Monday, January 30, 2012

Loads Of Things

I have lost track of the days for this writing challenge, so I believe that I'll finish up the list tonight on this post. I don't think I did too badly on it truth be told. Which is good because I'm starting up a new one. February is coming up and with it Valentine's Day and all the lovey shit. Because I couldn't find any challenges that interested me, I made up my own with the help of my friends. I'm calling it the 29 Days of Sex Challenge. It's not going to be all about sex though, some relationship questions were thrown in the mix and such, that's just the only title I could think of for it. The prompts are interesting and I've been coming up with a new play list for February of (mostly) raunchy songs. So yay! Interesting things abound!

In other news, if my work gets any more disgusting I will have to go find another job. Actually that's somewhat of a meaningless statement since I am needing a new/second job to begin with, but still. We just found out we have bed bugs. Legit bed bugs. The exterminator will be in on the 3rd and then two more times after that to make sure that we've gotten all of them. Work thinks some one's bringing them in because the office manager told the exterminator that apparently we've only started seeing them three weeks ago.

Bullshit. Fucking lies, all of it.

I have been leaving her messages from last October about seeing little bugs that resemble them here and there, off and on. I started seeing them sometime after we got new carpeting in the office and I think they came with it since that can happen. Oh sure, Addy doesn't know what she's talking about. Addy's seeing things; well who's laughing now?! Not me, because I'm creeped out and paranoid I'm going to bring them home. The only reason why she believes me now is because I got bit by one and caught it and taped it to a piece of paper and left it on her desk.

I've been sitting closer to the front of the office because, for some reason, the bites seem to happen by the back door most of the time. I've also been limiting what I bring to work and have been shaking out my things and spraying myself down with rubbing alcohol after leaving work, before I go home. Rubbing alcohol, especially if you buy the higher percent like 91%, kills them on contact and discourages hitchhikers. I've been lucky so far. Of course I now smell like alcohol but, oh well.

Then, two nights ago, I saw a rat in the office while I was working overnight. I have no clue where it came from; I do know that I screamed so loud when it ran by my feet my throat felt like it was vibrating. I also learned that night that when you scream and scare a rat it lifts its tail to run faster. And they do not like Oreos because apparently they are too fucking good for them even though it's milk's favorite cookie. They can also jump, so if you catch one in a trashcan, put something heavy on top of it so you can safely carry it outside. I didn't get that far, but apparently after I left a maintenance man came to try and catch it and it jumped tables (how did it get there?) and jumped after one of our other workers Dawn. Really wish I could have been there to see it.

I'm also starting to get so annoyed with people that participate in slut shaming. My sister said that one of our cousins was starting to turn into a whore, and not in a joking way, because she engages in sexual activity with her monogamous boyfriend. I'll allow a moment for you all to face palm right now. ....Done? Good. I mean, granted, she is my sister's age or around it so she's only 14 or close to it. And she's only known him for about two weeks, but still. I just hope she's being safe and using protection while she does that. If she wants to do that, that's her prerogative. Sometimes I worry about how my sister is going to turn out. Sometimes she seems just way too judgemental...but then again she was brought up by my mom and step-father so...there you have it. I just hope that being my sister, and being in Girl Scouts, will help give her a dose of reality before these things fully set in.

I am so happy, I have opened an account with PNC bank. It has an online feature with three different accounts hooked onto it to help keep me organized. I can't wait to get my credit/debit card in the mail so I can switch accounts fully and stop banking with Wells Fargo. They suck heaping dongs and I've been wanting to move for some time now.

I also can't wait until my taxes come in. I'm not sure my car or loose filling can hold up any longer.

Random Question 20:

What is your highest level of education?

Some college. Every time I've gone to college I wound up having some sort of depressive episode or something and had to drop out. So I'm not in college anymore. It kind of makes me sad.

Random Question 21:

Ho w much is a gallon of gas in your city; what's the highest it's ever been?

3.33 right now at Royal Farms and Wawa, give or take two pennies that is.

Random Question 22:

What kind of lunchbox did you have as a kid?

A school lunch tray. Or a purple velcro baggie for field trips.

Random Question 23:

Would you rather have a nanny, housekeeper, cook or chauffeur?

Definitely the housekeeper. I have no kids and if I did I sure as hell would not want a nanny. I like to cook and I love to drive. In fact that longer the drive the better for me most of the time. I thoroughly dislike cleaning though.

Random Question 24:

Would you rather be trapped in an elevator, or stuck in traffic?

Elevators creep me out and getting stuck in one is one of my fears. Also plunging to my death. Stuck in traffic I can deal with.

Random Question 25:

A brick fell on your foot and a kid is standing right next to you. What is your 'cleaned up' swear word?

Flibbity floo is my favorite. So is flipper nuggets. Shnikes is always a classic as well.


  1. Cleaned up swear words... heh heh. My friend's two year old son was in a room with me. Something strange happened I said "WHAT THE FUUUUUU- ARTS!"

  2. I like Spongebob swear words. "Tartar sauce" and "barnacle head" for some examples.

    And being trapped in an elevator would be WAY worse than traffic. God, traffic I could just up and leave my car. Elevator? I die of a panic attack.

    1. I like those, I once told a kid she was a starfish (I was joking. ;p).

      yes, yes yes to the elevator thing. Oh man, I'd die as well.

  3. Wait rats can jump? I never really thought rats could do that I thought they just scurried around and manage to squeeze in anywhere .-.

    I saw some video about bedbugs once and holy shit I feel bad for you for having to deal with that :( I hope things get better and that your car and your tooth last until you get your taxes back :(

    1. They can do both. :p

      My tooth should be ok, I just need to get the filling replaced, it's just a pain. Literally. Very sensitive to hot and cold. Thanks for the comment. ^_^


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