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25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 20 and 21

Wow, I've been gone a long time. Sorry. So let's wrap this blog challenge up then, shall we?

MFW a telemarketer calls you.

When I was in high school my science teacher told how his friend used to shamelessly flirt with telemarketers if they were male. Since he was a dude himself some of them would feel really awkward and end the call, or they would catch on it was a prank and that he wasn't going to listen to them and end the call.

As with everything in life, I completely forgot about the fact that I was female and the rules were different. So when a telemarketer called a couple of days later and I accidentally picked up, I tried out my new telemarketer battle technique. I put on my most seductive sounding voice while he was doing his spiel and said, "Wow, you have a really sexy voice." I completed it with a small, cute smile just to set the mood right. Then he turned around and said, "So I guess I should keep talking then, right?"

I hung up the phone out of annoyance, got chastised by my mom and now I go with the 'no hablo ingles' approach. Sometimes I do it in French or German since it's a little more unusual for some telemarketer to know that as opposed to Spanish. Or sometimes I answer with the name of my company, get huffy, and tell them they're calling a business. That's actually not a bad approach and sometimes they will automatically put you on the no call list if you do that. Then you don't have to wait for ten minutes on a line while some jackass says he's going to put you through to someone to put you on a no call list, and then finds a way to hang up on you.

Post a GPOY for today

Meh, fuck it, I'll use Monday's since I've missed like ten thousand days in this blog challenge (one day I shall succeed in completing a blog challenge and never missing a day.).

Stolen from here

My scouts are working on some badge that has to do with researching your family history and ancestry. I forget the actual name of it. We took them to the library so they could use the computer room since the library has its own account for Only a couple of them found much success with it though, and I have found a new respect for teachers.

They were kind of loud, my sister was content to make pig squealing noises for five minutes straight to see if anyone knew if it was her doing it, and sing Spice Girls songs. Then some of them didn't bring their pedigree charts that we had them fill out to make it easier to record their family. Those kids had to keep texting or phoning their parents to find out what their great grandparents names were and what their birth and death dates were.

I've never had an account until now, my other two leaders are much more adept at traversing the website than I (One of them, my friend JessJess can trace her family back to the 1800's I think...probably beyond that, I can't remember how far back she's gone.). That and I was too curious as to what my sister could bring up on our folks, so I mainly sat with her instead of walking around. Bad leader, I know. Be that as it may I asked a bunch of kids throughout the session if they were OK, or needed help with anything and they would say no, only for them to turn around the next minute and ask one of the other leaders for help. Darn kids. I am computer and technology literate! ...Sometimes.

Then the thing that really got me was how they all thought they knew everything, yet needed our help on stuff but didn't want to listen or take our advice because they already knew everything.

Two cases in point. Cass couldn't really find squat on ancestry. Truth be told that website can be confusing because it brings up tons of stuff in the results, and not all of them might have anything to do with your family or history. Her grandfather was adopted and the people in her family didn't really know their family trees either so they weren't too helpful. She said there was a link to her grandfather's grave on the find a grave website, but that's all she could pull up. All she could find was him and all she knew was what she had asked her family members. I asked her if she had gone to the grave website yet because it will link to people he was related to that have passed, people she might not know. She said no because she already knew everything from asking her parents. I told her if she just followed the link she might be surprised and might find something new. She got frustrated and said no she already knew it. She also declined help from one of the leaders who said, with her permission, she'd research it on her own time outside of Scouts to help her.

My sister had her pedigree charted filled out up to our great grandmother on our mother's side. We followed a link onto the find a grave website and found our grandmother's grave with links to both of her parents. Follow those links and we get my great grandparents which produced links to both spouses, their parents and some children. From using that website I can already trace my mom's side back to 1893 to my great great grandmother, and 1898 to my great great grandfather. I also have some back story because of the obituaries. I have all the names of my aunts and uncles, and a good bunch of cousins. Not to mention on this website you can leave virtual flowers and messages if you have a membership. You can send messages to other people and leave contact information in your profile as well. So now I can get in contact with a bunch of cousins that even my mom doesn't know, and I know how they're related to my family.

Now despite being literally spoon fed all this information (it wasn't as much as some people got but it was still a good bit to go on and write some names down in the meantime) my sister got frustrated for some reason, claimed she already knew this (protip: she didn't.), and that she wasn't getting anywhere with any of it. On top of that she wouldn't let me help her.

Teenagers, what are you going to do? And to think that 8 or 9 years ago I was one of their kind.

So if you, like me, are looking up your family tree, find a grave is actually a pretty good website to use in conjunction with I found that looking for the cemetery first and then typing in the names gets better results. When you find people it has their name, birth dates and places and death dates and places, and links to any spouses, children, parents or siblings that also have passed. It also has the obituary on it, which can give a good bit of information as to living relatives, and sometimes a bit of background depending on what was written in the obituary (apparently my great grandmother was a huge fan of Elvis Presley and took my uncle to see every Elvis movie that came to theaters as a kid. Also my great great grandfather owned and operated a produce store in Baltimore City until he got ill and had to stop.). I find it all rather neat.

Well I was hoping on wrapping up this challenge today, but I have lost my list that had the challenge prompts on it. So until tomorrow, see ya.

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