Friday, January 4, 2013

Belated Festival Of Trees

A while back our troop decided to do another tree for the festival of trees. Which means awesome tree pictures for you. This time though, we decided to do a small 4 foot tree. We think the next time we do this we'll stick with the 4 footers. It's just easier to decorate and easier for the kids to make the ornaments for a 4 foot tree as opposed to a full sized one.

I was very proud with our tree. Our theme was duct tape and the tree was called, 'Duct The Halls'. Very cute. The tree sold for 150 dollars and won second place ribbon in the 'designed by children' category. So without further adieu, and because I'm awkward and shitty at segueing into things, here are the pics of every one's awesome trees. I apologize ahead of time for any somewhat blurry pics. It was very crowded that day and hard to shoot around people.

'Snowman's Delight' by the Zanvyl and Isabelle Kreiger Fund. Designed by Dantech, Inc. and Out Of Sight Home Theater.

This had the misfortune of being taken before I started trying to take pictures of the placards as well, so I don't know who did this tree. It is however cute as hell. I like the idea of a suspended tree.

This was a Baltimore themed tree that had this awesome little diorama at the bottom of the Inner Harbor and a bunch of sites and places from downtown.

I think this was one of the only Preakness trees I saw there.

Cute little strawberry tree and it came with the book The Little Mouse, The Big Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear. Along with a few others.

'Christmas Tidings' Designed by Laura Evans. At first I completely thought the tree topper was supposed to be some sort of hat from the renaissance, but it's totally a jelly fish. I'm not sure why I thought it was a hat.

Another race car Santa.

'Crabs For Christmas' Sponsored by Flanigan and Sons Inc. Designed by Natty Boh Gear and O'Crabby Creations. Another Baltimore themed tree with lots of cute decorations. They even had them made out of crab shells. I remember my Grandma Frieda sometimes used to save some of the backs of the crabs to clean and make ornaments out of.

Here's a close up of one of the shell ornaments...obviously.

'Walking In A Zombie Wonderland' Sponsored by Comcast. Designed by Weyrich, Cronin and Sorra, Chartered. I love a good monster or Halloween type Christmas tree. They're always fun.

Kind of reminiscent of Plants VS Zombies. It also came with a book of zombie Christmas carols called It's beginning to look a lot like zombies!

'Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow' by Valley Motors Inc. I have no clue what category they won first place in, but they totally won it.

'Graffititree' sponsored by Rizzuto Development Corporation. Designed by Fandango Productions. I absolutely loved this tree. You can't see it in the picture but it's base was a trashcan with more graffiti on it and the star was made of chains. Had I had the money I would have bought this tree, and if there weren't a ton of people (and if I wasn't parked halfway across the parking lot) I would have stolen it that's how much I loved this thing. All your 'tis the seasoning's be damned! This tree was awesome.

'Tree Huggers' Sponsored by Merritt Properties, LLC. Designed by Fandango Productions.

The back where you can see more of the huge ass teddies.

'Tree Rex' sponsored by Fabiani and Company. Designed by Fandango Productions. Apparently they were very busy people this festival.

'Spirit Tree' sponsored by Sodexo Services. Designed by Kennedy Kreiger Institute Patient Accounting. This was covered in tiny little alcohol bottles and the garland was wine corks. And that is completely awesome.

I wasn't able to get any good pics of the tree itself, and from what I can remember the ornaments were pretty but no big deal, but I made sure to get a good picture of the topper. I think this was the cutest topper out of all the underwater/sea inspired trees.

'Sesame Street Christmas' by KIPP Harmony Academy. They also won second place in the designed by children category.

And here is our tree. There was a third picture but it won't upload for some reason. I took way more pictures than just these two. I'm actually surprised that I didn't find a way to crawl in the tree and take pictures from the inside (Holy shit, look a branch!).

'The Peanuts Gang' by The Kennedy Krieger School LEAP Program.

'Willy Wonka' by the South River High School Dance Company.

'In The Spirit Of Service' by Fort Meade, Girl Scouts Community 41.

'Who Let The Dogs Out' by Mema and her Grandkids. This was so cute. In addition to all the dog treats and toys all over the tree it also came with a couple of dog stuffed animals and some boxes of biscuits and a 50 dollar BARCS gift card.

'Even Santa Has To File Taxes' by Ellin and Tucker Chartered. I loved the little W2 forms.

'Diagnostically Yours' by BD. I have no clue who BD are, but from what I googled they might be a medical technology company. The tree ornaments are little petri dishes glued together I think and it came with science center vouchers. I've never been there but it looks neat.

'Rubber Dub Dub' by Fluteskateers.

'Emma's Delight' by Kyle Albrecht. So much Pez!

'Homespun Christmas' by Prettyboy Tiny Tots.

'Turn On Your Little Lights For Literature' by Spidersmart Learning Center. Being as I was just learning how to use my new iphone I didn't realize I could turn off the flash, so I was unable to get a close up of the glass ornaments since they were in a shady area and light reflects off glass. But they were these cute, plain glass bulbs with strips of literature curled inside. The tree came with 18 books.

 OK, that's not a tree, obviously, but it was awesome. There was this stand selling year old Moon Jellyfish dyed and encased in glass.

And this I just thought was cute. This woman was selling hand made matryoshka and had this cat lady of the matryoshka dolls.

I wanted to get more pictures but by the time we had viewed all the trees and eaten something my sister was getting bored, having run off with her friends and saw everything at the lightening quick speed that only kids can. I love the Festival of Trees but that is the part that kind of whomps about it. Unless you have little kids, or are a little kid, after you've seen the trees, gingerbread houses, and shopped a bit there's really not much to do afterwards.

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  1. I love those Peanuts ornaments! So flippin cute. Course the Willy Wonka hat is also a really cool touch.


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