on us and just dies down substantially before she makes it to the coast. But, nature fucking hates me sooo...

I love some of the humor some people have when dealing with the impending storm. Baltimore County Breaking New's Facebook posted this picture.

I love it. Then they also had to post a status update afterwards warning people to actually take the storm seriously since apparently some residents were saying it was 'Just a little rain.' or something like that. Oy vay.

On to topics that are completely unrelated to Sandy now.

I finally got my netbook, Tinytop, fixed. The only thing that was wrong with it was the charger. Now I have a new charger and also made a mental note to not listen to one of my friends anymore when it has to do with computers. She swore up and down my motherboard had fried, said the same thing happened to her computer, and told me I might as well just toss it and buy a new one. Bad news on this is the program on my computer that is like Microsoft Word, won't let me access it anymore if I don't have some sort of code. Since I bought this second hand and the first person never messed with the Word program, there is no code. Silly me thought that I could just keep hitting cancel forever and it would let me write. Not so. Now I have to buy a code. My friend told me computers have stopped coming with this software already included like in the past. Good to know. I do however have a little USB stick. It's this cute Mr.Petja head USB, so all is not lost. I can at least get my shit off the computer and use a different computer to fiddle with it.

Obviously this is not my actual USB, but it's the same one I have. Courtesy of Regretsy.

In other awesome news, Tales From The Crypt is back on TV. I've forgotten how cheesy and funny, yet really creepy some of those episodes can be. Like the episode about the woman whose husband just retired from his job and is getting sick of all her damn animals. Who can forget the reveal at the end of that one? I still find the man's face hard to look at. 

Watching them as a grown up, I do find them a lot funnier. Mainly because now I can actually get more of the adult humor or references I might not have as a kid. Also because of the nostalgia it brings back. I can remember my exact reactions as a kid to some of the things in the TV show. Such as the opening itself.

The first time I remember ever watched this show as a kid, I didn't know what to think. There was this awesome organ type music and a first person tour past a dragon gate through this spooky, yet awesome looking, house. Combine that with the promise of a horror story and I was transfixed. I remember instantly imagining that house was mine, albeit with better decor, more lighting, and a lot cleaner. Cue a little girl's loud gasp and hands flying up to hide wide eyes when the Crypt Keeper popped up. I was still peeking through my fingers when Ol' Crypty was breaking the fourth wall with his opening monologue.

It took me a couple of episodes to be able to get through the opening credits without hiding behind my fingers in anticipation. After that my odd ...ahem... fascination with the Crypt Keeper began. I used to daydream that I lived in that house and no one knew about the basement part but me; I would travel down the steps to be told scary stories by my friend the Crypt Keeper. Sometimes we'd fight monsters.

On Demand is a total jack ass however. If you are watching it from the Fearnet On Demand section, I would suggest being careful about reading the synopsis they give you for the episodes. Almost all of the ones I've read have given all twists and endings away. And I know, it has been out since the 90's, but that doesn't mean you have to give everything away. What about new viewers and people like me with bad memories when it comes to decades old plots?

Well kiddies, I have to continue cleaning my room. I hope everyone stays safe if this hurricane decides to be a bitch.

My God he was so freaking cheesy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glee Drinking Game

My friend was talking about watching the whole Glee saga from the very beginning. I think mostly for shits and giggles. I want to watch it all over again because I've only ever seen episodes here and there but nothing consecutively. I've seen the whole first season, and part of the second, but it's been so long I think I'd be lost if I started back on the second one.

Because nothing is better than re watching things and getting shit faced on your downtime, I made up a drinking game for us. My first one too. Although, according to my friend, this drinking game is more suited for the first couple of seasons because apparently it might kill you halfway through the show in the later seasons.

Glee Drinking Game

Every time someone cries = 1 shot

Anytime the kids sing chug your beer or whatever you're drinking (+ 2 shots if the song ends in tears)

Anytime any of the grownups sing = 1 drink and 1 shot

Every time Kurt gets ragged on for being gay = 1 shot of pucker or something like it.

Anytime someone breaks up with and then dates someone within the Glee club = 2 shots

Anytime Sue makes fun of Mr.Shue's hair = 1 shot

Whenever someone actually gets the better of Sue = 1 drink

Whenever Brittany says something that genuinely doesn't make sense = 3 shots

So let me explain this bit because Brittany says stupid shit a lot. If what she says is stupid but has some sort of context, or can be explained, then it doesn't count. Like the whole mallard/ballad thing. Funny and stupid, but ultimately made sense. However when Brittany and Santana are in the restaurant and she turns to her out of nowhere and proclaims that 'Dolphins are just gay sharks', that's a three shotter. Calling a toilet a 'poop stealing water chair', no. Saying you feed your cat nougat or whatever because you want him to shit candy bars, get to drinking. This is also subjective.

