Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Anyone Ever Ready?

Ever since I got my Kindle, I've been noticing that a lot of aspiring authors put their short stories on Amazon for either a dollar or free. It's usually under three dollars, give or take, and is a pretty smart idea. Especially in regards to feed back, attracting people to their blog link/website in some of their author bios and getting your work out there on a grander scale. Some you obviously get what you pay for but others are really awesome stories on the cheap.

I've been thinking of doing this, just putting some short stories on amazon for free. Or possibly a dollar, hell, why not. But I'm not sure. Every time I go to do something like this: Create an Amazon seller account, submit a piece of work to somewhere other than this blog or whatnot I keep chickening out. There's this little voice inside my head that keeps whispering, "We're not ready yet. We need more practice!"

I honestly don't know whether or not to listen to it or if it's holding me back. I know some of the short stories I've put on here have been hit or miss. That's not me being a sad sack about it, it's just a fact. Like the short story I wrote 'It Passed Us'. To me I view it as a slight miss. To be honest I don't believe it works as a short story at all. There's too many questions it leaves to be answered, too many things that can be done with it, not enough dialogue in some places, too much in others. Also the pacing is a bit too quick. That short story is the epitome of an awkward teenager. I'm not going to deny that it has it's merits and good points, truth be told I'm working on revising it as a novel or novella. Something for it to reach its potential as a story.

But there are others that I think are hits and I am proud of writing, yet I still think I shouldn't put them out there. I still think I should wait. Which makes me wonder, what the fuck am I waiting for?

Is anyone ever truly ready? To get good you have to put yourself out there continuously. Even famous comedians have bombed ridiculously when they first started out. They made horrible jokes and mistakes on stage, but they kept going back. Practice makes perfect indeed. Also feedback is a good thing. Even if the person drives past Constructive Criticism Valley and right into Asshole Town when reviewing your work, you can always learn from it while taking their insults with a grain of salt.

I mean hell, I bet even Stephen King thinks this to himself sometimes (I'll wait for your laughter to cease.). OK, maybe not, but you know what I mean. Like Tallahassee said, you have to nut up or shut up. If I'm serious about writing, which I am, I'll have to thrust myself in it headlong. I have to make mistakes and tell my anxieties to shut the hell up.

Perhaps I'll shut up for a couple more days before I nut up.

Random Question 7:

What do you think Captain Hook's name was before he had a hook for a hand?

Captain Clifford Theodore Reginald III Esquire.

Perhaps next post we'll delve into Captain Clifford 'Hook' Theodore Reginald III Esquire's background.


  1. I know how you feel! I'm extremely paranoid about my own work being filled with suck that if I even finish it at all (which is rare--I def. have ADD) I keep reading it and rereading it until I convince myself that it isn't any good. Can't imagine submitting anything to Amazon because I'd be obsessing over the sales figures (like I do with my blog views) which would be heartbreakingly low. (Sorry for sounding Emo--it's one of those days)

    But as you said, you wont ever be truly ready. So just go for it and let the masses tell you how ready you are. You might be pleasantly surprised. And if not, well, you can look back on those that rejected you and laugh at them when you're rich and famous! :D

    1. You should take your own advice! haha. I reread my stuff like crazy. I'm not always afraid of it sucking (although I'm afraid of that too.) I'm afraid of not catching spelling or grammatical errors that my glorious proofreaders/friends may have also overlooked.

      People don't let shit go anymore. "Ahhhh, you misspelled one tiny word out of the 50 pages, ahhhh! Loser!".

    2. Oh I know, its ridiculous. Proofreading is the one thing I'm good at. Sometimes I think I should just give up writing my own stories and proofread other people's.

  2. You should just post them :< You never know if you're ready unless you try first. If I had a Kindle I would download your stories :> Just upload the files and close your eyes when you submit. :>

    1. Lol, you are so sweet James! Thank you! I am actually starting to look into it right now to learn more about what Amazon can offer.


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