Monday, January 7, 2013

Short Story: L'Escargot

So I finally did it.

After about 30 edits and lots of fretting I put up my short story L'Escargot for sale on Amazon's Kindle market.

It's a quick read, .99 cents and you can buy it here. Also, if you are a Prime Member, it is free for the next 5 days in Kindle's Lending Library.

I know that it gives a preview already on the Amazon page, but I thought I'd post the preview here (plus some extra) for you to read before you decide whether or not you would like to borrow or purchase said story.


Margaret sat slouching in the seat of a hot new restaurant. The kind that catered to wannabe cosmopolitans and took itself too seriously, but not seriously enough to let the prices show. Sticking her lower lip out, she blew her bangs out of her eyes. She immediately glanced around, paranoid that her posture and actions had drawn ill looks and small tuts of disapproval, but no one seemed to have taken notice of her. Still she straightened up and tried to look like she belonged there. Like she went to places like this all the time...or even half the time, not like she was some poor, bored college student who was meeting a blind date set up by friends.

She crossed her legs, tapping the tip of her shoe against the other in a quick, steady rhythm. Staring across the room into nothingness, Margaret wondered what her date would look like. Her friends had told her almost nothing about him other than his name was Simon, he would be wearing a yellow corsage, and she should really give him a chance. That last part was what worried her. While meaning well, her friends had a habit of picking guys completely her opposite. Especially if the guy in question was 'nice' or 'sweet' in any aspect. The words 'nice' and 'sweet' seemed to rule her dating life. Margaret hooked her arm around the top of her chair and, leaning her head into her hand, sipped some water. Her date was running a bit late today, if he didn't get there soon she would have to order something. Margaret had been repeatedly declining the waiter's offer of something other than water and complimentary bread sticks, but she couldn't dodge him for long.

Just as the annoyed waiter was about to ask her if she was sure she wanted to wait or did she want to start ordering now, Simon walked into the restaurant. Margaret spied the yellow corsage immediately, having trained her eye for the better part of twenty minutes to hone in on anything even slightly yellow. Now that she saw him, she wasn't sure if 'walked' was the best way to describe what he was doing. It was more of a slow glide. As he got closer she noticed with a pang of guilt that he was limping. She forgot that her friends did mention he was born with some sort of leg ailment. While Margaret rose to shake his hand in greeting, Simon plopped into the seat in front of her. He sat slightly hunched, breathing through his mouth. She thought he looked out of breath.

"Hi, I'm Simon." He said thickly.

She began to sit again and started to take her hand away when he shot his hand out, grasping hers. Margaret fought the urge to recoil. His skin was moist and pallid. Somehow she managed a smile instead of the grimace that almost took over her features.

"I'm sorry for running so late, there wasn't any parking nearby."

"Would you like to order something to drink?" The waiter interrupted them, placing a menu in front of Simon. Simon slowly rolled his eyes towards the waiter, "Just some Bordeaux Blanc for the both of us."

Margaret raised her hand and fluttered her fingers in midair like a panicked butterfly, trying to get their attention.

"I don't really drink wine, I'm a bit of a 'tee-totaler'." She said, making air quotes and forcing a quiet laugh. I can't believe I just made air quotes.

"It's a very nice and somewhat fruity wine. You should try it. I promise you'd enjoy it. Besides dates, especially first ones, should present new experiences to try." Simon said. His breath quickened. He sounded excited and congested. Simon grinned at her as both he and the waiter waited for her response.

His teeth look so..short. He seems sweet though. And I think I'm going to need that drink.

Margaret grinned back, showing her approval with a rapid nodding gesture. Simon smiled wider showing more of his short teeth as the waiter left to get their drinks.

"This is a very special restaurant. It was the only one in the area I could find that served escargot." He grinned again and his breath came out in short, excited huffs. He looked very pleased with himself.

Margaret thought he looked like an eager pug or..Like a snail. That's what he looks like. Like a slimy, little snail himself. Maybe I should call him out on his cannibalism.

Covering her mouth, Margaret tried to suppress her giggles at this latest thought. Simon looked somewhat confused but kept his smile in place through his unease. Margaret could feel the inappropriate laughter bubbling up. Every moment she sat in front of him was another moment it threatened to burst out of her. I need to get out of here and calm down. She stood abruptly, practically hopping out of her seat, banging her knees on the edge of the table.

So there you have it. Now go, read it, rate it, leave a little review, do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight if you so please.

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