Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spamming Or Advertising

My blog has a face book. As well as a twitter. Or at least I have a twitter that is used to make horrible jokes/comments and promote my blog (OoooOOOoo a twofer!). But you can see that from the aptly named widgets on the left side of the screen. I don't have a lot of people for the face book and almost no one ever participates when I post things. Then again with face book's ever changing bullshit, perhaps something got screwed up and they can no longer see it.

I have pages that I have liked as both my personal profile and my blog's face book page. Sometimes I comment as myself and sometimes using the blog name. I have yet to be blocked by anyone and frankly, I'm not sure if you can block things from a like page. Maybe you can and I haven't paid attention to it, or am to dense right now to figure it out.

I don't intentionally spam these pages though. I legitimately comment when I have something to say or add and don't encourage people to like my page, I just happen to be commenting as my page. Also if I have nothing to say I'll simply like the status if it's something I like or agree on.

Sometimes I wonder if people view this as obnoxious though. It's not like it generates a lot of interests. At least I don't think so anyway. Either that or by the time I get to comment on something my comment is so far down the damn totem pole that no one sees it...or I comment on things that are 7 hours old when I'm checking on what pages have been saying or whatnot. I have no clue which it is.

What does anyone else think? Should I only comment on things as my personal profile or should I be OK commenting on updates as my like page if I'm not being obnoxious about it and am legitimately adding to the conversation?

Random Question 19:

If you had to choose, which would you give up?: Cable TV or Cable/DSL Internet?

Definitely the TV, I almost never watch it to begin with and what little I do watch I get either from the Internet or I watch episodes they have put On Demand. There's too much stupid shit on TV that I have no interest in watching. I can't wait until I get my own place, nothing but Netflix, seriously.

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  1. I don't keep up on Facebook a whole lot because it's dumb, but I do know you should tweet more :< To be honest I don't see any harm chatting as your like page profile so I dunno.

    And yeah TV is dumb who needs that when you can watch everything on TV on the internet.


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