Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Would You Suggest?

Your friend has never had a sex toy before and wants to buy one. What do you suggest?

This is one of the things I used to love about working at a sex shop. Well, besides getting 20 percent off anything I bought. People would ask what kind of toys or other things I could suggest and I would have something else to do other than study for college, and make sure they didn't steal shit.

So here are my suggestions for men, women, and couples who have never had a sex toy before and want to buy one.


There are two suggestions I will always make. The first is the rabbit.


No, not this one.

rabbit vibrator Pictures, Images and Photos

That's more like it, thank you photobucket.

I honestly think that every woman should own one. They're the perfect sex toy, especially if you've never owned one before. They're cute looking, so they're non intimidating/non threatening. They have many different settings and speeds, pulses and thrusts. You can control every part of the vibrator. Don't feel like having clitoral stimulation at the moment? You can turn that part off and still have the shaft vibrate and move.

Also the company that sells them is having a huge clearance sale at this time.

The next one I was going to suggest would have been the Magic Bullet, but I am going to have to go with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Unfortunately I have no personal experience with it, but my Gods do I ever want it. It's a lot more reasonably priced than I would have expected at only 60 some dollars. The only thing I've been warned about it is that you can't use it under the covers because it will overheat, and I've heard that it's not that quiet.

If you want cheaper and quieter...and something you can wear outside without people knowing, then go with the Magic Bullet.


I was going to suggest the Fleshlight, which is apparently highly suggested by Joe Rogan from what I've heard. If you want to trust Joe with your penis, then go ahead. He has one, so I'm sure he knows what to do with it. No sarcasm, just being honest.

But if I may, I would like to point out that the Fleshlight is fucking expensive. 60 some dollars for one pussy? Even the hookers downtown don't cost that damn much around here. Tenga eggs and cups? Not so much. Their insides have varied sensations, or whatever you want to call it. Much more so than the Fleshlight it seems. Some of the cups even have a hole at the end that you can cover for extra firm suction at your leisure. For the price of a Fleshlight you could literally buy about 8 Tengas. It's just good economical sense.


I like toys that are fun for both parties in the relationship. I never understood some online toy shops that have just porn, or just a vibrator that is clearly for the man to use on the woman, and say it's for couples. More sex toy manufacturers need to make things that are dual usage.

Vibrating cockrings
are always a good choice. Not all women can orgasm from just vaginal penetration, they need clitoral stimulation as well. This solves that and frees up your hand/s whatever it is you want to do with your hands. They're also good for helping men to last longer. You see, men get hard because of increased blood flow to the penis. A cockring helps keep the blood there and prolongs the point of orgasm, keeping you harder longer. Not to mention that men can get just as much out of the vibrations as the women can.

Although I have heard there are dangers with cutting off blood circulation with some of them. So be careful and make sure you get one that is big enough to fit you comfortably.

And if you get a smaller sized ring, you can wear it on your tongue. Either of you, so it has dual usage. Just be careful not to swallow it.

I would suggest the same to gay couples to. Just reverse the cockring and instead of clitoral stimulation, you have perineum and scrotal stimulation.

For lesbians looking for a harness, I love the corset harness. It can fit up to a 48 inch waist and is very comfortable. It's also easy to clean, rests against the pubic bone so your partner can get something out of it and just looks better than other harnesses to be honest. I have one. It's one of the few things I made sure I took when my relationship with my ex disintegrated and I'll be damned if I ever give it up.

I always hated those cheap harnesses that women use in porn. How they pull away from the wearer constantly and never seem to fit, the women that use them are always fucking slipping out of the poor woman's vagina they're banging, and they look tacky.

So those were my suggestions. Any newbies that find this blog through google searches and what not, I hope I've served you well. I also hope you like my blog even though it's not about sex 24/7 (that doesn't mean you don't have to think about it 24/7 though. Lord knows I do), and you stick around.

Tomorrow we talk about size.


  1. You have mentioned a great range of sex toys here, thanks for the advice. I love to experiment with different types of Adult toys, with or without your partner it makes things much more exciting in the bedroom!


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