Someone cheats on someone else = 1 shot

And finally, whenever an argument or fight between the kids ends unrealistically = 1 shot

Such as Rachel telling Quinn she appreciated the slap for the drama of it when they were arguing in a bathroom almost immediately after it happened. Who the fuck talks like that Rachel?

I couldn't think of anything else that belongs on here, or should be on here. Like I said it's been a while since I've watched Glee. If you think of anything add it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Drug Induced What If Questions

Sometimes something happens and it's so weird you just have to share.

I really wish that some of the things I choose to share with you readers I was making up. Well, I mean, the stories I write and such like that obviously I made up. I meant the other odd shit, like the time I got physically assaulted by an otaku in Barnes and Nobles. Things like that. Stuff that's just really weird and make you go, "Nobody would ever act like that in their right minds."

I had just gotten off work at midnight and was making my way to my car. For some time now I've been parking my car at the "back" of my work where the fast food restaurants and the road are. Just in case something were to happen and someone were to drive by and see. It just seems safer than at the actual back where there is nothing but a big hill and trees. I say "back" because my work faces the back, so the rear is really the front and vice verse.

I had to park a little ways down from the corner because my friend had taken my parking spot. On my way to my car I saw some random guy trudging through the parking lot. I wasn't really scared at first. A little nervous because it was really late at night and no one was around, not even cars, but I thought that maybe it was one of our security guards. Although they're usually walking around the building itself, not slowly walking through the parking lot. I decided to just keep my head down, keep an eye on him, not engage eye contact and quickly get in my car. Even if it was just the security guard, he's a creeper too, so I didn't really want to talk to him if I didn't have to. I had covered about half the distance to my car when he called out to get my attention. I didn't really want to get into a conversation, but he was still standing in the middle of the parking lot and didn't seem like he was going to come over. That's what I was worried about ignoring him for. I didn't want him to come over and try and tap my shoulder or get my attention that way.

I turned my head in his direction, unlocking my car door with the little button pad while I continued walking to the car. I asked him what he wanted and this is the question that followed.

"Hey miss, do you know what would happen to me, or what would happen to my arm.", he began in a voice that said 'I may or may not have been smoking crack tonight...but I probably have'. "Do you know what would happen to my arm if I were to take my arm from here.", he continued, pointing to his elbow and gesturing down the rest of his arm length. "To here and cut it off. Or no, not cut it off, but just got rid of all the veins and capillaries and stuff in it. Do you think it would bleed out?"

It was at this point that I had questioned my logic in opening the passenger side door and putting my bags away first while he talked, instead of just getting in the drivers side and tossing them on the other seat from behind the safety of a locked car door. I briefly wondered if I should just get in the passenger side and scooch over to the driver's side. I was worried that would look weird and odd, because people don't normally get in their cars like that. Then I remembered there was a probably drugged up homeless man asking me about a potential arm debridement, if not cutting it off entirely. We have already gone past just "looking weird".

I shut the door and held up my hand, giving him this lopsided grin and shaking my head.

"Sorry man, I don't really know.", I said, crossing over to the other side of the car now and opening the door. I began to get in and realized he was still talking to me. I watched him from the rear view mirror as I got myself situated. Before I closed the door, I was rewarded with this little snippet.

"I mean, would the blood just pool in it, it can't bleed out, there's nowhere for it to go. Do you think that the rest of the veins would just suck the blood back up into the rest of my body?"

I shut the door and locked it. As he walked away all I could say was, "What the fuck Dundalk?"

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm flypaper for the crazies. I'm not sure why but they are certainly drawn to me. On the plus side though, I do come away with funny (in retrospect anyway) stories. What can I say, my pain is your pleasure.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 24 and 25

I never thought I'd be so happy to see a blog challenge end. See what happens when you procrastinate and drag things out for too long? You lose interest in everything.

MFW someone catches me singing to myself

This totally happened to me last Friday when I stayed the overnight shift at work. I had my headphones on in between calls and singing very loudly to myself. I'm paranoid anyway that one of the security guards will hear me on their rounds and find a way to record me, or they'll see and hear me when I'm going around collecting trash bags and cleaning and I'll wind up some unwitting youtube star. It's one of the main reasons I make sure the blinds are closed and I sit in one of the few cubicles where you can't see it from the door.

