Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tom Green: Live Review

Tom Green did stand up? Holy hell, how did I not know about this?

Because I'm a bad fan, that's how.

For those of you who don't know, for whatever reason, Tom Green is the Canadian TV show host (among other things that he has tacked on to his repertoire) that used to host the Tom Green Show in the mid to late 90's-early 00's (if I'm remembering and fact checking with wiki correctly that is).

He apparently used to do stand up. He started at age 15 and ended about three years later when he switched to rap/radio, then said fuck that for the Tom Green Show.

But now he is back to doing stand up, and he has an album called Tom Green: Live out on iTunes.

The album came out for iTunes this year, but it was actually done in 2011 and was on Showtime a year later. I've listened to it twice since buying it. So what do I have to say about it?

I really like it. Honestly. And that's not just the old fan in me saying that.

I know that Tom Green gets a rap as being super annoying and stupid, but I think the album is really good. He is the same Tom Green I became a fan of all those years back when I was a kid, he's just matured a bit if you'll believe it. He still sticks to the manic, hyper, sometimes surreal, and crazy humor he's always done, but there is actual intelligent humor mixed through with the silly. I would actually like to see him do more stand up. It's definitely something I would pony up money to get tickets to see. And he is still touring, although sadly nowhere near Baltimore as of now. I missed that chance about a year ago. Hopefully he'll come back around.

One of the downsides to the album is that without seeing Tom in action, as some of the humor of his jokes relies on actually watching him, it feels like something is missing and you're not getting the full joke until too late. During one of the tracks, The Evolution of Text Messaging, there was a part where he just kept giggling over and over. So of course I didn't get what he was trying to convey during the joke until a moment or so later. Then again during the same track some of the humor is lost when it turns out he was owling and acting out his joke for four minutes. This is a downside to almost any comedy album, but it can be even more so when the comedian is physical. However, even with this disadvantage, it's not like the jokes leave you confused and unable to follow along.

My only other complaint is that it feels too short. It's about an hour long, but goes by quick. This could be because of Tom's mile a minute way of speaking, or maybe it's just me wanting more.

I think my favorite parts of the album are the last two tracks. Porn in the Woods is hilarious. As is Fame, Rewarding Bad Behavior, Beating Cancer, and Life where he becomes slightly self deprecating and takes a look back on some of the things he's done, and his experiences that brought him to this point.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get caught up on being a fan of his again.