Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Sitcom Hypothesis

I swear I will be constantly behind the times no matter what I do. My friend loves The Big Bang Theory. I've seen clips and episodes here and there, but I've never actually watched it consecutively. From what little I saw I liked and I need something to watch on Saturdays when I do the overnight shift at work.

So having downloaded all the seasons and watched half of season one, I'm not sure anymore if I like The Big Bang Theory or not. I'll definitely have to watch the rest of the season before I come to a conclusion on this, but right now I feel like it almost tries too hard and relies on exaggerated stereotypes with a few comic book/video game jokes thrown in for cheap laughs.

It's only saving grace for me is Howard and Sheldon. And I'm now pretty sure by now that the latter of the two has some form of Aspergers or socially inept savantism. I'd still bang him either way, but that's besides the point.

I think part of it might be the laugh track for me. A good couple of times, more than I'd like to admit, while watching I don't feel like I'm that in on the joke. They say something nerdy and I either find it fascinating and want to know more (Thank you BBT, I now know what the Doppler Effect is), agree or just plain don't find it funny because it's not something that is a joke.

I can't remember which episode it was, maybe 'The Lobenfeld Decay', but they're talking about the logistics of The Terminator and its sequels and how they don't fit, or something like that. The audience doesn't laugh. OK, I get why they're not laughing and I agree. The Terminator is an awesome action movie that has embedded itself into pop culture and everyone likes maybe the audience is actually following along and wants to hear how this plays out. For some of my friends and I, conversations like this are kind of typical. More focused on anime and video games at the moment, but still. Sheldon gives his side of the argument and prefaces it with a 'riddle me this' and the audience...laughs?

I don't understand why that would get a laugh from people. Is it because he quoted a Batman villain and Batman is for dorky people and only they do that? Is that the thinking behind it? Because I've used that quote plenty of times. It's not a joke, it's just something you say sometimes before you're about to ask someone a question. Did it really warrant being singled out as a joke in and of itself?

Also, the whole Penny/Leonard ship is one of my problems with the show. For me it kind of seemed like they wanted them to get with each other so badly, that they're smashing the relationship together too fast. Personally, I just think the relationship development and dynamics should go a bit slower than they are. You're supposed to open the door to the possibility of a relationship even if you know for sure that they're going to get together in the end, not throw it out a plate glass window. But that could just be a side effect of the fact that it's sometimes hard to keep track of how long something has been in a TV show, as in the number of days or weeks that have passed while watching a single episode. They may have known each other longer than I realize.

I'm not trying to say that the show is shit, I don't think it is, I just don't know what I think of it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a conclusion to make.

Random Question 2:
What are your choice of toppings on a hamburger? And do you prefer gas or charcoal grilling?
I feel like I should start singing that verse from 'Cheeseburger in Paradise'. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and either mayo or ketchup and mustard. I like my pickles on the side mostly. I love charcoal grilled food. That reminds me, I have to schedule a get together with my Jessica s...for when it's warmer. I love cookouts, but I'm not too keen on them in January.


  1. I really like The Big Bang Theory, I think it's funny just how slowly the Leonard/Penny ship ends up moving, lol.

    Charcoal grilling is the best, obviously.

  2. Does it move along at a normal pacing? Like I said I'm not yet done the first season, so the verdict is still up.

    And holy shniz yes for charcoal grilling! So good!

  3. damn skippy we need to grill us some burgers! and chicken! and veggies. oh remember those fajitas? omg with the firepit FIRST AVAILABLE DAY... any days it's nice just stop by with some weenies and a stick....


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