It's somewhat my fault though, I knew it was almost time for some of the day shift crew to start trickling in. I thought I was being slick though and kept peeking over or around the cubicle to take a look at the door. Somehow Barb and her little granddaughter came in without my knowing during my rendition of Mr.Big's To Be With You. I'm not sure how much they heard since I was interrupted by a call I had to take. Afterwards she scared the shit out of me by coming over and telling me they thought I was very entertaining.

I'm just glad they didn't come in earlier when I was singing/screaming to Nirvana's Sliver...or singing about how I'd rather fuck you than kiss you. That would have been awkward.

MFW I ask a friend I haven't seen in a while to hang out

Which reminds me, I still have yet to e-mail one of my friends whose in town back.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Virtual Zombie Walk

Well today is the Virtual Zombie Walk made by Zombies Everywhere. At first I was going to do some sort of top 5 list (because you and I both know we don't have the attention spans for a top 10), but I had been meaning to write this story anyways so this won out. It did not get as much editing as I wanted it to so I apologize if there is a bit of odd grammar I overlooked or a misspelled word.

Also, how many people are surprised my procrastinating ass stuck to a deadline. Don't worry, my hand is raised too.

I hope you like it and Happy Virtual Zombie Walk.

On A Snowy Evening


The shrill yell cut through the air, almost making Jeremy lose his concentration and turn his back on the creatures in front of him. He swung his nail-studded bat, making contact with the closest one. A wet sounding 'thwock' emanated and he could feel the nails puncture through flesh and bone. On the second hit, the cracking of the skull seemed to vibrate down the shaft of the bat and into his hands, or maybe he was just trembling. He couldn't tell. The body crumpled to the ground. Immediately he swung in a large arc in front of him, hitting the last two advancing bodies, full of rot and death, at the same time. These dead-heads were not exactly slow. A childhood of comics and horror movies had lied to him.

The first of the two went down the easiest, falling and staying still after the first hit. Jeremy thanked whatever sadistic God it was that looked down on him for small favors, and late stages of decay. The last of them he swung at like a wild man, Lauren's yell still ringing in his ears egging him on. Jeremy's face grimaced. He clamped his mouth shut as bits of blood and bone sprayed with each hit. Jeremy had seen that happen to someone in his group when the dead-heads had attacked them a couple of weeks before. Zachary had been laughing like a maniac while he bludgeoned what used to be a pregnant woman, and some of her blood landed in his mouth. They thought he had spit it out in time and would be OK if he just brushed his teeth. But a high fever and three days later the group were screaming and crying like maniacs, while they bludgeoned what used to be Zachary. That would not be Jeremy though, he would not make mistakes like Zachary and the others before him did.

He hunched over grabbing his knees, fighting to catch his breath. Now he was sure he was trembling. The sweater he was wearing clung to the sweaty body underneath. His breath came out in sharp huffs, the cold air felt like a knife with each inhale. Turning, he picked up the jacket he had discarded on the snowy forest floor. He waved it quickly about, sending snow flying off into the approaching dusk, and put it back on.

"Lauren, I'm making my way back to you!", he yelled out.

Cloudy breath rose in front of him as he jogged through the trees to the point where they had split when the frenzy started. Dark was starting to come now and he did not want to try to navigate the rest of the woods at night. The fact that these things did not need sleep was not a pleasant one. They were almost out though. According to the map Lauren had, there should be a small town on the outskirts on the other side. Hopefully they could find some provisions in this one, or at least a safe place to sleep after today. Somewhere that would afford Jeremy the luxury of resting his head on Laurens chest and pretending they were still back home in their bed, instead of in a living nightmare sleeping in shifts and watching for monsters.

Soft flurries had started again, drifting slowly down all around him. Every now and then a flake would settle on his burning, hot face. He could see Lauren now and he quickened his pace. She was facing away from him, her shoulders heaving. Pale hands with red tinged knuckles loosely gripped a crowbar. Head bent down, she surveyed the dead in front of her.

"Lauren!", he called out.

He broke out into a full run towards her. Lauren turned around to greet him. Blue, glassy eyes seemed to stare past him, far away. Red, full lips drooped dumbly down her pretty face. Her head stayed slightly bent down and to the side, showcasing the bite that had torn the muscles from her neck. A moan, sick and low, escaped from her mouth as she stumbled forwards. Jeremy dropped his bat in shock. He tried to stop his run mid-stride, but was sent skidding forward by a patch of muddy slush ice. Twisting as he fell, he reached back for his bat. His eager fingers barely had time to graze the handle before he was gripping it tightly and preparing to swing.

