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I don't know where any of my readers are located, but people are starting to flip their shit in Dundalk over this dumb ass storm. My friend's son told me that Maryland had declared a state of emergency. I had a caller call an hvac company last night around 1am wanting to know if they had back up generators to sell so she could run her refrigerator in case the storm blew the power out. Fucking 1am and you are worrying about this now? You are out of your goddamned mind.

My step dad told me it was going to cause flooding and 'rip up houses.' I'm not sure about the 'ripping up houses' part since all Maryland has ever gotten (that I'm aware of) is bad tropical storms that cause bad flooding (I'm looking at you Miller's Island. Start getting your jet skis ready to reach the main road.). But then again the winds are supposed to be 75 miles per hour and it is still hurricane status.

A lot of people have told me to be careful about my vacation in Salem. The storm is supposed to hit about the time I have to leave since I'm leaving right after work. At first I wasn't giving any fucks about it and was determined to go to Salem, now I'm not so sure. The way I see it, I'll play it by ear. Either way, all I know is I have off work from Monday the 29th until the 7th of November. I plan on keeping it that way. I have worked way too hard and saved up way too much money to get called into work. To be quite honest, I've already checked out mentally at this point. Worse comes to worse, I'll go to my friend's house and have a staycation there away from my home. The hotel I'm booked at says I have until tomorrow at 4pm to cancel my reservation without consequence. After that they'll charge me for one day. That's not too bad. I'll be getting most of my money back sans 80 dollars.

It really figures though. The one time I decide to go on a legit, grown up, by myself, out of state vacation, on my favorite holiday no less, and this shit happens. I'm tempted to drive to Salem no matter what. Even if it means sitting in a dark hotel room that has had its power shut off by the storm and its streets flooded. All just to tell Mother Nature she can kiss my ass.

I'm really, really hoping that Sandy pulls some sort of crazy 180 on us and just dies down substantially before she makes it to the coast. But, nature fucking hates me sooo...

I love some of the humor some people have when dealing with the impending storm. Baltimore County Breaking New's Facebook posted this picture.

I love it. Then they also had to post a status update afterwards warning people to actually take the storm seriously since apparently some residents were saying it was 'Just a little rain.' or something like that. Oy vay.

On to topics that are completely unrelated to Sandy now.

I finally got my netbook, Tinytop, fixed. The only thing that was wrong with it was the charger. Now I have a new charger and also made a mental note to not listen to one of my friends anymore when it has to do with computers. She swore up and down my motherboard had fried, said the same thing happened to her computer, and told me I might as well just toss it and buy a new one. Bad news on this is the program on my computer that is like Microsoft Word, won't let me access it anymore if I don't have some sort of code. Since I bought this second hand and the first person never messed with the Word program, there is no code. Silly me thought that I could just keep hitting cancel forever and it would let me write. Not so. Now I have to buy a code. My friend told me computers have stopped coming with this software already included like in the past. Good to know. I do however have a little USB stick. It's this cute Mr.Petja head USB, so all is not lost. I can at least get my shit off the computer and use a different computer to fiddle with it.

Obviously this is not my actual USB, but it's the same one I have. Courtesy of Regretsy.

In other awesome news, Tales From The Crypt is back on TV. I've forgotten how cheesy and funny, yet really creepy some of those episodes can be. Like the episode about the woman whose husband just retired from his job and is getting sick of all her damn animals. Who can forget the reveal at the end of that one? I still find the man's face hard to look at. 

Watching them as a grown up, I do find them a lot funnier. Mainly because now I can actually get more of the adult humor or references I might not have as a kid. Also because of the nostalgia it brings back. I can remember my exact reactions as a kid to some of the things in the TV show. Such as the opening itself.

The first time I remember ever watched this show as a kid, I didn't know what to think. There was this awesome organ type music and a first person tour past a dragon gate through this spooky, yet awesome looking, house. Combine that with the promise of a horror story and I was transfixed. I remember instantly imagining that house was mine, albeit with better decor, more lighting, and a lot cleaner. Cue a little girl's loud gasp and hands flying up to hide wide eyes when the Crypt Keeper popped up. I was still peeking through my fingers when Ol' Crypty was breaking the fourth wall with his opening monologue.

It took me a couple of episodes to be able to get through the opening credits without hiding behind my fingers in anticipation. After that my odd ...ahem... fascination with the Crypt Keeper began. I used to daydream that I lived in that house and no one knew about the basement part but me; I would travel down the steps to be told scary stories by my friend the Crypt Keeper. Sometimes we'd fight monsters.

On Demand is a total jack ass however. If you are watching it from the Fearnet On Demand section, I would suggest being careful about reading the synopsis they give you for the episodes. Almost all of the ones I've read have given all twists and endings away. And I know, it has been out since the 90's, but that doesn't mean you have to give everything away. What about new viewers and people like me with bad memories when it comes to decades old plots?

Well kiddies, I have to continue cleaning my room. I hope everyone stays safe if this hurricane decides to be a bitch.

My God he was so freaking cheesy.

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  1. Oh, yes ~ good luck whatever comes through courtesy of Big Sandy. . . Salem as in the Witch Towne? I remember going there in the 80s in the middle of the night with friends on a dare, we saw witches and tried to take pix but the camera fell and broke. We also made it to some place near Boston Harbor and stumbled on an old WW2 fort, with underground hatchways. And we saw a large pink elephant on the way back to the small NH town wehre we'd come from. I'm sure it was an advertizing ploy but regardless, no one else believed any of it!


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