Monday, August 12, 2013

Spin-offs We'd Like To See

Well I haven't written in a while on here, but I'm really tired so I think a piece of fluff is in order.

Taking from the last blog post about the fictional character bucket list, I thought I'd do a post about spin offs I'd like to see. It's a very short list because, to be quite honest, I couldn't really think of many characters that haven't had their own spin-offs or at least their 'day in the sun' on their own shows. Especially if you have a show that's gone on for a long time there's a big chance that every character has had at least one episode dedicated to them and their background at some point. Or in some cases a spin-off or a bunch of tie in stuff dedicated to said character.

I've also been having a lot of brain farts lately as well, so please excuse me.

1. Spike from Buffy

I know he was a main character on the show that was a spin-off, Angel, but I love Spike so much. He's so adorable with his cheekbones that can double as bladed weapons, and his British accent which might not be British because I've forgotten where his character is from but it's close enough. I would be completely fine if there was no Angel spin off and it was all about Spike somehow. Although I'd be admittedly very sad about no Lorne.

And now I'm getting images in my head of Lorne and Spike as a duo in some weird buddy cop show. ...Which is kind of what happens in Angel. Well look at that, full circle.

2.Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z

I don't know, I just like Nameks.

3. The Devil from Brimstone

Brimstone was a show in the late 90's that was about a Detective named Ezekiel Stone who killed his wife's rapist and then died. A bunch of souls rebel in Hell and escape. The Devil sends Stone up to earth to kill them and return them to Hell. If he does he can have a second chance at life.

The show only lasted a season then never got picked up by anywhere else, so there are a lot of undone things that never got to come to fruition and might have.

Maybe not a spin-off, but I would have actually really liked to have seen an episode that didn't focus on Det.Stone and instead delved into the Brimstone universe's version of Hell and what actually went on down there. Basically a day in the Devil's shoes. Or maybe some sort of flashback that shows exactly how 113 souls escape Hell. I'm pretty sure you could fill a half hour episode with that. And maybe the writers were possibly going to do just that in the future. Guess we'll never know.

4. The Rad Vampire DJ from Buffy

I'm talking about the movie featuring Kristy Swanson from the early 90's. When the vampires attack the school there's one lone vampire that takes up the DJ duties from said now dead DJ. I don't want a spin-off or anything like that but like another vampire from that movie, Amilyn, I just want to know his background more.

Who are you Rad Vampire DJ? What was your life before you were turned? Who turned you? Why aren't you killing people with the rest of the vampires? Were you going to but you were just overtaken by the power of the music? Will you DJ my next party? You look like you know how to have fun.

5.Lude and LeRoy Gomm from Nightbreed

Nightbreed is a comic based off a movie of the same name based off a book called Cabal by Clive Barker. Even though I have some issues with the comic itself, I still love it. There's only 25 issues in all (along with a 2 part Hellraiser/Nightbreed crossover), or at least 25 written before it got canceled and Clive moved on. I think Nightbreed may be one of my favorite horror movies/books/comics.

Lude is a black satyr like creature. LeRoy Gomm is a fat dude with pet leeches and weird barbed tentacles that come out of his stomach. That and the fact that they're friends is pretty much all we know about them. From what little I've seen and heard of them they're a great duet. It would have been nice to get more background on them. I have read some bio stuff online, but I'm really not sure that it's actual canon instead of just head canon.

What are some characters that you would like to see spin-offs for? Or even just more information on in general?

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