A dead weight fell on top of him, knocking the breath out of him with a surprising force. Lauren's clawed hand made a mockery of an attempt to pin his hand down. Her face, contorted in hungry rage, thrust itself into Jeremy's. Her once dull molars now seemed to take on a razor edged appearance. Jeremy screamed into that hungry face.

And Lauren ate.

The end, now continue your walk:

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 22 and 23

Tomorrow is Zombies Everywhere's virtual zombie walk where people will post a zombie blog post, then list links of other blogs participating in it at the bottom of the post, and other people visit the blogs in order. I can't wait. Still not quite sure what I am going to post though. I have a couple of ideas. Perhaps a story or a drawing.

MFW I see my ex in public

You can add a Joey Lawrence 'Whoa' there if you like.

I believe in a different post that I'm too lazy to look for I talked about how people I breakup with, whether they be friends or someone I'm actually dating, seem to just disappear afterwards.

It's weird. You meet this person and you date them, or become friends with them. You go out places with them and find out that their favorite places are sometimes your favorite places to go. You know where they shop, where they hang out. Then you break up and never see them again....ever. You don't know where they went, perhaps they just got abducted by aliens, who knows.

Or perhaps that's just me. I have no clue. I always hear from friends or co workers about how they can never go back to a certain place after a break up because their ex will be there. Or about how they keep seeing their ex friend, boyfriend, or whatever, around town and I just don't know what that's like. I've even purposely 'stalked' exes before (and when I say 'stalk' I mean purposely go to a place I know they should be at, not literal stalking.) just to see if I could find them. I hardly ever do. They just...go away. In instances where I've had a friend in common I've asked them afterwards how they're doing out of curiosity, or I'll ask my friend what they themselves have been up to lately. They'll tell me how they hung out with so and so at such and such a place. I'll be all like, 'Oh, they still go there?', and the friend will say something along the lines of 'Yeah, they're still going to that place.', and it just blows my mind.

That's why whenever I do chance to see them it's kind of surreal. It almost makes you do a double take to make sure it's really them.

Make up a MFW

MFW my friend's mother cusses.

This could probably also double for when my friend cusses as well. Neither of them ever do so, so when they finally do it's like hearing the pope cuss. You kind of forget they can utter such words.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 20 and 21

Wow, I've been gone a long time. Sorry. So let's wrap this blog challenge up then, shall we?

MFW a telemarketer calls you.

When I was in high school my science teacher told how his friend used to shamelessly flirt with telemarketers if they were male. Since he was a dude himself some of them would feel really awkward and end the call, or they would catch on it was a prank and that he wasn't going to listen to them and end the call.

As with everything in life, I completely forgot about the fact that I was female and the rules were different. So when a telemarketer called a couple of days later and I accidentally picked up, I tried out my new telemarketer battle technique. I put on my most seductive sounding voice while he was doing his spiel and said, "Wow, you have a really sexy voice." I completed it with a small, cute smile just to set the mood right. Then he turned around and said, "So I guess I should keep talking then, right?"

I hung up the phone out of annoyance, got chastised by my mom and now I go with the 'no hablo ingles' approach. Sometimes I do it in French or German since it's a little more unusual for some telemarketer to know that as opposed to Spanish. Or sometimes I answer with the name of my company, get huffy, and tell them they're calling a business. That's actually not a bad approach and sometimes they will automatically put you on the no call list if you do that. Then you don't have to wait for ten minutes on a line while some jackass says he's going to put you through to someone to put you on a no call list, and then finds a way to hang up on you.

Post a GPOY for today

Meh, fuck it, I'll use Monday's since I've missed like ten thousand days in this blog challenge (one day I shall succeed in completing a blog challenge and never missing a day.).

Stolen from here

My scouts are working on some badge that has to do with researching your family history and ancestry. I forget the actual name of it. We took them to the library so they could use the computer room since the library has its own account for Only a couple of them found much success with it though, and I have found a new respect for teachers.

They were kind of loud, my sister was content to make pig squealing noises for five minutes straight to see if anyone knew if it was her doing it, and sing Spice Girls songs. Then some of them didn't bring their pedigree charts that we had them fill out to make it easier to record their family. Those kids had to keep texting or phoning their parents to find out what their great grandparents names were and what their birth and death dates were.

