Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Need A Hero

Your city's in trouble! Sexy trouble! They need a hero! A sexy hero! Who do you call?

I once had a comic idea for a hentai comic. A never fully realized idea. One day I shall complete it though...along with everything else. Baby steps and all that what.

Moving on though, it was a super hero hentai comic. Imagine a world, if you will, free of sexual restraints. People living normally, but not a lot of prudes in this world. People unashamed of their sexual orientations and natures. Unfortunately there is a tentacle monster on the loose. A monster that feeds off of sexual energy and turns its poor victims into uptight prudes! Oh the humanity!

What this city needs is Spanking Cat! Normally Jason is a mild mannered, yet perverted, convenience store owner; but when tentacles rear their ugly...heads (hehe), he transforms into....a man wearing a cat leotard. Armed with his magic Paddle of Inhibition he must battle the tentacle monster to save his world, his sex life, and save his girlfriend!

For a comic never drawn, I'm quite fond of Spanking Cat. A completely silly excuse for me to draw tons of cartoon boobs and tentacle sex.

I'd also pick Super Dyke. A construct of my friend. Super Dyke was a lesbian super hero (Imagine that.) that battled this evil dude with a penis for a nose, who had a ray gun that turned people straight...I think. I'm going to have to ask my friend to scan and send it to me one day....or talk her into making a web comic of it. It was hilarious and awesome. Super Dyke was so adorable and was always willing to help a damsel in distress.

Spanking Cat and Super Dyke. Super heroes you can trust.


  1. Chuckles. Cultural rad ~ you're way ahead of your time ;-> You could pummel Rick Santorum in every way possible.

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      The more I hear about Rick, the more I swear he's not seriously running for president and he's just trolling us. That this is all one big lost bet made between him and some idiot frat guys. At least that's what I tell myself.


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