Friday, July 19, 2013

Fictional World Bucket List

Sometimes I really think I want a tumblr. Then I remember how many social media sites I am connected to, never mind the fact that I have my own blog as well, and forget about it. Honestly, if I had a tumblr much less would get done than it does now. Which is to say on a productive scale of 1-10, I'd be at a -8 instead of the -1 I am at now.  This doesn't stop me from perusing tumblrs though. Mainly I stick to meme animal ones like the Self Injury Shark or Anxiety Cat.

As of late I've found one that is dedicated to bucket list entries, only for fictional works. I'm not sure why I like it so much. Most of them are not particularly funny, but I like reading what other people would like to do with their favorite characters or in their favorite fictional world.

There are some really odd entries like entry number 1055 submitted by anonymous. 'Be one of 'the reasons' in Hannah Baker's tape.' - 13 Reasons Why

For people that don't get that reference, it's from a book 13 Reasons Why. I vaguely remember reading it when one of my Scouts lent it to me a couple years back. If memory serves correct (possible spoiler warning ahead of time) it's about a girl, so named in the entry above, who commits suicide and sends out 13 tapes to 13 people before she does. These tapes are recordings of her telling each person why they were a part in her decision to kill herself. Now unless I'm really missing something and have forgotten a major part of the book, I don't know why being some one's reason to die would be on your bucket list. But it's fiction so, to each their own?

Two that I thought were pretty funny were number 1017 by Goocher (who has changed tumblrs to the one I'm linking now). 'Beat up Scut Farkus with Ralphie.' - A Christmas Story

There is absolutely nothing that makes me more nostalgic for Christmas then a good old fashioned beat down.

936. By anonymous - 'Spend a lifetime listening to Alan Rickman's voice.' - Nothing in particular, just Alan Rickman.

Obviously this person knows what's up.

Since I've been trying to save on my phone data and haven't been taking my charger to work, a loss of battery had me making my own short list in between calls. So in no particular order, here is my own bucket list that I would do outside of the confines of my imagination if I could.

  1. Outwit the Cenobites with Kirsty. - Hellraiser
  2. Annoy the Vulcans until they show emotion. - Star Trek. Any of them. Any of the Vulcans...all the Vulcans.
  3. Move to Abarat and become a crazy Tarrie Cat lady. - Abarat
  4. Play a game of Hide and Seek across 3 continents with Dead Pool. - X-men
  5. Trade scary stories with the Crypt Keeper. - Tales from the Crypt
  6. Art out with Jane Lane. ...Daria can come too. - Daria
  7. Annoy Lassiter and solve crimes before he does with Gus and Shawn. - Psych
  8. Spend a week with the Yia Yias. - Divine Secrets of the Yia Yia Sisterhood
  9. Run a scam with Quark. - Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  10. Be captured by, and then escape, the elves of Mirkwood with Bilbo and the Dwarves. - The Hobbit
Obligatory blog ending question: What is on your fictional bucket list?