Monday, August 6, 2012

Doggy Doo

I can't wait for winter so I can finally retreat back to my own room. It's the only time of the season when my room actually gets cool enough for me to sleep in it. Until then I've been bunking on the big comfy chair with the big comfy footrest in front of the TV. Being as my family is louder than hell I alternate between waking up because of them or because of the TV that is inexplicably turned up as loud as it can go sometimes.

Today I woke up to the weirdest commercial I've ever seen. And I love sharing weird shit with you people.

It was a game where you clean up play-doh dog shit...for kids. Catch three turds and you win the game!

At first I thought it was just some hypnogogia from waking up suddenly and that it had been part of a dream. Coincidentally I thought the same thing the first time I was woken up by a commercial for Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi when I was younger.

So I traveled to the land of Facebook to relay my strange tale to my kin. I was informed by my friend that this was not a new thing and has been out for years. That made me wonder how this slipped by my radar.

Youtube doesn't lie, this is a real thing.

Nice little bit of trivia for you, in Germany it is called 'Kackel Dackel' or the Pooping Dachshund. Which is a little weird when you consider that dachshund is German, so I don't understand how Kackel Dackel can translate to Pooping Dachshund when dachshund isn't part of the Kackel...ahhh fuck it.

Also there is a travel version!

*Edit: I just figured out the translation quandary. In Germany dachshunds are referred to as either teckel or dackel. Deutsche fail for me.

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