Friday, February 3, 2012

Body Parts

What is your favorite, obviously sexual, part of the female body? The male? How about non obvious?

For the female body, I'm a total boobs girl. I mean, I love butts too, but (teehee) titties win out every time.

I mean really, how can you not like these? They're just so plush and pillowy, I love snuggling them. I don't know about the rest of you chicks but I can't even keep my hands off of my own. They're just fun.

My damn thoughts exactly.

As for males, I'm going to have to say it's the dick. Straight up in love with the penis.'s out (hahaha) I love penis. Like breasts, it's just fun to play with. In fact, I'm a little jealous of the penis. Unlike men I will never know the pride in peeing my own name in the snow (without the help of a she wee of course...yes, that product's real.)....or having someone play ring toss by throwing donuts on my erection. Don't act like you've never thought of it before.

As for non sexual, for both I love a nice set of teeth and full lips. We've covered this in the last post though. For men I think it would be the arms or stomach. It's funny, I love strong arms especially if they're on the muscular side. Stomach though, abs are definitely nice, but I like Buddha bellies. A little bit of pudge is not a bad thing, I think it's cute.

May the Gods absolutely help this man if I ever get my hands on his cute stummy/sexy body.

For the women it's the eyes and the legs. Especially if the girl is in heels because they accentuate the calves. Which is weird when if you think about the fact that I completely have the hots for butch girls, not femme....usually.


  1. "For the women it's the eyes and the legs. Especially if the girl is in heels because they accentuate the calves." totally agree with this.

    Two words; Stacy Keibler. George Clooney's girlfriend. One of the hottest women in the world. No boobs whatsoever. But man what a pair of legs on her! And Maria Sharapova, too. Her arms are a little too built for me, but at least she's no Serena Williams. Yikes! Just because you have huge knockers does not mean you're hot. Also, why do women want big arms? Some talk show was going on about Madonna and all these women were salivating over her crazy arm muscles. Ewwww...why? Not. Sexy. Unless you're a dude.

    Anyway...non obvious parts? Well, I do like a soft, swanlike neck (no I'm not a vampire!) And hips. Totally.

    1. Had to look up Stacy and holy hell. I might have to take a cold shower now, haha. I don't mind the arms on women, although I like the sinewy/wiry muscular look on women more than a body builder type of build.

      And yes, necks are good as well, and a set of curvy hips. :p

    2.'re welcome. and yeah i like athletic girls, too. but there's like an invisible line or something. idk.

      and i forgot to mention that I've actually met Adam Richman. cool guy. didn't get the urge to plow him or anything though :D

    3. That makes me happy. ^_^ He seems very sweet and nice from his twitter and public appearences. But appearences can be decieving, it always makes me kind of sad when you hear about a celeb who's so nice acting but is a real douchebag in real life when the cameras aren't on.

  2. Women: Its the butt. Its all about the butt.

    I dunno about guys... I guess the eyes?

    But man o man, I cant get enough of a womans ass :) And I'm not picky.

    PS: Is that the dude from man vs food? lol

  3. Oh and I didnt know you were a girl :) This post is over 9000 times sexier.


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