Saturday, February 18, 2012

Size And Cheating Cheaters And The Cheats Who Cheat On Them

Do you think size really matters?

I don't think it should. Then again I am bisexual and a virgin, so what should I care? With penis pumps and extenders that men can put on their penis to make it seem bigger, why should it matter? There's also so many things you can do with a tongue and fingers. Isn't the old saying that it's not the size of the boat that matters, but how you steer it?

Besides, scientifically speaking, a wider penis is better than a longer one. The wider it is the more it will rub against your g-spot. Not a lot of women like to have their cervix rammed.

Is it ever OK to cheat?

I've always said no. I don't care about the situation, I don't think anyone should cheat, ever. But I am biased as almost all of my relationships have been with cheaters. I'm kind of like Bart Simpson's teacher Mrs.Krabappel, you only get one chance with me when it comes to that.

Cheating never made sense to me anyway. You have a problem in a relationship? Work it out, don't cheat on the person. That's just running away from your problems and making things worse in the long run. It's like starting a fire in your house and not worrying about it until the whole thing is a pile of ashes then, running at the smoldering flames with a thimble of water.

Have a problem in your relationship that can't be solved or you don't feel the love there anymore? Then break up with them, don't cheat on them. If you do that you're still keeping yourself in the same crappy, loveless relationship and you have to hide a relationship with the potential to be better.

Someone cheated on you? Ditch their sorry asses! Cheating is just petty and makes you look like the bad guy. Plus I always thought that this singer had the better idea on how to get revenge anyway.


  1. But if you don't have the largest penis how will you ever be able to show it off to all the other heterosexual males in the gym showers?

    I agree with you on cheating. Massive break of trust.

  2. Amen, brotha! I've always said breaking up or leaving someone is easier than cheating. Requires less effort.


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