Saturday, September 21, 2013

Otakon 2013: The Sellers

I must thank Chris from Pedestrian Writer, I'm not sure I would have remembered I had a blog had it not been for his comment on my last post.

I had other plans for a blog post but forgot that I needed to actually write about what I had said I was going to write about in the first place and wrap up the Otakon shit. So here is the very long overdue, very small expose, of some of the artists of Otakon's Artist's Alley where I spent 99 percent of my time.

First business card in my pile belongs to Zelas Art. Sellers of really amazing art, fan art, and these cute as shit leggings. I believe that this card was given to me by my friend who was going around collecting commission art, so sadly I didn't really interact with the artists. But please stop by their site or follow them on Facebook, or Twitter.

Up next is Demon Fart Cabbage: Yes, you read that rightly!

How does one begin to describe Demon Fart Cabbage?

Demon Fart Cabbage is flawless.
I hear their hair is insured for 10,000 dollars.
I hear they do car Japan.
One time they met John Stamos on a plane....and he told them they were pretty.

But seriously, let me just let their Deviantart introduction do the talking:

"We put the "man" in manga!
We put the "Ahn" in Manga!
MORE MOTTOS than you can shake a stick at!

Demon Fart Cabbage is a collective of three individuals whose talents vary from fabulous drawing, great writing, crafting adorable little plushies, collectively building original and fan doujinshi, and, in general, being relentless party animals. We are three parts talent, two parts oh! shiny, and one part evil veggie tales. Our genres include humour, yaoi/shounen ai, anthro/furry, video gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and pretty much anything else you ask of us. Come and join the madness. Welcome to the DFC!"

I got to talk a bit with one of the artist's, they're very nice and enthusiastic people who draw some very funny, beautiful, and interesting art that ranges from one topic to the next. Really anything you can think of.  They also make sculptures and plushies.

Penelope Barbalios and her friend (who's name sadly escapes me) was an amazing boothmate. Her friend was my Otakon Day 1 Album's Bulma. I'm not sure how JessJess manages it, but we always seem to luck out when it comes to people we share booths with. Whether that be at Girl Scout functions or at Otakon. She was so nice and friendly and blew me away with her artwork.  Her actual portfolio site seems to be down for maintenance still, but you can find her on Facebook, Etsy, and Twitter.

They were the ones I bought this cute set of hair clips from.

I'm actually glad in a way that Otakon's Artist Alley was having problems with their wifi and credit card system, because I would have spent all my money at her booth no questions asked.

Kimberly Schofield I met walking around. She is a professional seamstress, fellow Girl Scout, and is the creator of these really cute hats and hoodies, one of which is being modeled by my adorable sister.

It reminded me so much of the Cheshire Cat, so I had to get it. I don't see any on her Etsy shop, but last she told me she made quite a few of them. She also takes commissions so please drop by her store.

Besh Besh was selling these cute little Octo-bat things with button eyes. Complete impulse buy, I had to "adopt" one.

He now sits upon and protects my hair's coconut oil in my room. The shop owner also has another shop where they sell ball jointed dolls, custom made anime glitter shoes, and these fuzzy balls called Cyclumps.

Hairy Kiri Designs creates beautiful hairfalls, chapsticks, scarves, a line of solid perfume sticks named after characters from fandoms such as The Hunger Games, My Little Pony, and Sailor Moon, and much more. I sent my friend around the first day with some of my money and one of the things she brought back was Hairy's Sugared Strawberry lip balm. Smells really good with a good taste and feels great on your lips. I'm just waiting for some spending money so I can buy some of their perfume sticks.

Last, but not least, the people of Pigtail Studio do everything from character design, animation, chibi drawings, storyboarding, music/soundtracks, and even a couple of online comics. An artistic jack of all trades it seems. Here is their demo of Caelum: Under the White Sky.

Finally the Otakon posts are done, until next year that is. Now back to our regularly scheduled apathy.


  1. omg I want those hats looks like you got a lot of neat things :> I would've gone with you if I lived in Baltimore :<

    How have you been lately? It's been a long time!

    1. I've been quite well dear! ^_^

      Kim's hats are amazing, and so cute. I really want one of the bunny hats and her Slenderman hoodie so bad. I would have gladly hung out with you had you gone. :p

  2. Aww, thanks for the little plug at the top. I didn't forget your blog so you shouldn't either! You're the only one who read my story blog post so thank you for that, too ;-)

    Very neat stuff at that Otakon. I like the leafy hair clips and steampunk leggings. Still giggling at the name 'Demon Fart Cabbage'. Brilliant.

    1. It is obscene how invested I'm getting in your fictional teenager's fictional life. The blog is very interesting, so you're welcome. :p I have no clue if you wanted me to address her in character or not so, barring my very first reply, I've decided to go with in character.

      The name is what made me stop by Demon's booth in the first place, lol. It does stand out and pique your interest, so good move in that respect.

    2. You may reply however you wish. I thought it would sound weird if someone addressed her in character, but now that you've done it I really like it. So glad you're enjoying her story. It keeps me motivated to churn out more blog posts! :-)


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