Thursday, August 29, 2013

Otakon 2013: Day 3

There aren't too many pictures that I took for the last day. We were really trying to get people to buy as much of our stuff as we could. Got to get those last day sales in. Also, I had overslept so I got there late and didn't have that much time to get pictures. Here are the few I did manage to snag.

Black Ninja Ranger and Battle Zord - Power Rangers
On my way into the convention center I saw this awesomeness before me and had to take a picture even though I was already late because, ya know, priorities. I don't know what the Battle Zord was made out of. It wasn't cardboard, it looked too well made for that, but it couldn't have been too heavy since there was a person inside it. I think part of it may have been Styrofoam.
Sasha Braus - Attack on Titan
I don't know much about this character except that she has swords she sticks into the toasters on her hips and eats copious amounts of bread. Either way I really liked these costumes, they were so neat looking.
Harley Quinn - Batman
Peter Pan and a Lost Boy
These two were just too cute. Apparently they had two other Lost Boys with them but they, erm, lost them.
Princess Tiger Lilly
I did happen to catch their friend Princess Tiger Lilly, unfortunately the aforementioned Lost Boys slipped by me again. Those Lost Boys are so sneaky!
Doodlebob - SpongeBob
This I took mainly for my sister who was immediately texted the picture with the title, 'Walk into the convention like me hoy minoy me hoy!' In fact I had trouble catching up to Doodlebob at first and almost yelled that last bit out to get their attention.
Deadpool - X Men
I think our Deadpool here has taken a lesson from the David Bowie Codpiece. Oh my. Despite the plethora of Deadpools at the convention, it was somewhat difficult to catch a picture of one.
A Girl With A Pearl Earring - Painting by Johannes Vermeer
A literal walking work of art. I absolutely love it.
Disguised Cloud - Final Fantasy VII
It's obvious that not only did Cloud pick the cotton dress, but also the sexy cologne. If I allowed myself to post emoticons on this blog there would be one of me laughing right here.
And that concludes the pictures. Please visit the album to see the rest.


  1. Looked through that album and omg that Princess Mononoke one is awesome. Looked through the prior two albums and there were a lot of good costumes there, and while the Princess Mononoke one is still my favorite, I like the Poison Ivy one too.

    Hope you had fun!

    1. You're so sweet, thank you, I did have fun. I love Otakon, I was just jazzed to be there really.

      Yes, the Princess Mononoke was bad ass.

  2. Lol... the lost boys got lost. ha! And Doodlebob is just as scary as I imagined him. I think my little girl still has nightmares over that ep!

    1. I have yet to fully watch that episode, but I somewhat mirror your little girl's feelings.


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