I've never had an account until now, my other two leaders are much more adept at traversing the website than I (One of them, my friend JessJess can trace her family back to the 1800's I think...probably beyond that, I can't remember how far back she's gone.). That and I was too curious as to what my sister could bring up on our folks, so I mainly sat with her instead of walking around. Bad leader, I know. Be that as it may I asked a bunch of kids throughout the session if they were OK, or needed help with anything and they would say no, only for them to turn around the next minute and ask one of the other leaders for help. Darn kids. I am computer and technology literate! ...Sometimes.

Then the thing that really got me was how they all thought they knew everything, yet needed our help on stuff but didn't want to listen or take our advice because they already knew everything.

Two cases in point. Cass couldn't really find squat on ancestry. Truth be told that website can be confusing because it brings up tons of stuff in the results, and not all of them might have anything to do with your family or history. Her grandfather was adopted and the people in her family didn't really know their family trees either so they weren't too helpful. She said there was a link to her grandfather's grave on the find a grave website, but that's all she could pull up. All she could find was him and all she knew was what she had asked her family members. I asked her if she had gone to the grave website yet because it will link to people he was related to that have passed, people she might not know. She said no because she already knew everything from asking her parents. I told her if she just followed the link she might be surprised and might find something new. She got frustrated and said no she already knew it. She also declined help from one of the leaders who said, with her permission, she'd research it on her own time outside of Scouts to help her.

My sister had her pedigree charted filled out up to our great grandmother on our mother's side. We followed a link onto the find a grave website and found our grandmother's grave with links to both of her parents. Follow those links and we get my great grandparents which produced links to both spouses, their parents and some children. From using that website I can already trace my mom's side back to 1893 to my great great grandmother, and 1898 to my great great grandfather. I also have some back story because of the obituaries. I have all the names of my aunts and uncles, and a good bunch of cousins. Not to mention on this website you can leave virtual flowers and messages if you have a membership. You can send messages to other people and leave contact information in your profile as well. So now I can get in contact with a bunch of cousins that even my mom doesn't know, and I know how they're related to my family.

Now despite being literally spoon fed all this information (it wasn't as much as some people got but it was still a good bit to go on and write some names down in the meantime) my sister got frustrated for some reason, claimed she already knew this (protip: she didn't.), and that she wasn't getting anywhere with any of it. On top of that she wouldn't let me help her.

Teenagers, what are you going to do? And to think that 8 or 9 years ago I was one of their kind.

So if you, like me, are looking up your family tree, find a grave is actually a pretty good website to use in conjunction with I found that looking for the cemetery first and then typing in the names gets better results. When you find people it has their name, birth dates and places and death dates and places, and links to any spouses, children, parents or siblings that also have passed. It also has the obituary on it, which can give a good bit of information as to living relatives, and sometimes a bit of background depending on what was written in the obituary (apparently my great grandmother was a huge fan of Elvis Presley and took my uncle to see every Elvis movie that came to theaters as a kid. Also my great great grandfather owned and operated a produce store in Baltimore City until he got ill and had to stop.). I find it all rather neat.

Well I was hoping on wrapping up this challenge today, but I have lost my list that had the challenge prompts on it. So until tomorrow, see ya.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 19

MFW I leave my cellphone at home.


I keep thinking I'm not addicted to my phone.

Then I leave it at home.

I also get paranoid that someone is going to text me something horrible, or accidentally text me something horrible and someone in my house will get ahold of my phone.

I think my phone is the biggest source of my procrastination. I've tried to sit down and write, then I go on my phone to check Facebook for one minute, boom! Three hours down the drain and I'm sitting there going, "What happened?"

I also text and tweet quite a bit as well.

I should probably start leaving my phone at home more often though. Or lock it up somewhere for an hour or two, I'd probably get more done.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 16,17 and 18

It's possible I have gone forward too many days in an effort to catch up to speed...oh well.

GPOY going on vacation.

Found on this weird pinterest like site.


Just completely not giving fucks. I also plan on doing this as well:

