Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting Funds

I was going to open this post talking about how I'm so fucking disappointed in almost everyone. How sick it is that no less than a couple of hours after 26 people, mostly children, were massacred the media frenzy turned their tragedy into a three ring circus complete with finger pointing at pop songs and violent video games, per usual. I'm just surprised that at this point, if it hasn't already happened that is,  we're not bringing Marilyn Manson into the mix again like we did with Columbine. But, give it time I guess.

I was going to try writing about how I am pro-gun rights, yet I understand that the gun legislation we have now is quite flawed, and we do need better gun control. How I believe that what we should also really be focusing on is how we treat and care for the mentally ill in this country. I wanted to tell you that these are all things we need to discuss very badly before something else like this happens again.  The way that we are going about it now, the shit storm that is brewing, will do nothing. Unless we actually do something, and stop all the blaming, all we're doing is biding our time until it happens again.

I tried really hard to come up with a good post, but everything just fell short. I felt like all I would be doing with those paragraphs would be either preaching to the choir, or adding my voice to the noise that it would surely be drowned in. I also realized that by doing that I would have went against my own belief that people should come together and help one another after things like this happen. Instead of the finger pointing and stupid twitter arguments with everyone @'ing the NRA and hashtagging #MoronicHicks after every anti-gun post, we should remember that there are actual families and actual people in the middle of all of this who lost a brother, or a sister, or an aunt, or a child. They too are getting lost in the noise.

So here are a bunch of links to funds for the families who have to pay funeral bills. There are also scholarship funds you can donate to that are being set up for when the surviving children who attend Sandy Hook are older. There are also donation drives that are collecting comfort items like teddy bears and supplies to make blankets out of that will be given to these families. I urge everyone that reads this post to pick one, any one, or help get the word out about some of these funds and drives.

New York Times list of funds

Cafe Mom also has a list of funds

At the time of this posting there is still 11 days left to give to this funeral fund

And here is a blanket drive that is being sent around twitter

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