Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Question Challenge Day 5

I went out last Friday to Buffalo Wild Wings to go drinking with my friends and finally decided to order some actual wings. My friend talked me into ordering them with their blazing sauce; because if you're going to eat a hot wing, eat the ones that will make sure your stomach boils like lava afterwards. I had the sauce come on the side because I'm not stupid...also because I'm a bit of a pussy, or so says my friend.

They are hot, a bit like S & M for your mouth, but in retrospect not as hot as I thought they were. I took the rest of my sauce and wings home and put the sauce on my breakfast spaghetti the next morning, because it's fucking delicious. My sister hates it because she's an even worse pussy than I am.

Sadly the little cup of sauce is now gone, but oh joyous of joys they sell the shit! I honestly don't give a damn what other sauces they have because now for about 5 dollars I can hot sauce the shit out of everything like some crazy person who has a death wish for their taste buds. I wonder if you can increase your tolerance for hot things if you eat enough of this stuff.

Random Question 5:

What is your concession stand must have at the movies?

Milk Duds or Gummy Bears all the way. Fuck your popcorn!


  1. I do think the more of something you eat, as long as it's edible to start with, you should build some tolerance. Dunno to what extent, but if you eat a lot of spicy things all the time you'll eventually get used to it.

    Sorry I haven't commented recently or anything I haven't had any motivation to do this blogging thing I'll try to do better ;~;

  2. James - You would think right? I love the spicy stuff, but can't always tolerate the hotter things. I would like to though. :p

    And you don't have to be sorry you shy gumdrop turtle (seriously jealous of Jenna Marbles for thinking of that first.). I know of your woes on and off the net from your twitter feed and your own blog. It's all good in the kitty hood my sug'. ;)


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