Friday, October 19, 2012

Virtual Zombie Walk

Well today is the Virtual Zombie Walk made by Zombies Everywhere. At first I was going to do some sort of top 5 list (because you and I both know we don't have the attention spans for a top 10), but I had been meaning to write this story anyways so this won out. It did not get as much editing as I wanted it to so I apologize if there is a bit of odd grammar I overlooked or a misspelled word.

Also, how many people are surprised my procrastinating ass stuck to a deadline. Don't worry, my hand is raised too.

I hope you like it and Happy Virtual Zombie Walk.

On A Snowy Evening


The shrill yell cut through the air, almost making Jeremy lose his concentration and turn his back on the creatures in front of him. He swung his nail-studded bat, making contact with the closest one. A wet sounding 'thwock' emanated and he could feel the nails puncture through flesh and bone. On the second hit, the cracking of the skull seemed to vibrate down the shaft of the bat and into his hands, or maybe he was just trembling. He couldn't tell. The body crumpled to the ground. Immediately he swung in a large arc in front of him, hitting the last two advancing bodies, full of rot and death, at the same time. These dead-heads were not exactly slow. A childhood of comics and horror movies had lied to him.

The first of the two went down the easiest, falling and staying still after the first hit. Jeremy thanked whatever sadistic God it was that looked down on him for small favors, and late stages of decay. The last of them he swung at like a wild man, Lauren's yell still ringing in his ears egging him on. Jeremy's face grimaced. He clamped his mouth shut as bits of blood and bone sprayed with each hit. Jeremy had seen that happen to someone in his group when the dead-heads had attacked them a couple of weeks before. Zachary had been laughing like a maniac while he bludgeoned what used to be a pregnant woman, and some of her blood landed in his mouth. They thought he had spit it out in time and would be OK if he just brushed his teeth. But a high fever and three days later the group were screaming and crying like maniacs, while they bludgeoned what used to be Zachary. That would not be Jeremy though, he would not make mistakes like Zachary and the others before him did.

He hunched over grabbing his knees, fighting to catch his breath. Now he was sure he was trembling. The sweater he was wearing clung to the sweaty body underneath. His breath came out in sharp huffs, the cold air felt like a knife with each inhale. Turning, he picked up the jacket he had discarded on the snowy forest floor. He waved it quickly about, sending snow flying off into the approaching dusk, and put it back on.

"Lauren, I'm making my way back to you!", he yelled out.

Cloudy breath rose in front of him as he jogged through the trees to the point where they had split when the frenzy started. Dark was starting to come now and he did not want to try to navigate the rest of the woods at night. The fact that these things did not need sleep was not a pleasant one. They were almost out though. According to the map Lauren had, there should be a small town on the outskirts on the other side. Hopefully they could find some provisions in this one, or at least a safe place to sleep after today. Somewhere that would afford Jeremy the luxury of resting his head on Laurens chest and pretending they were still back home in their bed, instead of in a living nightmare sleeping in shifts and watching for monsters.

Soft flurries had started again, drifting slowly down all around him. Every now and then a flake would settle on his burning, hot face. He could see Lauren now and he quickened his pace. She was facing away from him, her shoulders heaving. Pale hands with red tinged knuckles loosely gripped a crowbar. Head bent down, she surveyed the dead in front of her.

"Lauren!", he called out.

He broke out into a full run towards her. Lauren turned around to greet him. Blue, glassy eyes seemed to stare past him, far away. Red, full lips drooped dumbly down her pretty face. Her head stayed slightly bent down and to the side, showcasing the bite that had torn the muscles from her neck. A moan, sick and low, escaped from her mouth as she stumbled forwards. Jeremy dropped his bat in shock. He tried to stop his run mid-stride, but was sent skidding forward by a patch of muddy slush ice. Twisting as he fell, he reached back for his bat. His eager fingers barely had time to graze the handle before he was gripping it tightly and preparing to swing.

A dead weight fell on top of him, knocking the breath out of him with a surprising force. Lauren's clawed hand made a mockery of an attempt to pin his hand down. Her face, contorted in hungry rage, thrust itself into Jeremy's. Her once dull molars now seemed to take on a razor edged appearance. Jeremy screamed into that hungry face.

And Lauren ate.

The end, now continue your walk:

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  1. at first i thought you were talking to me, then about me... then... well chomp!

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Oh No, Let's Go Crazy

    1. This is why you need a backup weapon and why you don't run in the snow Jeremy. :p

  2. That was fun ;-) I'd love to have your opinion on my zombie post + there are several cool things to win (Amazon Gift Card, Halloween board game and a screenplay) for all those zombie walkers out there.

    1. Cool beans, I am slowly but surely making my way down the link list.

  3. I was routing for those crazy kids. Now Jeremy and Lauren will be closer than they ever could have been in life. She feeds upon their love, and he ends up as zombie poop. That's a happy ending, right? Great story. I loved it.

    1. He'll always be a part of her now. XD lol And thank you!

  4. At least they'll still be together.

  5. Nice work. I've always feared the zombie I know a hundred times more than the random stranger. That split second of hesitation would be fatal.

    1. Yes, I'd like to say that I wouldn't hesitate to kill a zombie when the time comes. But in all honesty if I was faced with a zombified family member or friend...well they might have to end up chained in a shed like Ed at the end of Shaun of the Dead.

  6. I would definitely hesitate (most likely with devastating outcome) if it was someone I knew and loved. Anyone else is toast. Great story! Have fun zombie walking! Jet

  7. I love the point you demonstrated so well in this story: Love Bites!

    I couldn't think of a better story to greet me the first time I visited your blog. So following.

    1. They say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...however I think Jeremy might have different ideas about that now.

      And woohoo new peoples that I'll probably scare away, lol.

      Thank you for the follow! :D


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