Friday, February 3, 2012

What Is Your Pleasure

Do you have a "fetish" or a kink? What is it?

Oh my goth, let me count the ways.

I love BDSM, it's the only porn I'll watch besides lesbian porn. The vanilla stuff just doesn't really do it for me. A male porn star who looks like he's trying to hard and a female trying to maintain interest in the same boring poses as always? Please bitches.

Personally I have a big thing for biting. Faces are always my favorite part of a person, favorite thing to draw as well, but I am especially enamored with lips. Especially lips like Mick Jagger's, nice and kissable. Of course, a nice set of teeth are always good. I like straight teeth more than pointed teeth oddly enough. A nice set of teeth can just get my mind racing about how badly I want to bite and get bitten by said person.

I need to find someone with a mouth like David Bowie is what is boils down to.

As good as biting is, I sometimes wonder if spanking isn't better. It used to annoy me sometimes when I was in bed with my ex and she wouldn't take advantage of the doggy position. Seriously, that is the best position for this! If you get someone in doggy and don't take at least a couple of whacks, then just give up and go into the missionary position.

Also hair pulling should definitely go with spanking. At least I think they go hand in hand.

Exhibit has the right idea, and how did this song not end up on the playlist?

I'll cut this somewhat short because I could list things all day.

So what is your favorite kink?

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