Saturday, September 15, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 1

I love blog challenges, they help me get into the habit of updating on a somewhat regular basis. Feel free to steal the challenge I made. Just in case no one knows what those nifty acronyms in the title mean: GPOY = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself and MFW = My Face When. Just 25 days of reaction pics, gifs and relevant youtube videos.

GPOY at work.

I work at an answering service as a telephone secretary. I basically answer for doctors, lawyers, and whoever else signs up for our services and take messages for them when they're unable to take phone calls. Then we either hold them until they return or call them out as our clients see fit. This means that I am getting yelled and cussed at 90 percent of the time by fucking morons who don't understand why I can't just 'call someone' for them. Newsflash geniuses, if I call the client who doesn't want me to call them for you I can get fired, and being as I just got promoted to supervisor with a pay increase (Yeah, yeah, yay for me, it's meh. I was basically doing the job anyway, might as well pay me for it.) I don't actually want that to happen.

I really, really try to be this way at work:

Led to by Google, Stolen from DakotaSmith from this com.

The Thermians were always so sweet and helpful, I love them so much. Especially Missi Pyle's character and the one that adored Dr.Lazarus. I really do try and be this helpful and nice at work, some days are obviously better than others. After around 5 hours of getting yelled at because you can only do so much with the information that you're given and the instructions that the clients give us, I go from being very Thermian-like to this person:

I really have quit better jobs than this. Where's my Egon when I need him?

Although besides the promotion and the people I work with, I really kind of like my job because in between calls I actually get the chance to write sometimes. Especially if we're really slow, like on a Sunday or if I'm working overnight and getting 2 calls every hour. And not every customer is a mouth breather, some are very pleasant....but oy vay...some of them just take the cake. Especially the ones that find a way to repeat the same sentence over and over again 6 different times. I don't understand that.

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