Saturday, June 8, 2013

Have You Seen My Sister?

A month ago I was coming back home from a hair salon. I had just gotten my hair redyed red. I was walking up the steps leading to the porch and talking on the phone with my sister. She wanted to know if I could take her driving, and teach her parallel parking, after she got home from school. Halfway up the steps I stopped. I felt very nervous for no reason. I quickly told her yes and that I had to go, then I hung up. I just had this odd, creepy feeling like someone was watching me. Then everything got hot and humid very suddenly, and that's when I smelled it. There was a mild scent of...just plain...rot. It also smelled like something was burning. Kind of like burnt hair.

I turned around and saw a very tall man with his back turned to me. He must have been about six feet tall. He was walking away at a kind of shuffling pace, slightly hunched over, with his head down. His long, scraggly, brown hair hid his face. He kept his hands clenched in front of him. It looked like he was pinching, or more like grinding, something between his fingers. He laughed as he crossed from my lawn to the neighboring row home's lawn. My heart started racing. I got goose bumps everywhere. His laugh sounded very wrong. It was really low, kind of slowed down, and also warped in some way. Almost like you were listening to it underwater. I'm not sure how else to explain it other then that.

I kept my eyes on him and backed up my front steps. From my porch I could see the top of his head, but I could no longer see his body because it was blocked by the stupid bushes my neighbor insisted on planting.

"Who are you?", I asked him.

He stopped walking for a bit, and lift his head up slightly. Enough so that I knew he heard me, but not enough for me to see his face. The smell was starting to get stronger now the longer I stayed on the porch. I really wanted to go inside the house, but for some reason I had to see what he looked like.

"Hoo aaaa youuu?", he asked me back.

His voice was just as low and warped as his laugh. Everything he said sounded slightly drawn out, like he was just learning to speak and was sounding out words as he was saying them. I didn't know if he was mocking me, or if it was a serious question.

"I'm Katie, now who are you?"

"Aahhm Kay-tee, hoo aaa youuu?"

I started to get really scared then.

"That's not funny!", I shot back at him.

In one big jerking motion, he lifted up his face and looked at me. I remember he was extremely pale, almost white. His eyes were very dark, except for the centers. Two little glints of light shined back at me from the centers of his eyes. He smiled literally from ear to ear. It was the widest, most unnatural smile I ever saw on another person. I remember he repeated back what I said again, but this time as a question. His mouth never moved to form words. Instead it flopped up and down like a puppet's. His teeth clacked with each syllable. Then he tossed something over the bush at me.

I thought I saw mist, but how do you toss mist? I guess it was some sort of dust. My eyes began watering immediately. As I wiped at them, I could make out his form starting to cross back onto my lawn. I made a break for my front door and almost broke my key opening it. I ran inside, slamming the door in his face and locking it. He had moved so slow before, how did he get on my porch that fast? He was laughing, louder now, repeating what I last said to him over and over. I yelled that I was going to call the police. I wish I did, but I felt very exhausted. Everything seemed like it was spinning, and he wouldn't stop laughing with his weird, warped voice. I stumbled to the couch and laid my head back. I tried to lift my hand to wipe away the sweat on my forehead but my limbs felt too heavy. I think that's when I passed out.

I woke up later that night to my dad on the phone talking frantically and my mom shaking me awake. She sounded angry...scared. She kept asking me where my sister was. She also wanted to know what  I did with my car. I asked her what she meant and she told me both were missing.

When the police came to our house they questioned me, and my two neighbors to see if they had seen anything. I told them about the creepy guy in front of the house, but when they asked what he looked like I couldn't tell them. I could only tell them what his hair looked like. That his eyes and smile were big, but for some reason I couldn't recall any particulars. I looked right into his face and I don't truly know what he looked like. I know that I saw him walking away from me when I first saw him, but I can't remember what clothes he was wearing.

My first neighbor said he saw my sister walk towards my car with some guy in scraggy clothes, yet he also, when he stopped to think about it, couldn't describe exactly what he was wearing. My second neighbor swears it was with a tall woman with red, lanky hair. Neither of them thought of calling the police because they assumed my sister knew the person. She didn't look like she was being forced to go with them.

I think the only thing that kept me from being a suspect was that they were both adamant that the person wasn't me. In fact my first neighbor said he had heard me yell, and saw me run inside the house. He said he never saw me come out again after that. When the police asked him about the man, he said he never saw anyone else but me out front.

A week ago they found my car. It was abandoned on the side of a road next to a wooded area. The outside looked fine, but inside the car there was a puddle of blood on the floor. There were also shreds of what looked like pale leather, and scraps of dirty clothing. When the forensics tests came back, it showed the blood was my sister's. However the shreds of leather were unable to be identified. All they could say was that it was some sort of thick vellum. The clothing had no DNA on it other than my sister's, and whatever type of vellum it came in contact with. The forensics investigator told us that the amount of blood wasn't enough for them to consider a fatal wound. There also wasn't a sign of any struggle, strangely enough. No splatter marks, or smears like there was a fight. Just a small pool of blood on the passenger side. Even more confusing there was absolutely no blood outside of the car, or on the ground in the surrounding area.

My mom still holds out hope that my sister is alive. We've put up signs and the police did get a few anonymous calls back with no true leads. Every one of the calls have been from hikers in various nearby parks. They say they've seen her walking in the woods. Sometimes they say she's smiling, sometimes they say she has a blank look on her face like she staring off into space. They all say her walk is either very wobbly like she has trouble walking, or almost robotic and like a puppet. At least one person has said they've seen her crawling quickly on the ground on all fours like an animal. None of them have ever approached her. They said when they saw her they were overcome by fear and ran away, or kept their distance and kept out of sight until she disappeared. None of them can explain why they were so frightened of her. They would just say she looked 'wrong'. None of the searches in those parks ever came up with anything. The police are starting to consider that most of these have been prank calls.

But I believe them.

I don't think she's alive. At first I too held out hope, but not anymore. Not after the first description of her from the first hiker. I know that thing took my sister. Whatever those hikers saw, they should be glad it didn't catch them, or see them as well. They should be glad they're still alive.

...I miss her so much.

My sister has long blond hair that falls to her mid back. It used to be really pretty and thick, but it's probably lanky and oily now. She's 16 years old with blue eyes. Normally she's 5'3", but it wouldn't surprise me if maybe that has changed and she is taller somehow. She was last seen in blue jeans with black flip flops, and wearing a plain red shirt.

If you're ever out in any of the parks around here and you see my


  1. That was a damn good story! It was a story, right? Because you had me legit concerned for your sister, right up until the end. At some points I figured it was fiction but I kept waiting for conformation and the only thing I got was the labels 'fiction' and 'scary stories' ... after I finished reading the whole thing. Well done :-)

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^

      Yes, it was just a story, lol. I don't initiate contact with creepy creepertons, haha. They're too good at finding my whereabouts anyway, I don't need to help them. :p

  2. Hey I sent you an invite to my new blog. It's basically my lighthouse story from the POV of the main character's love interest. My regular blog will stay public. Thanks for all the support, hope you'll stop by & visit 'Amber's blog' :-)

    1. Damn straight you're going to send me an invite. :p


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