Wednesday, October 3, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 16,17 and 18

It's possible I have gone forward too many days in an effort to catch up to speed...oh well.

GPOY going on vacation.

Found on this weird pinterest like site.


Just completely not giving fucks. I also plan on doing this as well:

I bought an awesome little Sansa Disk mp3 player a month back. It holds 1,000 songs and now I don't have to pay attention to anyone ever again. It also turns my work into a self contained dance party when I work overnights and get no calls.
I have a vacation coming up this month. I'm going to Salem, MA for Halloween, then I'm coming back here to have a staycation at my friend's house and not tell anyone I'm back home. It's going to be great.
I was a bit worried about going on vacation alone and visiting places, what with all the people and whatnot, I wasn't sure if I was ready to do such a thing yet. I've never been on a vacation by myself before, but having the mp3 player actually makes me feel more comfortable. Also, I kind of want to visit the Witch Museum for shits and giggles, even though I've heard there's not too much of educational value to it and it's just a tourist attraction. I really want to visit some graveyards and look for weird tombstones to show you guys and just do my own thing. Fuck it, it's my vacation.
I really, really have to stop being lazy and get my laptop looked at though or else I won't be able to update the blog, or work on editing stories and such. Well I mean I won't from Salem, obviously I can from my own house. 
I'm looking into getting a tattoo when I go there. I really hope it's not going to cost that much when I go for the consult. I'm going to feel so stupid if it's out of my price range. Then again I'm kind of afraid to get the tattoo without someone near me that I know anyway. I didn't cry when I got my last tattoo, but my eyes tear up when they used the outlining needle. OK, so technically that's crying, but I don't like sob cry or anything like that. I try to daze into space and block it out, but the outlining needle sucks, so my eyes tear up like a mother fucker. The coloring and shading needles I'm a lot better with. I can just block those right out.
....I'm going to look like such a pussy.
GPOY today.


That's kind of how it was. I think I'm coming down with some sort of head cold. At the same time I think it was some sort of stealth cold and I'm actually getting over it. I also slept all day today because I worked all night last night, and caught up on Nostalgia Critic videos in between calls.

Almost cussed out all my co workers though because no one likes to take out the trash. They just like to let it sit in the kitchen all day and let the overnight people take it all out in the morning. Team players they are not.

Seriously. This morning I had to juggle whatever I brought to work with me, plus two partially full bags of trash, and one overly full bag of trash to my car to take it to the dumpster. Ridiculous. And the piss poor excuse from my office manager when I accidently didn't delete the message from her account (I got to it in everyone else's account except hers, fuck's sake!), did not cut it as to why no one could have taken just one damn bag with them. It's not like I have five hands (that would be awesome.).

But it's whatever, so fuck it. I'd rather do it myself than cause unneeded drama at work. The last time I neglected to take out the trash (the cans weren't that full and I didn't want to waste bags on practically empty cans.) I got an overly passive display of aggression from one of my own office managers. She made a huge deal about taking out the trash herself instead of just coming to me and saying, "Hey, take out the trash. I don't care if it's practically empty or not.".  It really doesn't matter now that my manager knows though. I'm sure someone, somewhere, will find the deleted messages and then they'll all begin talking.

No fucks given though, I'll just start making jokes about it and get them laughing.

MFW I have to go shopping and have nothing to wear but my pajamas.

Especially if I have to go to Walmart. You know how it be.
Here in Dundalk this is kind of the norm, so really no pressure. I do get slightly embarrassed if I end up in Towson and it's a laundry day. Towson is a very kind of richy-people type of place. They will look down on you if you dress like that. At least that's how people in Dundalk view Towson. I also have friends who have had people from Towson ignore them and not associate with them, even when they have to buddy up for a class fucking college, because they're from Dundalk and the other people were from Towson. Dundalk is seen as low class, trashy types of people. Or in other words a John Water's movie brought to life. Sometimes I love it.
This view is so prevalent that one of my co workers thought that the people from the site People Of Walmart was specifically everyone from the Dundalk Walmart. She was actually kind of shocked when I told her it was from all over.


  1. Lol... I can't tell you how many times I leave my headphones on while I walk/run (even when there's no music playing) just so no one bothers me. Mostly it's b/c people are always asking me for directions and I do not know where the fuck I am (I've only lived in Jersey for 7 years). Keep rockin those 1,000 tunes and block out the rest of the world!

    I went to Salem with the Mrs. a long, long time ago. She swears to this day that the House of the Seven Gables is haunted b/c both times she attempted to go up there, she immediately got nauseous and lightheaded. In the same room, no less. That's also the last time I vomited (though it wasn't the 7G house that did me in) It sounds like we had a miserable time but I actually enjoyed it. Hope you do too!

    1. Hell yes to ignoring people with our headphones! *highfive* haha. And I am horrible at directions too! I've lived in Baltimore for 26 years (so my whole life. :p) and I *still* can't tell you how to get places.

      I've never even heard of the House of Seven Gables. I think I might have to google that now! :D And thank you for the well vacation wishes! I'm so excited now I can hardly wait the three weeks until it's time.


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