Thursday, October 18, 2012

25 Day GPOY/MFW Blog Challenge: Day 22 and 23

Tomorrow is Zombies Everywhere's virtual zombie walk where people will post a zombie blog post, then list links of other blogs participating in it at the bottom of the post, and other people visit the blogs in order. I can't wait. Still not quite sure what I am going to post though. I have a couple of ideas. Perhaps a story or a drawing.

MFW I see my ex in public

You can add a Joey Lawrence 'Whoa' there if you like.

I believe in a different post that I'm too lazy to look for I talked about how people I breakup with, whether they be friends or someone I'm actually dating, seem to just disappear afterwards.

It's weird. You meet this person and you date them, or become friends with them. You go out places with them and find out that their favorite places are sometimes your favorite places to go. You know where they shop, where they hang out. Then you break up and never see them again....ever. You don't know where they went, perhaps they just got abducted by aliens, who knows.

Or perhaps that's just me. I have no clue. I always hear from friends or co workers about how they can never go back to a certain place after a break up because their ex will be there. Or about how they keep seeing their ex friend, boyfriend, or whatever, around town and I just don't know what that's like. I've even purposely 'stalked' exes before (and when I say 'stalk' I mean purposely go to a place I know they should be at, not literal stalking.) just to see if I could find them. I hardly ever do. They just...go away. In instances where I've had a friend in common I've asked them afterwards how they're doing out of curiosity, or I'll ask my friend what they themselves have been up to lately. They'll tell me how they hung out with so and so at such and such a place. I'll be all like, 'Oh, they still go there?', and the friend will say something along the lines of 'Yeah, they're still going to that place.', and it just blows my mind.

That's why whenever I do chance to see them it's kind of surreal. It almost makes you do a double take to make sure it's really them.

Make up a MFW

MFW my friend's mother cusses.

This could probably also double for when my friend cusses as well. Neither of them ever do so, so when they finally do it's like hearing the pope cuss. You kind of forget they can utter such words.

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