Saturday, August 17, 2013

Otakon 2013: Day 1

I have not been dicking off and neglecting this blog. I went to Otakon, which is different because I actually had work to do there. Kind of. ...Ok, I've kind of have been dicking off as well.

My friend JessJess from Jessie and JessJess Creatioins secured a booth (and she did fabulously!). A big serious thank you to all of the otakus who bought stuff from her or took away business cards. And while I'm at it another thank you to the people who let me take their pictures to share with everyone. .

I didn't really do much at Otakon sadly enough. I was having ankle issues and Saturday I was very sleep deprived after coming off an overnight shift and only getting 45 minutes to nap. So the usual bullshit. I was also there to help JessJess first and foremost, so that was my bigger priority. I felt guilty leaving the booth even if I wasn't being wonky or an awkward helper.

Although I didn't go to any of the fun sounding panels, I did take tons of pictures of cosplayers. There were so many amazing costumes that, unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures of because I'm awkward as hell and afraid of approaching people. But to those I did approach, you're awesome. I'm also sorry if I made you repeat things to me and will apologize in advance for any characters I got wrong, even though some of you probably told me at least two to three times who you were supposed to be. I have some sort of stuffy ear problem and have been having trouble hearing, especially with all the convention chatter

I was originally going to post all of the pictures on the blog and divide them into three posts for each day with a fourth post devoted to some of the sellers. But seeing as I took almost 70 pictures in total, there's no way that's happening. My friends said it would be easier to just pick some of my favorites and then give a link to an online gallery. So I will do just that (this is probably what I should have been doing for when I took an obnoxious amount of photos at the Festival of Trees. Instead I chose to fight with blog formatting. Hmmm....hind sight).

Enough with introductory paragraphs, away we go:

Castiel from Supernatural

I had to take their picture because my friend loves Supernatural, and the cosplayer scared the crap out of me.

I was sitting at our table waving hi to various people, trying to be a good seller and engage the customer, when I saw this person. At first I thought they were dressed like the Doctor because I am eternally under a rock when it comes to modern pop culture and certain fandoms. Even if I'm caught up I have a shitty memory so the point is somewhat moot.

I waved hi to them and they stood there all serious faced and said:
Castiel: Jesus loves you.
Me: Oh. Alright. Th-thank you.
C: I am the angel of the Lord.
*Looking around for help*
Internal Monologue: Oh c'mon man. Otakon is supposed to be my safe space! Whyyy. Is anyone seeing this? Can someone tell me if this is a really good cosplayer staying in character, or am I about to get shivved? I mean, that's just Baltimore courtesy. I'd tell one of you guys if you were talking to a hobo and his stabbin' hand was getting twitchy.
M: ....Alright.
C: No, literally. I'm Castiel from Supernatural.

I then thanked all the Gods I've ever prayed to...even Jesus who apparently loves me.

And no, I don't think my internal monologue was overreacting. As I've said before, and continue to maintain, I am flypaper for crazy people. They will somehow suss me out wherever I go. Doesn't matter if I'm minding my own business at a Barnes and Noble, or walking to my car after work, there they are (those links are just to two instances. Do not be tricked into thinking they are the only two).

However Jacque is not a crazy person (not that I know of at least), they are a tumblrer, photographer, and quite nice. His tumblr does have some funny stuff even if you're not into the Doctor Who or Supernatural fandoms. So follow or at least visit. Meanwhile I will be giving into peer pressure and will start watching Supernatural. This way I will be less confused at any other cons I chance to go to. Also, my friends won't stop asking me to watch it.

Rogue from X Men
Hello Kitty Lady Gaga
Little Red Riding-stuck
I've only ever heard of Homestuck, never read it before, but this cosplay was so cute I had to get a picture. There were a lot of Homestuck costumes that I saw actually. I would have taken pics of all of them if I could have. They were all really interesting and well done. To be quite honest, I am going to start reading it (or I guess playing it? It seems more like a weird game than an actual comic strip) because the costumes were so neat looking. I forgot to ask her her character's name so I have dubbed her Little Red Riding-stuck for now. But I know I gave her my blog address so, if you're reading this Riding-stuck, let me know your character's name and I shall edit it if you like.
Poison Ivy from Batman
I really tried to get her shoes in the picture. They were so cute!
The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland 

The Queen of Hearts, only with the Maryland flag colors. Love it!
Slave Leia from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Velma from Scooby Doo
I could not get over her adorable facial expressions when she posed.
A very interesting cosplay.
I have no clue what anime this is from, I just really liked her costume. The picture is not doing quite enough justice to the awesome, bloody mouth on her neck. I thought she had said 'Femme Leviathan Cast', but a search brings up pictures of females crossplaying as some sort of evil Castiel from Supernatural. The only other guess I have is from the anime Zettai Bouei Leviathan mixed with the movie Leviathan by George P. Cosmatos. If someone could help me out with this I'd appreciate it.
And to the cosplayer, I am very sorry, I know you repeated yourself twice to me. As I mentioned before, hearing problems. If you find this blog please do not get angry.
Parappa the Rapper
I had Master Onion's rap stuck in my head for so long after this.

And now so do you.
That's the end of day one. Don't forget to visit the gallery to see all the others. Especially the last Homestuck one (I told you they were really interesting).
Day two comes next!

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