Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Late Christmases And Zebra Tigers

I was bored at work last night so I did this:

I have no clue what animal pattern that is. I can't decide if that is zebraesque or "I'm the tiger that mauled Roy"...esque. And if the pattern is obvious to you, I didn't get to sleep last night because I worked an overnight shift, so my brain is not quite computing at the moment.

Moving on...

My love of Jaret Reddick and Bowling For Soup has been documented on this blog in the past. So when I heard from his tweets that he was working on a new album with his other band he made named Jarinus and they had a kickstarter to fund the CD, I checked it out. I am loving kickstarter by the way. I think it's such a neat website.

I decided to fund it by a...umm....good amount. They have seriously nice perks for their backers, how could I have said no? And, because I didn't have much money at Christmas time for the people I was actually going to buy gifts for, I decided to give up the chance at a half hour skype chat with Jaret to my friend JessJess. Merry Christmas JessJess. I don't think she believes me though. I randomly IMed her and asked her if she could hold her shit during a chat with a celebrity for a half hour. When she tentatively said yes and asked why, I told her I was going to get her to "meet" with Jaret. She then laughed and called me crazy and kind of changed the subject.

That will be the last time I tell people what their presents are ahead of time. Really it was my fault. But we'll see whose crazy in a couple of months! Now I just have to figure out what to get all these other yabbos for their late Christmas.

But seriously, even though Jarinus is over funded you people reading this should go and back them. You have 13 days and then no more rewards for you poor bastards. Or at least go to their page and give their demo a listen. Their song 'DVB' is hilarious.

Random Question 6:

Which do you dislike more: Pop up ads or spam e-mail?

Pop up ads indefinitely. Spam I can deal with. So little of it actually gets past my filters and it usually stays put in it's little folder until I can delete it. But pop up ads. They're like flashers with tiny penises...but on the Internet. And sometimes they make my computer lag and I can't figure out why until, oh look at that, a pop up ad.


  1. Use an adblocker :> It's the chastity belt on the tiny penis pop ups on the Internet :> It seems to work for the most part at least.

    Nice nails too :> They look more tiger-esque than zebra-esque.

    1. Thanks! I figure the same about the nails.

      and I have ad blockers, but some of them slip through. :/


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