Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween And Happy Election Day

Despite Hurricane Sandy, vacation was actually kind of relaxing. Now I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really hope everyone that reads this (and those that don't) fared well in the hurricane. For those that didn't my thoughts are with you and your families. I encourage all my readers to please text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate 10 dollars, or donate by visiting their website. They also have a link for people that still need help that tells them where to go to find assistance and a directory for helping find loved ones. Here is the link for FEMA assistance for people that still don't have it or need to apply for it. I know this is coming late, but better late than never and there are still people that need help.

I had a falling out with my cousin years back. I was a teenager who was reclusive and didn't know how to communicate (kind of like now but I've gotten better in some ways), who made silly but probably hurtful insider jokes in her diary and just really wanted to go home for reasons I couldn't pinpoint. I just knew there was something off and I needed to be home. She was eccentric and a bit crazy, probably didn't have much experience in dealing with teenagers like me. Add in circular questioning and a tendency to snoop, and you have "disaster". But now this stupid hurricane has been making me think about trying to contact her.

Nothing like a disaster to bring people together, right?

My cousin lives in Long Island. Somehow between working a bunch of hours and, I can only assume, coming home to crash in her bed, she missed that little bit about the impending storm. She lives two blocks from the beach. We're told that the boardwalk was swept away six blocks. The flood waters came crashing in through her front and back doors. There was nowhere for her to go and she tried to get on top of her bed to escape it. Her mattress was soaked. When all was said and done the water in her house was waist deep. My cousin's car was moved by the water all the way down the street and is water damaged to the point of being undrivable. She was lucky with her purse. The water took it away out the door, but it got swept back in.

Now she hopefully has her credit cards and she has 40 dollars cash. My grandma keeps telling her to see a doctor because she cut herself walking barefoot in her house in the dirty flood water. She's lost pretty much everything. Thankfully she has friends who've been letting her stay with them, she's also been sleeping in her office at work. Her boss has told her to take a week off of work and stay with her cousin (my grandma). I hope she takes his advice. She has diabetes. Hearing about how her blood sugar has been high as hell because of the stress is worrying. I also think I might visit her if she visits grandma. I'm glad she's safe and alive...I feel the need to tell her so.

My family was lucky. Of course, everyone in Maryland is pretty much lucky when it comes to these storms. Even those that aren't lucky are lucky compared to the people in states like New York. The worst thing I had to deal with was a bunch of unprepared, annoying family members.

So onto less depressing things. Happy Belated Halloween/Saimhain everyone! I have also just heard from my sister, unless we are mistaken, that question 6 has passed in Maryland! Fuck yeah queer rights!

And, just to brighten every one's day a little more, I bring to you Mr.Turtle:

I'm very sorry for the sound. There is none. I dropped my phone in water at a camping trip with my Scouts. Ever since then this phone has never recorded another sound. After participating in a booth sale my sister and I went to go vote. She's too young to vote, but I did. On our way out we noticed that the visitor's lobby of the school had two aquariums, with a turtle in the bottom one. Mr.Turtle kept following my sister's finger and, when he got too close to the glass, waved his little turtle...paws (is that what they're called?)at her. It looked like he was trying to give her a high five.

Tomorrow I shall hopefully get to post the lost Halloween post that I was unable to post.

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