Friday, January 13, 2012

Superstar Dance And Random Question Day 8

I was supposed to write about Captain Hook (No, wait, I'm sorry, Captain Clifford Theodore Reginald III Esquire.) and his back story. But some stuff came up and I never got to do it. So while I work on that for tomorrow, here is an entertaining clip of some kids recreating the cafeteria dance scene from 'Superstar'.

Random Question 8:

Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Spock! Actually if I'm not goofing around and throwing Spock or Lava or Glue (Among others. Tsunami tends to annoy people right off the bat. Apparently acts of God are not allowed in Rock, Paper, Scissors.), I almost always throw scissors right off the bat.

Crap, now I'm never going to win another game ever again.

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  1. I've always been a throw-paper-first kind of guy. Also- I'm going to smite you for that music player some day.


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