I bought an awesome little Sansa Disk mp3 player a month back. It holds 1,000 songs and now I don't have to pay attention to anyone ever again. It also turns my work into a self contained dance party when I work overnights and get no calls.
I have a vacation coming up this month. I'm going to Salem, MA for Halloween, then I'm coming back here to have a staycation at my friend's house and not tell anyone I'm back home. It's going to be great.
I was a bit worried about going on vacation alone and visiting places, what with all the people and whatnot, I wasn't sure if I was ready to do such a thing yet. I've never been on a vacation by myself before, but having the mp3 player actually makes me feel more comfortable. Also, I kind of want to visit the Witch Museum for shits and giggles, even though I've heard there's not too much of educational value to it and it's just a tourist attraction. I really want to visit some graveyards and look for weird tombstones to show you guys and just do my own thing. Fuck it, it's my vacation.
I really, really have to stop being lazy and get my laptop looked at though or else I won't be able to update the blog, or work on editing stories and such. Well I mean I won't from Salem, obviously I can from my own house. 
I'm looking into getting a tattoo when I go there. I really hope it's not going to cost that much when I go for the consult. I'm going to feel so stupid if it's out of my price range. Then again I'm kind of afraid to get the tattoo without someone near me that I know anyway. I didn't cry when I got my last tattoo, but my eyes tear up when they used the outlining needle. OK, so technically that's crying, but I don't like sob cry or anything like that. I try to daze into space and block it out, but the outlining needle sucks, so my eyes tear up like a mother fucker. The coloring and shading needles I'm a lot better with. I can just block those right out.
....I'm going to look like such a pussy.
GPOY today.


That's kind of how it was. I think I'm coming down with some sort of head cold. At the same time I think it was some sort of stealth cold and I'm actually getting over it. I also slept all day today because I worked all night last night, and caught up on Nostalgia Critic videos in between calls.

Almost cussed out all my co workers though because no one likes to take out the trash. They just like to let it sit in the kitchen all day and let the overnight people take it all out in the morning. Team players they are not.

Seriously. This morning I had to juggle whatever I brought to work with me, plus two partially full bags of trash, and one overly full bag of trash to my car to take it to the dumpster. Ridiculous. And the piss poor excuse from my office manager when I accidently didn't delete the message from her account (I got to it in everyone else's account except hers, fuck's sake!), did not cut it as to why no one could have taken just one damn bag with them. It's not like I have five hands (that would be awesome.).

But it's whatever, so fuck it. I'd rather do it myself than cause unneeded drama at work. The last time I neglected to take out the trash (the cans weren't that full and I didn't want to waste bags on practically empty cans.) I got an overly passive display of aggression from one of my own office managers. She made a huge deal about taking out the trash herself instead of just coming to me and saying, "Hey, take out the trash. I don't care if it's practically empty or not.".  It really doesn't matter now that my manager knows though. I'm sure someone, somewhere, will find the deleted messages and then they'll all begin talking.

No fucks given though, I'll just start making jokes about it and get them laughing.

MFW I have to go shopping and have nothing to wear but my pajamas.

Especially if I have to go to Walmart. You know how it be.
Here in Dundalk this is kind of the norm, so really no pressure. I do get slightly embarrassed if I end up in Towson and it's a laundry day. Towson is a very kind of richy-people type of place. They will look down on you if you dress like that. At least that's how people in Dundalk view Towson. I also have friends who have had people from Towson ignore them and not associate with them, even when they have to buddy up for a class fucking college, because they're from Dundalk and the other people were from Towson. Dundalk is seen as low class, trashy types of people. Or in other words a John Water's movie brought to life. Sometimes I love it.
This view is so prevalent that one of my co workers thought that the people from the site People Of Walmart was specifically everyone from the Dundalk Walmart. She was actually kind of shocked when I told her it was from all over.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

25 GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 12, 13, 14, and 15

GPOY today.


Four days missed, for shame on me.

I have been so tired lately and I don't know why. I partly think it's actually grogginess. I go to sleep and sleep kind of late, then I'm still tired so I sleep some more and then I wake up and half the day is gone and I'm still tired. What the fuck? Poor diet and fucked up bedtimes might be culprit too.

I never understood grogginess because of sleeping too much.  You'd think that if you slept too much you'd have tons of energy. But apparently if you sleep too much, in the words of my adorable JessJess, it's like your body tries to put you into a hibernative coma.

MFW someone gives me a compliment.
MFW I have to help my grandma with something.

Stewart - Mad TV

I love my grandma to death, but she has this really bad habit of telling you what she wants your help with, then showing you how to do it, and then she never lets you do it but yells at you for not doing it.

Most of the time she does this with garden work. Say she wants me to use the little spade to get the weeds out by the root. OK, fine, I get it, you don't want them growing back and they're kind of big weeds. Then she'll show me which are weeds and which aren't the whole time she's picking them herself. Finally I get annoyed and tell her to give me the spade so I can do it. Instead of doing that she continues doing it herself and then says, "C'mon Addy, I need you to do this, I can't be doing it all myself."

I'm like, I'm sorry I didn't grab the tool out of your hand? I thought you were going to give it to me and let me help you like a normal person would.

