Monday, August 13, 2012

Well This Is Awkward

Fucking awkward if I may say so myself.

I never thought I'd have to complain about getting money. So I've been working on making my short story Wendy Roase into an e-book. A lot easier to do than I thought which is freaking long as you have proofreaders that, you know, actually fucking do what they're supposed to do in an acceptable time frame. I finally found one that did, and I may have two others. Awesome. Now next time maybe I won't have to wait a month for a fucking page long short story to be proofread (exasperation!).

According to the one friend that actually did it my story needed very little work other then a few commas added here and there and a word or two taken out. Great! Oh, what's that Amazon KDP? You won't let me sell it for free?

What the fuck?

I see free books on Amazon all the time. Apparently I have to collect royalties and the price has to be set to something between .99 and 2.99 at the very least. So I said fuck that because what kind of scumbag thing is that to do to make some tiny changes and then charge you to download a story that you can just read on my damn blog anyway?

Here's the link to the post in which the story originally was posted...and yes I have edited it so it matches the current edits made to it. I am in the process of proof reading and editing a different humorous short story about a date gone wrong though and that will actually be available for a dollar...if you so choose to buy it that is. It's almost done and hopefully won't be very long. For now though Wendy Roase will have to be available for free on my blog and not in Kindle format.

So much for making myself available for a larger audience...for now. I was so excited too.


  1. Wow, that's not good.

    I always thought proof readers were easy to find. That would so be my ideal job - I am a complete nit picker when it comes to spelling and grammar!

    1. Yeah, I have absent minded friends. :p haha. But hey, beats having to pay someone with money I don't have at the time. *shrugs*

  2. My father calls all internet glitches "Cyber." "Well, that's Cyber for you . . ."

    Ghosts in the machine flit from corner to corner . . . like motes in the eye . . .

    1. My life sometimes seems to be ruled by ghosts in the machine. ...damn ghosts....damn cyber...damn. :p


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