Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glee Drinking Game

My friend was talking about watching the whole Glee saga from the very beginning. I think mostly for shits and giggles. I want to watch it all over again because I've only ever seen episodes here and there but nothing consecutively. I've seen the whole first season, and part of the second, but it's been so long I think I'd be lost if I started back on the second one.

Because nothing is better than re watching things and getting shit faced on your downtime, I made up a drinking game for us. My first one too. Although, according to my friend, this drinking game is more suited for the first couple of seasons because apparently it might kill you halfway through the show in the later seasons.

Glee Drinking Game

Every time someone cries = 1 shot

Anytime the kids sing chug your beer or whatever you're drinking (+ 2 shots if the song ends in tears)

Anytime any of the grownups sing = 1 drink and 1 shot

Every time Kurt gets ragged on for being gay = 1 shot of pucker or something like it.

Anytime someone breaks up with and then dates someone within the Glee club = 2 shots

Anytime Sue makes fun of Mr.Shue's hair = 1 shot

Whenever someone actually gets the better of Sue = 1 drink

Whenever Brittany says something that genuinely doesn't make sense = 3 shots

So let me explain this bit because Brittany says stupid shit a lot. If what she says is stupid but has some sort of context, or can be explained, then it doesn't count. Like the whole mallard/ballad thing. Funny and stupid, but ultimately made sense. However when Brittany and Santana are in the restaurant and she turns to her out of nowhere and proclaims that 'Dolphins are just gay sharks', that's a three shotter. Calling a toilet a 'poop stealing water chair', no. Saying you feed your cat nougat or whatever because you want him to shit candy bars, get to drinking. This is also subjective.

Someone cheats on someone else = 1 shot

And finally, whenever an argument or fight between the kids ends unrealistically = 1 shot

Such as Rachel telling Quinn she appreciated the slap for the drama of it when they were arguing in a bathroom almost immediately after it happened. Who the fuck talks like that Rachel?

I couldn't think of anything else that belongs on here, or should be on here. Like I said it's been a while since I've watched Glee. If you think of anything add it.


  1. I never had any interest in watching Glee but this might change things a little. Drinking games are like fantasy football; it's a way to make an otherwise boring activity more interactive and fun. And it's funny you should being this up b/c I've been watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager from the beginning and just today I thought "They sure do say 'baby' an awful lot on this show. If I did a shot every time someone said 'baby'...or every time Adrienne had sex..." Those are the only two I've come up with so far, but if you're familiar with the show you know that's more than enough to get fucked up!

    1. Uh, I meant it's funny you should bring this up. Duh! :-)

    2. being this up? You've already started the drinking game haven't you? lol. :p

      I've actually never watched that show, but with what you said about Glee and drinking, maybe I could.

  2. OMG! My wife watches Glee and with this game, you'd be ripped before the 1st commercial break!!


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