Tuesday, February 21, 2012

29 Days Of Sex: Question 19 And 20

If you could have any job in the sex industry, what would it be?

There's a good couple I'd take on.

I definitely would not mind being a sex phone operator. Hell, when I took my job as a telephone secretary, it's what my friends thought I was at first anyway. I'm actually keeping an eye open for any openings of that matter near where I live while I look for other jobs. I know there's at least one center around here that does that. The other I heard about closed down, from what I hear it pays damn good money. In that same ilk, as long as I didn't have to have sex, wouldn't mind being an escort either. Before I had to move back in with my parents I wasn't getting any substantial paychecks from my job that I was forced to quit anyway. So I did my research on how not to get caught and starting going through the motions of becoming an escort. Someone actually did answer one of my ads and was fine with my limits I had. They were willing to pay for my travel and room for a weekend on top of giving me money as well. I also would have gotten to visit a pagan festival with them.

Sadly I had to give that up because I wouldn't be able to explain my absence to the family I was moving in with. Huge regret that was, but possibly for the best as that can be a very dangerous profession. Also felt bad because I never let the man know, just left him hanging on my yes or no answer. Not that I meant to be a dick about it, but I lost internet for a while and wasn't able to get to a computer to tell him. So, if the pagan dude ever stumbles upon this blog and remembers that scenario, I'm really sorry. Really, I am, you at least deserved an answer, I just wasn't able to give you one because of extenuating circumstances. I hope you at least had fun at the pagan festival! Not as much fun as you would have had with me, but...there we are.

I think it would be neat to be a relationship or sex therapist too. More towards the sex part though. I absolutely love Dr.Ruth and always thought that sounded like a fun job. Besides I have a bit of an obsession with sex and such anyway, so I thought it would go naturally with my personality. However my drive and passion to be a writer and artist is more demanding of my attention than going to school for a career as a sex therapist. Besides, it's more fun to do sex challenges for a blog and answer prompts than talk someone through their problems with sex. Also, art is what I was originally majoring in college anyway. It's still one of my dream jobs though.

Finally, I would settle for porn peddler. It's what I was doing before taking this soul sucking job as a telephone operator. I loved working for Love Craft. So much. Sure there were a couple of times that I could have done without, like when it was left to me to clean the peep booths...again! But it was a fun job, and it was relaxing. Very laid back. If I could find an adult store that paid me a good couple of bucks and gave me enough hours that I could live on my own in my own apartment, I'd take it in a heart beat. Now that I have a car, nobody would ever have to know where I was working. But I don't think there are any great paying sex shops around here, and it's hard as hell to sustain yourself without at least one roommate. Sucks.

What is your favorite position?

When I was with my ex it was doggy. Or reverse cowgirl, that's good too. My absolute favorite position is on my knees though. I could quite literally spend all day on my knees. It's my favorite thing to do.

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