Monday, January 23, 2012

I've Really Got To Catch This Carjacker

Dear Car Thief,

So we meet a manner of speaking of course. That is, unless you are a different car thief, in that case, Hello! It's somewhat of a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.

I noticed that you have stolen my GPS. Hopefully with this item now acquired you can find yourself a job where you can stop stealing, specifically from my car. I must compliment your good eyesight for the GPS was laying on the floor of the passenger side where not a lot of people would have noticed it. You also had the good sense to take the cord with you. Good for you! Now you can charge your illegally gotten good. However you did not take the base that it suction cups to, whatever will you do now? I hope the GPS sticks to your dash for it would be such a hassle to have it continuously fall down while driving.

You're a very lucky car thief, for you see I had just turned the GPS on to English for a change of pace. Usually it's in German, and unless you spoke it, you would not have known that you would of had to nehmen rampe rechts in drei meilen. Surely the fates are with you in your endeavors and Oh! How I envy thee!

I do have to thank you in that you were kind enough to leave my window in its half up position and you were not stupid, nor cruel, enough to push it all the way down inside the door in your effort to get to the door's lock, and let yourself in. You are truly a kind and compassionate person.

So please, do not worry about me. I will budget my money until I get enough money to buy another GPS as well as get this dratted window fixed. I wish you all the best in life because if you stoop to stealing from others, you probably need it.

Addy DelaMorte

So as you can see from the title of the post my car got broken into again. Once again it was because of my stupid windows. I know what some of you who read my last post about this a year or so back are thinking; why didn't you ever get the window fixed? To which my reply is this. I did. And I paid another 200 some odd dollars to get the next window that decided to quit on me fixed.

It seems my windows are taking turns breaking every time one of them gets fixed. Personally I'm waiting for the drivers side to go next (knock on wood.). The really irksome thing of it is I can't do anything about it until the window decides to go off the track. My mechanic explained it to me like this (Excuse me if I get a tidbit or two wrong, he told me this a year ago): Most cars that have power windows (I had to get power everything didn't I?) have this sort of string that makes the window go up and down. When the window goes off the track you can just set it back on and it's fine. Because of the way my piece of shit car (Sorry Louise [Yes, I nicknamed it Louise, but it's proper name is Principessa Nicoletta. No I don't know why I gave my American car an Italian name and a redneck nickname.]) is made, my windows rest on these two plastic arms that move it up and down. When mine goes off the track, it's because they broke and the whole mechanism needs to be replaced. ....Yayyyyy... So there's where my hard earned money will be going in about a week or two. Thankfully the bag over the window has been keeping rain and snow out. Thankfully it hasn't snowed a lot (Once again, knock on wood.).

I would be more pissed off about the GPS, but really it's just more of an annoyance... besides being my fault. I really should have remembered to take it in, but it was on the floor, it was dark and I overlooked it. I wasn't using it at the moment, nor would be in the very near future. Also I had been planning on buying another one before October of this year. My current one was apparently in bad need of being updated but I had nothing to plug it into the computer with so it could be updated (I'm extremely sorry about that Car Thief, I hope this does not inconvenience you.). It's not that I mean to be extremely chilled about this, but with everything else that has been going on lately, this is the least of my worries.

Oh well, c'est la vie!

Random Question 17:

What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a longer, healthier life?

Nachos and Slim Jims. I love those two things way too much. I can eat a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of that nacho cheese from the company I forget but love, in the course of a day. No lie. Also cheese in general.

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