Perhaps that was a bad example, point being I love her to death, but sometimes you have to force her to let you help her even though she requested your help in the first place. It's insane. It's also kind of funny but only after the fact.

GPOY on the first day back to school.

Obviously I do not go to school, I'm 26. Fuck, I don't even go to college anymore. I'm a second time college drop out and I highly doubt I'll have the means or time to ever go back and actually get my degrees. Maybe one day it would be nice.
I do however have little siblings and I am so glad when the summer is over. It's not that I don't love them or want them around, but my house is incredibly noisy. If anyone else has ever lived in a house full of people who are really fucking loud, you know my pain...and also my happiness when I can wake up to a quiet house. Or sleep in and not be woken up at 10am by noise and talking that continues throughout the day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 10 and 11

MFW someone has a ringback tone.

Where I work, one of our client's ringback tones is Holy Diver.

MFW you gain a new follower.

Sometimes I can be a total anxiety cat. After I get new followers I usually have a bit of a freak out/overly curious session. I can't help it, I'm just like: "Who are you? What do you want? Why are you following me? Oh right....I write a blog, duh."
Then afterwards I get really happy.

Monday, September 24, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 9

MFW someone interrupts me while talking.

You can also add in some of this if they continuously do it:

I will admit sometimes I have a bad habit of interrupting (or as I like to call it "enthusiastically interjecting".), but I recognize it very soon after I do it, and apologize as quickly as possible, and extend my ear to the other person so they can finish telling their story.
I have friends that constantly interrupt though, and then talk to each other. Then I'll add to the conversation and they'll ignore me, or ask me to repeat myself for like the third time because none of them were listening.  Sometimes I feel invisible.
Then they ask me why I'm being so quiet and I start feeling homicidal.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 8

GPOY today.
I was originally going to post this:


But all of those emotions seem to meld into one big glob of 'meh' in the end. Mainly due to the feelings of being groggy and full that are hovering over all the other emotions.

I had to work the overnight and spent a majority of my time today sleeping, so there's that.

I'm a bit anxious because my sibling is not here this weekend. She's with the Girl Scouts on a camping trip to Beach Jam. So, obviously, I'm a bit like, "Please, please bring her back alive, or at least with one of her arms still attached, or mom won't trust me with her children ever again.". The trip sounds fucking awesome though. Camping on the beach and riding the rides on the boardwalk in Wildwood. I would have went but I have my own vacation coming up next month. Sometimes I get paranoid when taking off for things so close to each other because of work. So far she's already gone bungee jumping on one of those bungee rides where they hook you to a harness and sling shoot you out (she promised me she took video of it for me.), and apparently she's almost been kicked out of a haunted house for hitting one of the actors. In her defense she did tell her peers that pressured her that she does not do well in haunted houses. I'm surprised they even got her to go! I tried to get her to go in Kim's Krypt with my friend, his little sister, and I a few years back. She was screaming into my jacket before we even made it in. I guess I should count that as a small blessing though since Kim's doesn't give refunds.

I'm thinking of doing a little segment on the blog. It would be a book review segment. I want to call it 'The First 50 Pages', so named after Nancy Pearl's rule that you should at least read a book's first fifty pages before making an opinion about it. I'm still working out the kinks in said segment, and whether I want to spend my time doing it or not. What made me think of it is the fact that because of peer pressure (such a horrible thing to succumb to!), and because I want to see what the fuck all the hubbub is about, I am reading E.L. James' Fifty Shades Of Grey. Also, because I think that reading critically will help me when it comes to actually writing, as well as help me look at my own writing critically when I edit.

Some of my friends think I should read Fifty because they think it's this really good romance novel. Others are in it for the sex, even though a couple have claimed it gets pretty monotonous after a while. Then there is one who has laughed her way through all three books because she thinks they're absolutely horrible, in every sense of the word, and couldn't put it down because of said horribleness. I've heard many horrible things about it and some good things. All in all, I'm beginning to feel like I'm on the outside of some really weird inside joke. I want to find out what it's all about. I  need to know if the fuss is worth it.

I've tried very hard to get to 50 pages. It shouldn't be that hard. I read 30 pages in two hours last night at work in between calls. I took a bit longer than usual because after the first couple of pages I had so many thoughts, questions, and critiques spring up, I started writing them down by page number. Then I realized I had to write about my reading experience. I don't know why, I just have to. That's when I came up with the reviewing segment. It's also when I realized that in this instance, in order to fully experience everything, I can't just read the first 50 pages and be done with it, no matter how much I want to. Especially since all the really kinky shit happens in the second book, or so I'm told. So I am going to battle march (is that a phrase? It is now.) my way through all three books. I'm also going to read Twilight which is what it's based off of. ...Please pray for me and my psyche's well being.

