Monday, February 27, 2012

Cougars And Kinks

Is younger better?

I don't always think so. Than again, I tend to go for people who are up to 10 years older than I, so...

It depends how young. Younger people are idiots. Why would you want to go for someone that doesn't have their shit together? Then you have older women who play sugar momma for some young, immature dude. Why?

If I work for my money you can be damn sure I'm not just going to give it away to someone just because they're good in bed. And the same goes for self proclaimed sugar daddies!

I know I'm practically lambasting young men and women. Being that I'm 26 myself that is a bit odd. For every immature 20 something, there's one that does have all their stuff together and doesn't act like an idiot 24/7. But I just couldn't ever see myself being a 40 or 50 year old and dating someone that's 23 or whatever.

Surely you can prove your worth some other way. There are other ways to recapture your youth.

Why do you think some people gravitate towards BDSM?

I ask myself this question sometimes. I love BDSM. I can't watch porn unless it's that type of porn...or lesbian porn.

I'm completely submissive in bed. For me it's knowing that even though I can give up everything completely to this person and put my safety in their hands, quite literally in some situations, I am still safe.

I have trust issues. I want to find that type of relationship where I can trust someone so fully that they can choke me while we have sex and I know that I'm still safe. That all I have to say is 'red' and they'll stop. To be able to trust that, even though I'm bound, gagged and unable to defend myself, this person I'm with won't harm me or take it to a place I don't want it to go, or am not ready for it to go.

I also love the feeling of giving up everything and letting someone else take control, tell me what to do, boss me around.

And I really like pain. I don't understand that part of it. The other parts I can guess as to why I like them so much, but I don' t understand why I'm such a pain slut. I joke around with my friends that when I was a child my mom used to spank me, and now I love it. Reverse psychology punishment edition.

Is that a little weird? I don't know.


  1. First part, I do believe in the French Rule as a general rule of thumb: anyone may plausibly/valuably "go out with" anyone half their age plus seven years. Yes, youth is usually wasted on the young, or lost on the young. But then there are those rare exceptions. Second part, I salute your candor but can add nothing of value to what you've already written. Cheers ~

    1. Sounds like a good rule of thumb. ^_^

  2. p.s. on the sly -- I'm a big fan of Ray Davies & the Kinks.

    1. From reading your blog I have learned that you have excellent taste, so I will definitely have to look this band up. I know I've heard of them before, I just can't remember where. ...probably your blog, lol. :p


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