Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Love Weird Weddings

One more post before sleep, still playing catch up, I'll probably combine two questions into one post tomorrow before work.

What is your dream wedding?

I was one of those girls that sometimes fancied what their wedding would be like. Things have changed since I was younger, mostly because of my changes in religion as I grew, but one constant about my dream wedding was always that it would be on Samhain.

I absolutely love that holiday, and its Christian counterpart Halloween. The candy, the costumes, decorations and horror movie marathons, I love it all. The holiday where a goth and/or pagan can truly let loose.

I love weird weddings and the weirder they are, the more I love them. Speaking of Halloween weddings, I absolutely love this youtube video. I also love that the groom memorized Beetlejuice's mannerisms and speeches. It's too perfect. I love the couple that got married in this video so much based on their wedding, that I hope they stay together forever.

I've always wanted a wedding that was a nice blend of eccentricity and tradition. I would love to have a wedding dress based off of Sally the Ragdoll's dress from A Nightmare Before Christmas. I think it would be neat to have a white silk or lace dress with bell sleeves and a bodice with fabric that mimics Sally's dress patterns on it. The color theme for the wedding would be blood red, royal purple and forest green instead of usual orange and black. Although the good thing about the dark shades of red, purple and green is that the right shade of orange and black would compliment them as well; so it could still be included.

And while the wedding party would be more "conservatively" dressed, I would completely encourage the attendees to dress however they wanted. Jeans and nice tee shirt? Go for it! And since it's Halloween of course costumes would be allowed. Want to dress up as a big baby complete with adult sized diaper? Fuck yeah you can at my wedding! Dress up as a stereotypical redneck with missing teeth, beer belly, stained wife beater and mullet? Bring it on! Got an Elvira costume gathering dust in the closet? Blow that baby off! (Wait...that didn't quite sound right...)

I don't have everything planned out yet though, for obvious reasons. I just know I want it to reflect my future partner and I's personalities and be a fun event that people will talk about for months. I also have thought that it would be neat to renew the vows with a wedding every couple of years. Now the renewal weddings could definitely be like the wedding in the youtube video. I don't care how off the walls those are. Those I wouldn't care if they were low key with not many people. But the first actual wedding would have to be different and big. Truth be told, I only plan on getting married once.

Now to only find a partner that's as odd and fun loving as I am.

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