Here's a bit of a spoiler for you though. I'm only 30 pages into Fifty and already, this is MFW:


I'm very full right now. That's combined with my grogginess. I haven't eaten all day because I've been sleeping after working all night. So for dinner I ate two sandwiches and some fries. Now I'm kind of blech. You gotta love feelings of fullness that don't quite hit you until ten minutes after you've finished eating and make you go, "Why did I do that?"

It's so fucking loud in this house. I really need to get my netbook Tinytop looked at so I can write in my room. The usual white noise of the air conditioner is doing no good when combined with the little brother on the laptop next to me that doesn't know what, "Can you please turn that down?" means and insists on asking me questions, humming/singing loudly to himself, and commenting to himself on everything he views...and he just farted. Then in the living room are the parental units who have usually enjoyable 60's or 70's music on the TV turned up so loud and are having a jolly romp down Nostalgia Lane with each other.

If this happened once in a while I would agree while you called me a tired, bitchy, twat who needed to pop a melatonin and go back to bed. But this is usual for my house. It's always loud in here, always. ....And I've lost my earbuds for the time being so I can't listen to the sounds of rain on this computer turned up to 11.

And now I'm bored, and Stumbleupon and the ADD's are calling me, so I have to go. Everyone have a good one.

Smooches pooches, bitches.

Friday, September 21, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 7

MFW someone cuts in front of me in line.

At first I get:

Stolen from

Then it's more or less like:

Stolen from Reaction Gifs
I don't usually get people cutting in front of me in line. When they do chances are I didn't notice them do it until it's too late to say anything anyway. I mean, who chastises a person ten minutes after they did something? Line cutting has happened so rarely to me I can't ever remember it ever happening.
I've let people in in front of me, but that's different. They've usually asked nicely before hand.

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 6

Make an MFW for the day.

MFW I realize how badly I miss cigarettes.


So I haven't smoked in about a year. Yeah, I know that's good and they're bad for me and all, but I really miss it. I don't know why. It's not like I particularly like the all. I relish in the fact that my clothes no longer smell like an ashtray. I did like the taste though. I used to smoke this certain type of Marlboro Menthol, the kind that came in a icy blue pack. I think they were smooths. They taste like Thin Mints, I shit you not, just in cigarette form.

I think it's this vacation in October that's coming up that has kicked off the craving. I used to love smoking while driving. Especially in the colder months with the heater on blast and the window rolled down a bit to let the smoke out. It just felt like freedom in a way to me. Not to mention that smoking really used to relax me, or highlight a relaxed setting. I used to smoke when I was stressed (What smoker doesn't?) and this whole saving up money, and the fact that I'll be vacationing alone in a place I don't know, has definitely got me a bit stressed out.

I'm definitely not going to start smoking cigarettes again, I'm done for good. The last time I was in the hospital it was for something completely unrelated, but I still got a good wake up call in that regard. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it though.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 5

MFW someone messes up the genre of my favorite band.

Stolen from Reaction Gifs.
I've said before that I have trouble with certain music genres. I don't understand pop as a genre, and everything that isn't rap, country, pop or obviously metal to me is just rock and roll. which being that rock or alternative seems to be an umbrella term, that's been working pretty good for me so far.
A good portion of the bands I'm into tend to fall into the simplistically labeled side of music. They don't usually have 5 different qualifiers, you know what they are. Nirvana is grunge. Green Day is punk rock. David Bowie is weird and awesome. That sort of thing.

So when someone says that Green Day or Nirvana is a goth band because they wear/wore eyeliner or dyed their hair purple, it makes me make the face above. Other times I can understand though. There are so many music labels with new ones being created or coming to the surface every couple of years, then you have bands crossing labels, switching them and having more than one label apply to them It just kind of makes one go, "Fuck it! It's all rock and roll to me."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 4

GPOY in ten years.

End of story. Gods know I would love a family one day, but the only kids I'll probably ever have are the kind that catch mice.

Maybe it won't be too bad. I could dress up like a cat and live like the couple dozen or so cats I'm going to own and just buy cat food and treats. I would save money that buying real food would cost. Just gotta be careful I don't get too hooked onto the 'nip.

I know it sounds like I went down the crazy path really easily, but honestly if I'm going to be a crazy cat lady, I'm going to be the craziest cat lady.